Satanism and the Soul

I was recently asked by somebody who is in the early stages of exploring Satanism if I thought her soul could be lost or damaged in the process. To paraphrase my answer I said that I didn’t think her soul could be lost, and probably not damaged but it might grow and change. While I stick by that answer I think it was perhaps a little incomplete and probably gives rise to many more questions.

Not all Satanists believe that we have a soul anyway. I do, but I don’t pretend to know exactly what it is, other than a pat of us which is linked to the body but not confined to it, and which may be eternal. I have no hard evidence for this belief and don’t believe there is any objective proof of the soul’s existence. It is simply a belief; an opinion based on instinct and admittedly subjective experience. But that is enough for me at this stage.

I have many subjective reasons for believing that we have souls. One that has lately become apparent is the situation with my mother. My mother is suffering from dementia which is rapidly approaching a point of maximum entropy. She no longer recognises me as her daughter, she doesn’t remember anything of her former life. She is barely able to speak and when she does, nothing she says makes any sense at all. It is of course heartbreaking for me quite often. However, there is still some intangible part of her that is there. There is something that hangs in the air between us. It is something I can’t put into words; but it is “her”. It is something which does not depend on language or any normal form of communication, but it transcends her illness and still connects us. It contains all she ever was and is not diminished by the dementia. To me it is clearly her soul.

But can the soul be damaged? The objective truth seems to me that since we don’t know what (if anything) the soul really is, we cannot say for certain if it can be damaged. I could well imagine that rape, torture, abuse, living through extreme violence and war, prolonged use of drugs and many other things could, potentially damage our psyche. Is that the same as our soul? I simply don’t know.

But the original question was specifically in relation to Satanism. Can Satanism damage your soul?

Perhaps we would then need to define “damage”.

In truth I think that people’s psyche; their mental well-being could be damaged by Satanism. But it could also be damaged by any other belief system. There are indeed some crazy and damaged Satanists, just as there are crazy and damaged Christians, Jews, Pagans and Hindus… In fairness, perhaps there are greater dangers in Satanism and other spiritual paths that deal with the occult because we open ourselves to forces and energies that other people tend to avoid. It is not a path that should be taken up without some forethought; and ideally from a mentally stable position.

But to be honest, choosing to study history, or quantum physics can also blow your mind. Choosing to live as an artist or writer can knock all sense of security out of you. Every choice you make in life carries some degree of risk.

And if your mind or your psyche is somehow damaged by exposure to Satanic ideas and practice; does that also imply damage to your soul? I don’t “believe” so, but we can’t objectively know.

Of course Christians and some others will believe for theological reasons that Satanism is bad for the soul, but then it is just a question of what you believe. There is nothing objective in any such arguments.

Personally I believe the soul can grow and perhaps change to some degree. But actually I think the changes we notice are more about personality than they are about the soul. I am aware of changes within myself since I became a Satanist; and I am fairly sure I am perceived differently by some people now. I don’t really think that my soul has changed much though; it is more as if I am expressing my soul in my personality more truly now. In other words I have remembered my souls’s true nature and bring that more openly into my present life. Or, to put it yet another way, my soul or my true nature always was satanic and my life now is more in harmony with that fact.

To anybody that is seriously thinking of becoming a Satanist, or walking any other left hand or occult/magically based spiritual path; I would say think seriously about it. Think as seriously as you would about any other potentially life changing decision; a new job, a new home, a new relationship… There will be changes. There may well be trials and difficult times… Your mind, your body and your emotions will certainly be engaged and may be challenged. As to what will happen to your soul, nobody can tell you with certainty. If you believe you have a soul then it is logical that you consider carefully what you subject it to…

I think my own soul is doing just fine.


5 Comments on “Satanism and the Soul”

  1. I’m more inclined to think that organized religion and spiritual abuse are what damage the soul. Growing up in a Christian cult where I was terrorized with tales of damnation–my soul was damaged severely by my religious leaders and family. It was gutted when I was molested by a pastor. It was torn apart and fractured by twenty years of abuse. But I don’t think spirituality is supposed to be damaging. I don’t expect my path to be all happy-go-lucky. There’s a dark side that I embrace now. But it’s never damaging, even when it’s transformative. Rather, the transformative, dark side can be some of the most healing aspects of my spirituality. The damage, imo, comes when you force your soul to follow what someone else tells you, despite your soul warning you to take a different path. As long as one remains true to the self, I don’t think he/she can do any damage.

  2. Cassie – it took me couple days to digest all these points and respond to a very deep subject that has haunted mankind forever – do we have a soul and is there existence after death?
    I guess my theory is like the Egyptian one that we have many levels of souls or spirits. First our animal soul, or electromagnetic life force, which definitely leaves when our bodies die, dissipating into the cosmos. For an abused animal or child or even tortured adult our soul can be damaged. For a loved animal or human our soul can be nurtured, which is maybe why people see and feel their deceased pets still around them. We seem to have a mind soul, which can survive death to perhaps be reincarnated, though Tibetan Buddhism teaches that soul has to be grown and fed and then sharpened by pure will to reincarnate at will. And i think we have that eternal spark of the cosmic fire, whether you call it Lucifer or God, that is absorbed back into The Oneness. This is a very complex subject and i am not sure if i am making sense here because i think i am more of an agnostic thinking it is something we will never know, though Gnosis is what we seek.
    BTW i completely agree with what Sometimesmagical says in that “As long as one remains true to the self, I don’t think he/she can do any damage.”
    It must be both a curse to see your mom’s mind slip away, and yet a blessing to still feel her soul there, at least in your own mind and in the energy fields you share being mother and daughter.

    • Cassie says:

      I am agnostic about the soul as well. I believe by instinct and experience that it exists but I don’t pretend to know what it is exactly. I think some of the ideas you mention could be correct. Indeed I am almost sure that there are different types or levels of soul including that part of us which is already part of God/Satan/The Universe or whatever you want to call it. But again, I don’t claim to know any of the specifics. These are big questions and I enjoy speculating about them. I think part of any spiritual path is a quest for better understanding of things like this and personally I think it might take several lifetimes before the answers make sense! But who knows; we all have those occasional eureka moments when things just click…
      I rarely write about my mother’s illness. Obviously it is something which is a big sadness to me since I love her very much and wouldn’t wish that illness on anyone. My psychic connection to her is both a blessing and a curse. I was very sensitive to her fear and confusion in the early days, meaning I could feel it very tangibly. That was hard. These days the connection is very much more of a blessing although the physical reality of her mind slipping away is still hard to cope with sometimes.

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