On being evil and selfish

Rather than making new posts which are repeating things we have said before we thought we would reblog a few posts which still seem relevant. We will still be making new posts too. This is the first of the reblogs and still seems to nail the theme from our point of view.

Devil's Advocates


Apparently Cassie and I are selfish and evil people. To be fair nobody has actually said that to my face (although they have done to Cassie) but probably a lot of people think that or would think it if they knew we were Satanists.
And I suppose they are right in some ways… We have a lifestyle and philosophy which is very self centred and is based on a God or a concept which many people believe to be the incarnation of evil.

So let’s start off with the question of evil. Let me see… Well for a start we are not Christians. I guess for some people that fact alone is enough to make us evil. But worse than that, we quite actively oppose many Christian values and teachings. We don’t believe in the Christian God and if he did exist we would certainly oppose him as a dreadful…

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