Satanism verses Feminism


I have always considered myself a feminist in the broadest sense of the expression. I believe in the total equality of men and women in terms of our intrinsic value as human beings and the rights and opportunities we should have. I acknowledge the part feminism has played as a political movement in western society in establishing women’s equality in law and in social perception. I also acknowledge that there are still areas in western culture where the fight for equality is not yet fully won and that in other parts of the world the fight is hardly begun.

And yet, more and more I feel that many of those who identify as feminists, especially the more outspoken and politically active ones, do not represent my views or my outlook on life. Moreover they seem to have taken on the role of “thought police” declaring what “real feminists” should think and believe. Some of them give the impression of disliking and distrusting men and each and every institution they perceive to be run or dominated by men. Some want to dictate how other women should or shouldn’t look or portray themselves in order not to be pandering to men’s tastes. Some insist that women should only vote this way or that way in order to redress the balance of women in government;- providing of course the right kind of feminist women come to power. Some would appear to favour a matriarchy run by butch lesbians. Some seem to be more afraid of sex and sexuality than the Taliban. And on the most extreme edges of the feminist movement there are a few who give the impression that they will not feel safe and secure until all men have been castrated and lobotomised!

In general I like men.  I don’t distrust them as a species, nor do I hold against the men of the present time the mistakes and crimes of men of the past. I like men to be men and not castrated, dis-empowered versions of their true selves.

I have always felt more restricted and condemned by the views of feminists than I have by the views or actions of men. Moreover I particularly dislike the way in which feminists want me and all other women to think and behave as if we are victims. Quite often I have had discussions with feminists in which they have ended up saying words to the affect “Oh you are just brainwashed by the male dominated society!” Or “If only you understood how much men are controlling your life you would change your mind!” Okay, as Satanists we recognise how easy it is to be brainwashed and fail to question the prevailing norms of society. We strive every day not to be sucked into that. However to accuse anyone who disagrees with you with being brainwashed and leaving it at that is a poor argument. I refuse to be or act like a helpless victim of men (or anybody else). When I disagree with what men say or do I will let them know; very directly.

It tends to be in matters of sex that I have the most disagreements with some feminists. I like some porn. I have no objection to prostitution so long as sex workers are not ill treated or exploited. I find the attitude of some feminists on these subjects more repressed and repressive than the stereotypical Victorian, Christian misogynists.  I like the sexual freedoms and autonomy that the pill and feminists of the past made possible for modern women and it seems sad and ironic that the modern variety of feminists seem to want to turn the clock back on those things.

Perhaps one problem with feminism is that it has become obsessed with changing things at a macro, socio-political level whereas real personal progression and strength has to come from the inside. Two women I respect enormously are Aung San Suu Kyi and Malala Yousafzai. Aung San Suu Kyi spent many years in isolation and imprisoned in Burma; Malala Yousafzai is the girl who was shot in the head by the Taliban for wanting an education. Neither of these women were crushed by their ordeals but have gone on to become incredibly influential. They both exude strength; and that strength comes from inside. Now while I disagree with some of the religious and political views those two women hold (and they would disagree equally with mine) they seem to demonstrate an inner strength and sense of autonomy that very few feminist writers can convey.

Satanism is all about building and promoting self worth and confidence. Indeed like many Left Hand Paths, one of the most common criticisms of it, is it’s focus on the self. Perhaps some may never see the wisdom of beginning with the self and working out, but even they would find it hard to deny the self confidence and power that Satanic women radiate. And therefore they will never be able to wield or use that power. I must say that since I became more active and open in Satanic circles one of the great pleasures I have discovered is the company of other Satanic women. When a group of us meet together the power and energy we posses is palpable and it is also liberating to be able to communicate without having to explain or excuse aspects of our humanity. We have the confidence to be ourselves and live as we choose whatever the prevailing attitudes of society are. Feminism is almost irrelevant to us because our autonomy comes from inside and is not determined by politics or society.

But why is that?

Satan and Satanism demands that you step outside the comfortable norms and question everything. Becoming a Satanist is in effect an act of rebellion but it is a rebellion that forces us to take responsibility for our own lives in a way that few other religions or philosophies require. As Satanists we believe our power comes from Satan; and that means it comes from ourselves because that is where Satan is. Our philosophy is not to rely on a god to do the things we cannot do ourselves, but to learn how to do everything and anything ourselves. We use knowledge that some religions forbid. Self empowerment whether we are women or men is a goal we all share and must learn to accept in others. To do this we may use magic, we may use drama, we may use psychology, we may use rituals and we may use all of our mind and body. Our only restrictions are self imposed. Once we have bought into this mentality and own it, it becomes empowering on it’s own.

Moreover our philosophy sees all humans (women and men) as animals, no better and perhaps no worse than any other. We therefore don’t need to apologise for our animal instincts, our sexual nature or our instinctive and chemical drives. This is a great leveller and it forces us to reflect on the fact that in our species, as in all others, males and females, while different, are of equal importance.  We are part of nature and we live naturally.

As a woman I personally have found Satanism more empowering than feminism. However clearly, since I have cited two women who are not Satanists, I am not claiming that Satanism is the only route to true self empowerment and equality for women.There are many paths women can take in their search for these things. Actually I still consider myself to be a feminist with a small “f” and I support most campaigns which I think will help more women to be fully valued and empowered. But in terms of personal empowerment I would say Satanism may have more to offer the modern woman than some of the more strident forms of political feminism. I find the fact that Satanism both values and empowers women and men equally as human beings preferable to those strands of feminism which are only able to empower one gender by restricting the power of the other.

Mostly however I think that while feminism is increasingly trying to dictate what we should think, Satanism champions those women and men who want to think for themselves.


3 Comments on “Satanism verses Feminism”

  1. Yes the feminism of the past did some good things, but one needs to stand on their shoulders and look forward instead of falling in lock-step behind them. Some feminist movements will be necessary until women are paid the same as men, and in countries where women are considered property d/t the prevailing religion there. I understood the earlier radical feminism (as in the Dianic Wicca) as a big necessary swing of the pendulum as it was against men and the institutions (including religious) run by them. But now the pendulum needs to swing to the center to true equality. And i too honor such fighters as Aung San Suu Kyi and Malala Yousafzai, especially the latter’s recent speech at the UN.

  2. Soror Ayin says:

    I was wondering, have you explored Third Wave Feminism at all? The reason I ask is that Third Wave Feminists tend to be a lot more accepting of sexuality. Some Third Wave Feminists even call themselves “Sex Positive Feminists.” You may like this current of Feminism better than others.

    In any case, I share your frustration with Feminism as a method of personal empowerment. Empowerment is by definition something an individual claims for herself. No political structure can ever give it to us; we must do the work ourselves.

    I also appreciate that you give Feminism its due as a useful force for political change. All too many critics of Feminism tend to dismiss it altogether.

    To sum up, I want to thank you for your post. You’ve more or less expressed all the things I’ve thought about Feminism at one point or another. It fills good to know that I am not alone in this.

    • Cassie says:

      Thanks for your comments. To be honest I haven’t read a lot of feminist literature lately and hadn’t heard the phrase Third Wave Feminism until you mentioned it. On the other hand I have previously described myself as a sex positive feminist; so perhaps that is a feminist avenue I should explore more.
      I think the world does still need feminism in one form or another, but feminism needs to reflect the changes women have gone through themselves. And of course there needs to be a balance between external and internal progress.

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