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Rewritten November 2017
We are a family of three women who are bound by love and by the fact that we are Satanists. Sophie and Cassie pretty much fell in love at first sight and have been living together since 2012.Cassie is the academic manager of an educational company, a job which requires frequent travel. Sophie is a special needs teacher. Tina is studying hard to work in the field of animal medicine and conservation.

Sophie practiced various forms of Buddhism for many years before becoming a Satanist. Cassie came to Satanism via Wicca and Eclectic Paganism. Tina was raised in a Satanic household and has fully committed to the Satanic path.

Our aim in this blog has always been to show Satanism in a positive way and perhaps dispel some of the false and frequently hysterical things that are said about it. We find Satanism to be a very self empowering and life affirming philosophy and religion that fosters intelligence and critical thinking. We certainly believe that others may find it a useful path to self development, if they can let go of their misconceptions and prejudices. But we make no apology for the fact that we ARE Satanists. We live by Satanic principles, we engage in Satanic rituals (which do not involve sacrificing virgins or any harm to animals, in case you were wondering!) and we practice Satanic magic.

We are Theistic Satanists which means we do believe there is an actual entity of some kind which we call Satan or The Devil. We don’t see this entity as the bad guy as depicted in Christianity but rather a liberator who calls upon us to become all we can be and take responsibility for our own lives. Philosophically our personal views are very similar to LaVeyan Satanism except that we are not completely atheistic. We see Satan as a guide, a teacher, an enabler and an inspiration to be respected rather than a being who needs to be worshipped. We also see Satan as our true inner nature, the God that we can become, the author of our own destiny.

We don’t claim to write on behalf of all Satanists. There are many types and varieties of Satanism and perhaps the only thing most of us have in common is that we are very individualistic. We do hope however that this blog will continue to give a new and different insight into Satanism for anybody that is genuinely interested. If nothing else it is a place where we can discuss the things that concern US as a family of Satanists.




44 Comments on “Intro/About us”

  1. Cassie,

    Would you like to trade links?


  2. missytree says:

    Really well explained, thank you Cassie. Easily understood by someone who is reading about this subject for the first time.

  3. tfaswift says:

    I like your approach towards this controversial subject. I was looking for a blog that approached Satanism from an intelligent and contemplative view, and yours seems to be just that. Clearly you have done much studying of other forms of worship as well, and your experience with Paganism will no doubt give your understanding of Satan a certain insight that others may lack.

    The view that Satan has been misunderstood and is not evil is very interesting, as well as viewing him as the Horned God of nature. It’s brave of you to blog about this subject because it can attract much criticism from people who are less open-minded. I hope people respect your views even if theirs are different. I don’t think we are really in a position to judge others for their beliefs when we don’t even understand them.

    • Cassie says:

      Thank you for your recent comments on my blog which I found to be thoughtful and encouraging. I hope you continue to find the content of this blog interesting. Questions and comments are always welcome.
      I don’t have much internet access this week but I have marked your blog to follow as it seems to cover a diverse range of interesting themes. Best Wishes, Cassie

  4. LEjames says:

    What an honor it was to have you click the like button on my about page. I happen to dig everything Cassie.

    cheers to you

  5. tfaswift says:

    Hi Cassie, I am here to annoy you. But it’s only because of your knowledge on a particular subject, so hopefully you will feel flattered. I’ve asked a question on my blog (well it’s a writing prompt actually) but in case you might feel inclined to answer it, I thought I’d copy and paste it here. It’s not part of the challenge.

    The question is: What are your views on the Devil? Is he real, and why do you believe that? And if you do believe that the Devil exists, what do you think he (or she) looks like?

    I’m just mentioning it because it would be really interesting to read your views on that, especially what you think he looks like.

    So far Tasha has answered it

    The question is number 4 from my new weekly writing prompts

    Ok, well if I get a pingback, I’ll know. Otherwise, take care anyway!

  6. Cassie – i think you might enjoy this Tumblr page

  7. Ah, i see you have found my Tumblr page, lol. Yes i reblogged some of your images and hope that is ok. I see you are following me now also. I listed some people i followed but then found that Everything they posted ended up on my page, so i un-followed. Being new to Tumblr i do not know if that can be manipulated or not.

  8. Your amazing and you shine like the stars

  9. […] She writes with intelligence and balance and I really liked this recent post and others. Visit her About page for a better view of her and the blog link above. I too think that most of the gods in my […]

  10. julio says:

    Thanks Cassie. It´s easy to undersatand . I{m new in satanism and blogs like this are very important for our knowledge and emporwement.

  11. I am new to Satanism. I am finding that the more I read about HIM the more I ❤ HIM and yes even in love with HIM. Your site is a great resource for information. Thank You for it.

  12. Love your background and header images.

  13. Christopher says:

    Hi Cassie. It’s been a while, my friend. Believe it or not, I find your approach to life intriguing. I do confess misgivings toward your personal religious label but I say that not to condemn but rather in order to be honest out of respect for you and your candor.

    As far as all things spiritual and metaphysical, I (obviously) am following a different path than you are, but it’s also a quest for truth. Anything that cannot bear careful scrutiny from a foundation of love and respect cannot be Truth.
    Correct me if I am wrong but I believe we have that in common.


