Opposing Christian Values

I totally oppose Christian values and would do so even if I was not a Satanist. I find Christian values hollow and hypocritical. Some of them I also find evil.

But what are the Christian values I oppose? The Ten Commandments? Well not quite  all of them… I think it is usually wrong to lie and murder. But even with those, in the real world there might be exceptions where it is not wrong.  As for the other ones;

“I am the LORD thy God  (No you are not, if you exist at all)
Thou shalt have no other gods (Well I do)
No graven images or likenesses (Again I do, and why not?)
Not take the LORD’s name in vain (Sorry, got me again!)
Remember the sabbath day (A rest day is important, but one day in 7 because that is how long it is supposed to have taken to create the world…PLeeease!)
Honour thy father and thy mother (Nice but there are some abused children who should be under no obligation to honour their parents)
Thou shalt not commit adultery (I can imagine many situations when adultery may not be the worst thing you could do in a relationship)
Thou shalt not covet” (Sometimes not wise, but sometimes an incentive to better yourself)

Or perhaps the Christian value of Love…

Well I have nothing against love. Indeed I think it is a hugely important value. I’d agree we need a lot more love in the world. The thing is, Christianity did not invent and does not have the monopoly on love. And Christian love often seems empty, deceitful and very limited.

And then there are the Christians who seem to believe the only value that counts is believing in Jesus and putting your faith in him. That seems to rule out a lot of people, and pretty much all sense of personal responsibility and morality.

In particular I oppose the misogyny, crimes and corruption which seem to be the real values in Christian hierarchy.

I oppose the idea that women need a man to intercede between them and God (any god) and that women cannot be leaders in spiritual communities.

I oppose the idea that women should not be allowed to choose abortion but should be allowed to die giving birth to unwanted children.  (Look what has been going on in Ireland this week). Link 1    Link 2

I oppose the notion that same sex unions cannot be legally and divinely blessed or that homosexual love is in any way less sacred than heterosexual love.

I oppose the notion that priests and nuns should be able to abuse children with impunity.

I oppose the whole-scale destruction of local cultures that Christians have often committed.

I oppose the unwanted pregnancies and spread of disease caused by Christian opposition to birth control.

I oppose the concentration of riches by Church hierarchies at the expense of the poor and uneducated.

I oppose the notion that witchcraft is wrong or immoral.

I oppose the limitations Christianity places on human expression and development.

I oppose the notion that anything opposed or unsanctioned by Christian theology is evil by default.

The list could go on. I think it is important to oppose these things as actively as possible because they do and have done great harm in the world. I have said before that I like and respect many Christians as people despite their religion, and that is still true. But I find the religion itself and it’s actual values entirely abhorrent and think it should be opposed fiercely until it disappears.

Savita Halappanavar an Indian dentist who lost her life when repeated requests to abort her unviable fetus were turned down by hospital staff at University Hospital, Galway, in Ireland.


7 Comments on “Opposing Christian Values”

  1. Cassie says:

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    From my other blog but it seemed to fit here as well.

  2. Insightful, as always, Cassie! Just the ‘I oppose’ list, though rational, seems to be a stumbling block for believers. The very insidiousness of their faith works against them at every turn whether they realize it or not. ~ Mistress Babylon

  3. Reblogged this on Sect of the Horned God and commented:
    An insightful, rational and heartfelt post….

  4. satanicviews says:

    It is funny when the Christian claims their god commands them not to kill, but the same god is claimed to have created a horde of predators (wolf, fox, bear…) that kill.

  5. M. says:

    If you take the bible literally (as the church, which seeks control, would have people do), then yeah, there’s a lot to object to. I happen to find value in taking a more loose approach. I consider most of the characters and events of the bible to be symbolic stand ins, once meant to be keys to greater understanding that ended up being corrupted and utilized to serve the purposes of the church.

    The bible (or rather the ancient texts that the bible was based on) was never meant to be taken literally. The people that preach it don’t even know how to read it. It’s history mixed with myth intended to be a gateway to higher states of consciousness. You are supposed to see yourself reflected in it. There’s still insight there. Under the layers of bullshit.

    Reading tip: The mother/father stuff is archetypal (as in the mother/father of your Self) + YOU are the Lord. This story has always been about you.

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