Satanism and Gun Ownership and Control


Gun control is a question which taxes us to some degree. As a family our sentiments are generally against there being more and more guns in society but as Satanists we accept that ultimately we are all responsible for our own lives and our own security and therefore we can’t be totally against gun ownership. Indeed we have come round to the conclusion that in some societies, owning a gun is the wisest and most responsible thing to do. I think I have always had this view to some degree but Cassie has taken longer to come round to this way of thinking.

And yet every time there is another mass shooting we are reminded just how dangerous and crazy the widespread ownership of guns can be. Every such occasion is a tragedy and a pretty sad commentary on various aspects of society. Such things do happen in Europe and all over the world but they seem to happen much more frequently in The USA. Not just mass shootings, but murder by shooting is statistically much higher in America than in most other Western countries. But America is in denial (or at least the NRA and it’s supporters are). We think that America should admit to having a problem with gun ownership rather than trying to pretend things are not how they are. We think that America should seriously look at ways to deal with and reduce the number of deaths caused by guns. But we accept that gun ownership is part of American culture and that by this stage there are simply too many guns in circulation to make any form of reduction possible or meaningful. It would be nice if America didn’t have this almost religious fascination with guns and if American society was not so heavily addicted to weapons; but things are how they are, and the Satanic view must start from reality. Our conclusion therefore is that Satanists and all Americans who take seriously the concept of taking responsibility for their own lives, should be prepared to arm themselves when necessary. We would do so.

In different parts of the world the culture and history is different. In the United Kingdom, where Cassie is from, there are very few guns in circulation and fairly strict gun controls. Cassie thinks it would be stupid and unnecessary to relax the gun controls in Britain. Gun crime is rare there and in that culture it is still possible to reduce gun crime and gun ownership even further. Cassie thinks this would make serious gun crime and mass shootings in the UK even more rare. We would not need or want to own guns if we lived there.

Here in Switzerland the situation is a bit more complicated. Actually a lot of people have guns. When people do their compulsory military service they used to be allowed to keep the guns that were issued to them. It was seen as a continuing aspect of our country’s defence. I’m not sure if that is still the case and some Cantons are much stricter about gun control these days. But yes, there are quite a few guns in circulation and unlike in Britain the police here are usually armed as well. However we have a very low rate of gun crime. I think the reason is partly cultural and partly because the legal controls are quite strict and seem to be enforced successfully. Our conclusion is that really strict gun control makes the widespread public ownership of guns safer. That seems almost too clear and obvious to say and yet it does NEED saying. Most mass shootings and other gun crime are committed by people who are so mentally unstable that they should never have been let near a gun in the first place. We think that prohibition never works but that serious gun CONTROLS that are strictly MONITORED and ENFORCED are the way to have a safer future. Anybody who wants to be allowed to keep or carry a gun should understand that they will be required to have a full psychological evaluation at least once a year by fully trained and experienced psychologists who have the power to recommend confiscation of weapons and/or close monitoring by the police. We also think that the points of sale where guns are sold need to be much more strictly monitored and controlled. Safety is more important than profit and we think that any person who is caught having sold guns without doing all the proper checks should not only have their licence to sell guns permanently revoked, but they should also go to prison.

So to summarise, for us the most sensible way to avoid future shooting tragedies is through control not prohibition. And the Satanic stance must be that we have the right to defend ourselves by any means necessary.

A note from Cassie.

Having been brought up in Britain where gun crime is comparatively rare, and having seen on the news too many times the carnage unleashed by madmen with guns I have always taken the view that wide public ownership of guns is part of the problem and that all governments should legislate to reduce gun ownership as much as possible. I now concede that I was wrong and that both the problems caused by guns and the possible solutions vary greatly from culture to culture. Moreover I believe the essence of Satanism is about the individual being self empowered and not having to rely on others for protection. I think there are too many guns in circulation in America, but given that fact I think that responsible Americans should be able to carry guns for protection if they wish, and they should learn how to use them safely. It is simply too late to wish all the guns away. I like to practice what I preach so I have signed the three of us up to a sports shooting club and a course on safe gun handling. Perhaps in time I will apply for a licence to own one myself.


13 Comments on “Satanism and Gun Ownership and Control”

  1. Aleph says:

    When I think about mass shootings in America, I always thought the problem was simply the fact that guns were readily available to people who were clearly psychotic and violent, and to me the obvious problem was that the background checks weren’t strict enough to make sure obvious nutcases didn’t get their hands on guns. Although thinking about it, the idea of people owning actual assault weapons seems suspicious. Handguns and shotguns, OK, but assault weapons seem a little unnecessary even for self-defense, and unless you’re hunting, or more likely if you’re in the military, there shouldn’t be much of a practical need for them. I tend to feel we place too much blame on external causes, including the guns themselves, rather than on the individual.

    Even though I’m from the UK, I don’t always tend to deal with things from a British perspective, or at least I see myself that, and I view myself as having more of an American perspective on various issues, and I guess this makes me stick out whenever it comes up. I remember once talked about gun control in college when I was an art student and pretty much every other student I talked to seemed to be in favor of gun control or just getting rid of guns in general and I felt like the only one who was more sympathetic towards supporters of gun rights, but I dislike the NRA because of the fact that they blamed mass shootings on video games instead of the shooters.

  2. Loose Cannon says:

    First of all, the label “gun crimes”. Are there also categories for knife and lead pipe crimes? No. At least not that I have ever seen,

    As a US citizen, I know most of these “gun crimes” are related to drug and gang activity, primarily among blacks. It is racial, or maybe some consider it racist, but it is also true. This skews the statistics. to make people think we are more violent than we really are. Stay out of certain areas at certain times of day and you will be safe. Go looking for trouble and trouble will find you. It’s the same in any city in the world.

    Mexico has some extremely strict gun control measures. You don’t even want to take a cartridge down there, because if they find one little cartridge, you are in mucho mucho trouble. And the drug gangs are having shootouts in broad daylight in border towns, on both sides of the border. Try and ban guns and only criminals will be armed.

  3. Being British I just do not understand the American attitude to firearms. I know not every American carries a gun but their culture seems to have a love of them. Perhaps this is the problem, the gun is not seen as a tool but rather as an object of empowerment? I have traveled widely throughout Europe and seen police officers carrying guns in many countries but I have never been made to feel uneasy about it. We are planning a trip to America and I have to admit that the thought of gun crime there has crossed my mind. It won’t stop me from going but it will make me more cautious. As a visitor I think that I would feel safer going to America if the controls on gun ownership were indeed tighter than they seem to be.

    • satanicviews says:

      I think the UK is lucky in that it retains limits on gun ownership, in my opinion people feel safer there than in the USA where there are so many nutters who reach for their guns the moment you look at them wrongly.

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  5. zeppodude says:

    If the US government, either Federal or State , would enforce the gun laws that are on the books already, it’s citizens would and could lead safer lives!!

  6. Sassy says:
    Gun control saves children lives in the US.

    There I live, our gun control laws are tight and gun violence low.

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