  14. writingthebody says:

    Funny, I find it hard to believe either in satan or in gods….satan obviously is one of the angels and a powerful figure in that world of gods. I think Lucifer must mean light in fact (from lux, luce etc), though have not looked it up. I wrote a lot of poems about angels at one stage on my site until a friend mocked me gently….anyway, one thing I wanted to say is that your relationship with each other (Cassie, Sophie I mean) sounds beautiful, and your blog is rather nice too….

  15. Johnny says:

    Im doing a research paper on Satanism and Sex I would love to use your blog in my research paper, but I can quote if I don’t have last names it wont be possible. Is there anyway I can get last names from Cassie or Sophie?

    • Cassie & Sophie says:

      Hmm… My name is probably known to regular followers. A research paper on sex and Satanism? Tell me more… Perhaps if I know or see what you are intending to write I could arrange something. Cassie

  16. tomas says:

    very interesting and well-written site! i always felt attracted to the “dark” side of existence and am glad that there are people out there who are equally fascinated by it. 🙂

  17. Ceadda Agon says:

    Hello, I enjoy your blog quite a bit. You have a unique take on Satanism. The ability of Satanists to have unique understandings is something I believe makes this religion stronger than others.
    I’ve linked to your blog on my own. Although it is new still, if you find you like mine, please link to it for me. Thanks!

    Ave Satanas!

  18. OMS, you are finally following my blog, so TY. There are over 1200 posts there so search and enjoy!

    • Cassie & Sophie says:

      Actually we have been following your blog for years but today it suddenly came up as if we weren’t. I don’t know what happened there. Anyway, now we are re-following!

  19. BTW you need to update your Gravitar page which has no images and no links.That is what people click on to really find out what the person(s) behind the blog are into.

  20. Vince Buie says:

    Nice. I’m with you 100% on showing John Q. that we are sane human beings.
    I’ve been a theistic Satanist since my mid 20’s and am now 60 years old. I never hide the fact that I am a Satanist because I have nothing to hide and am always ready to defend the faith as the occasion arises. People will never learn different if the nonsense is left unchallenged.
    I like the idea of your family and your blog. Satan_and I_love you!

  21. Satan's Crow says:

    Opps! Didn’t want to use my real name. For future references, in case I come this way again, Satan’s Crow is my Satanic name_ given to me by a very special friend.

  22. Brandon says:

    Hello, I am a Satanist as well and I came across your blog while I was searching and seeking answers. I would regard myself as a new Satanist, though I have been studying a variety of religions since I was a child. It is quite difficult finding other like-minded people, I have read TSB (The Satanic bible) and I enjoyed it. Though at the moment I am on the fence between theism/Atheism. My issue is I have had paranormal experiences that show that Satan is real. Hail Satan!

  23. Enjoying the diversity of your blog. in regards to the left hand process…!

  24. Kaylah Bear says:

    I am a young lady from the United States, and I’ve always been intrested in Satanism and witch craft, but its always been off and on… Now that ive finally accepted who I am, I feel the best I ever have and I know Satan has gotton me to where I am now! I was struggling with my identity until I met my fiancé, a Satanist. He came into my life, and helped, guided me to accept and be who I am now.

    At this point now, I’m just really self reflecting and doing a lot of reasearch on it all. Satanism and witch craft, and boil it all down to where it needed be. Out of all the places so far, this has been one of the most insightful! Your blog is very well put, and broken down for anyone to understand. I’ve never followed a blog, so yours is a first. With that I’d like to thank you three for taking your time to inform others and I.

    Satan’s blessings ♡

    • Cassie Sophie Tina says:

      Thank you and Satanic Blessings to you too. Research, self reflection and acceptance is where the journey begins. And it continues for all of us, you never stop learning and with that comes more and more self empowerment. Good luck on your journey!

  25. Braz Hall says:

    Thank you. Awesome site. So hard to find sites that tell it as it is, about how Satan loves US. I now travel the Left Hand Path with Satan after many years being indoctrinated by the Judeo faith and for the FIRST time, I really feel LOVED and wanted, and these feelings just keep getting better and stronger. Ave Satanas

  26. Carlos Bustamante says:

    I read two of your articles and really like how you express your perceptive on the left-hand path and right-hand path. I couldn’t agree with you more.

  27. Robert Powell says:

    i love what i read i would like to be on your e-mailing list

  28. Karl says:

    Hi, I have just recently discovered Satanism. I was raised as a Roman Catholic but never really felt in line with the church’s teachings. I remember hating myself for being forced to go to church when I was a child. As a teenager I became a Pagan and eventually I discovered the buddhist lifestyle which I liked and made me feel good. Being a non-materalistic person I could feel in touch with nature and the real values of this life (away from the artificial capitalist world).
    This past year I felt something inside of me, like a voice guiding me to Satan. I read the Satanic Bible and even if I have my reservations on the magic aspect (due to my ignorance on the topic) I felt that the other chapters are what I always believed in. Eventually I started doing my own research and I happened to stumble upon your blog. This blog serves as an inspiration to me. I am a reserved person and I live in a small but highly catholic community. So there is no way I can ever join a coven in the future (I am also skeptic of people’s real intentions) nor being able to come out as a Satanist. However i feel that such a decision is a personal and in some way intimate choice. I would like to add the fact that for the first time in my life I can feel a presence inside of me. I can’t really decide what it is, but it is there and I feel safe and scared at the same time.

    • Cassie Sophie Tina says:

      It seems the route you travelled to get here is quite similar to ours. All the best for your continuing journey.

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