Satanism And Pope Francis


If you have come to this post because you are a Born Again,Protestant, Free Church, Fundamentalist Christian who has always believed that The Pope is Satan’s stooge then you may be disappointed. The writers of this site are passionate practicing Satanists (Proud Devil Worshippers no less) who are totally opposed to Christian beliefs and practices (especially yours) and we view the Catholic Church as the largest and most powerful of the Christian institutions we oppose.

So now that we have got rid of the Fundies, let’s continue. In former times it was all too easy to despise The Pope as a person and as a leader. Most former Popes have been characterised by stupidity, corruption, hypocrisy, perversion or just sheer distance from the needs and concerns of everyday people. As such we Satanists found it all too easy to mock the Pope in our sacrilegious and blasphemous words and rituals. Our problem is that the present Pope is not so easy to pour scorn on. Indeed it is rather hard to dislike him. So what should our Satanic perspective on Pope Francis be?

Pope Francis is supposed to have said the following;-

“It is not necessary to believe in God to be a good person. In a way the traditional image of God is outdated. One can be spiritual without being religious. It is not necessary to go to Church and give money; for many nature can be a Church.Some of the best people in history did not believe in God while some of the worst deeds were done in his name.”

Now if Pope Francis really did say these things we would have to say that we find ourselves in agreement with him. Moreover we find these words and indeed other things the present Pope is reported to have said to be wise and worthy of respect.

Let’s be upfront about this. Sophie, Tina and myself “like” Pope Francis. We also like many of the things he is trying to do with the Catholic Church and the general direction he is trying to take it. As a person we find him to be an uncommonly genuine and good man for somebody in his position. We think that perhaps for the first time in the era of Modern Satanism there is a Pope who is a real challenge to us. A Pope who forces people including us to think and question. A Pope who deserves respect rather than mockery. A Pope to take seriously. A worthy adversary.

But we remain fully committed to Satan. And here is why.

Pope Francis is the leader of The Catholic Church, the biggest and most powerful Christian institution. He seems to be steering that institution in a more humanitarian and sensible direction. In doing so he will attract more intelligent, liberal minded followers. The Catholic Church will therefore grow, both in terms of numbers and in terms of people who can argue the Christian message convincingly and who are not tainted by the misdemeanours committed by Church authorities of the past. Francis is turning out to be the cleverest and most effective type of leader.

But any brand of Christianity is still wrong. Still a trap.

Let’s set aside the fact that despite Pope Francis’ reforms in certain areas, the Catholic Church is still against abortion in nearly all cases, is still against the very idea of homosexuality let alone homosexual marriage or rights, is still very prescriptive and restrictive about the roles and rights of women, is still very rich and corrupt in many ways and still has an awful history and legacy of child sex abuse… The main issue is simply that most of the beliefs and dogma of Christianity are plain wrong and are harmful to human life and development.

We are not born into sin. We don’t need a saviour to die for us. We are not dependent on the whims of a grandfatherly God for our success and personal development. It is not wrong to seek pleasure for ourselves. We do not need Ten Commandments to substitute for our own moral judgements. We don’t need priests or anybody else to intercede for us. “We” are the authors of our own lives and we need to be allowed to grow up and take responsibility for ourselves. The fact that we have a darker side to our psyche is not a failing, it is simply part of our human condition which can be helpful to us if we are allowed to integrate it properly. We are indeed animals and there is no need or reason to be ashamed of that. And science has proved a better guide to our social and technical evolution than the dogma and superstition of religion.

But because Pope Francis is a good man and a good leader we Satanists must rethink and re-evaluate the way in which we oppose Christianity and its values. We must stress the positive reasons for our beliefs rather than relying on cheap attacks on a generally good man which will just make us look stupid.

We have a worthy opponent. We must recognise that fact in order to be taken seriously.

In our family we’d be happy to invite Pope Francis round for supper. We can imagine being friends with him. We can imagine having some strong but respectful discussions with him. We don’t imagine we would convert him to our way of thinking or that he would convert us to his. But the substance of such conversations would be very nourishing food for thought and personal development.

And that is what WE are about.


6 Comments on “Satanism And Pope Francis”

  1. credencedawg says:

    he actually didn’t say what he was reported to say – it’s one of many, many false quotes that have been circulated, mainly by liberal fans, who seem to be almost overcome with the fact that he doesn’t look like the Emperor Palpatine, and seems like a nice kinda guy. He has said things concerning the environment and the welfare of the poor which would encourage them to think he represents a big shift though. But they conveniently ignore that he hasn’t (and it’s no surpise) changed Church policy in any fundamental fashion, and they can become very defensive when you point out that it’s not being nice that really means anything, when you head the same organization with the same policies, indeed that you techincally head the same political State, with embassies and diplomatic immunity etc. He is great PR for the Catholic Church; I think we should focus on the issues. It’s great that he seems to be a nice guy, but being a grump wasn’t the charge against the Catholic Church anyway 😉

    • Cassie & Sophie says:

      I agree with what you say. Actually I was careful to use phrases such as “he was reported to say” because I’m not at all convinced he actually said all the “nice” things his fans believe he said. But in fact my post was aimed at fellow Satanists and addresses a theme I often return to; that we should define ourselves by what we are for rather than what we are against and that therefore taking aim at Pope Francis is a distraction that serves no useful purpose.

      • credencedawg says:

        I did pick up on the questioning in your post C&S, so just adding my findings, so to speak. I think it is certainly also healthy for us to focus on what we are for, rather than always what we are agaist, though bringing clarity of mind to any situation is going to bring up questions. I am basically a secularist, so I’m going to take issues with religious power, not with religion itself in principle (which is basically a kind of fandom in my view, and fine as that). I don’t feel any animosity towards the present Pope, just frustration with his liberal fans. I think they are confusing a propoganda coupe for their world view with the kind of reform of Catholicism that would stop it being profoundly damaging for LGBT people, women seeking reproductive rights, and children in general (amongst others of course). I am certainly opposed to the Catholic Church, but if an oppressive thing changes, you welcome the change. It just hasn’t done so yet, and I think it seems quite unlikely that it will. So I do think Pope Francis is a distraction we shouldn’t get stuck on, but we also shouldn’t get fooled by. I would find it much more enjoyable to celebrate what *we* are though, and I think we can probably combine critique and celebration on occasions, and have some fun with it too 🙂 Thanks for the discussion, always good to hear your views

  2. Loose Cannon says:

    I think it’s telling that it took about 2000 years for the catholics to have a pope that actually seems somewhat decent.

    I agree with credencedawg.

    They are not gaining ground. They are losing ground. All they have left are 3rd world countries, and tithing goats and chickens won’t pay the bills.

    Here is a catholic source that shows how bad they are losing (up to 2008. Things have fallen even more since then)

  3. Aleph says:

    Try not to give the new Pope too much credit. No matter what he’s said or done, the Church itself hasn’t changed much. It’s business as usual.

    I was never really for Pope Francis in spite of his momentum as a liberal figure. It always seemed like it was all hype, and he only seemed to me as a figure who exists to restore the reputation of the church. And now, I think he may be the victim of what is known as hype backlash.

  4. satanicviews says:

    Pope Francis certainly is shaking things up, perhaps he is a closet-LHPer 🙂

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