Young Adults, Satanic Love and Sex

Looking back through our archives, one of the posts that still gets the most traffic is the one about Satanic Sex. Another popular post is the one in which, several years ago, my daughter Tina decided to become a Satanist. Since then she has grown up and has a blog of her own which gets a reasonable amount of visitors. One of the questions that both she and I are most often asked is how our satanic beliefs inform our attitudes to sex and love. We are both aware that there is not much written about this subject on the net; at least, not much that we would recommend! So we decided to get together to answer some of the questions we are most often asked on this subject and maybe expand on our views and experiences a bit. First; for any visitors new to this site, a very short paragraph of background information about us.

My name is Sophie. I am 40 years of age and 17 years ago I gave birth to my precious daughter Tina. At the time I was in a long term relationship with Tina’s father. We split up fairly amicably when Tina was seven when we realized we had different directions and priorities in our lives. Tina’s father has continued to play an active and supporting role in Tina’s life and upbringing. I have been sexually active since my mid teens and I suppose I was always fairly liberal and adventurous in my sexual affairs. I’d had a couple of serious boyfriends before meeting Tina’s father (and quite a lot of less serious ones) and after the split I had a lot of liaisons with both men and women before meeting Cassie who has since become my life partner. Both Cassie and I are bisexual and still occasionally have sex with men, but we knew as soon as we met each other that we were meant to be life partners and we love each other deeply.

So I am Tina. I’m 17 in two weeks time and I have been sexually active for just over a year. I was the most innocent of children and had no interest in sex or any of the things connected with being an adult until I was about 14 and in that year I changed and grew up so much it shocked even me! When I was fifteen I started going to parties, meeting boys and kissing and stuff… I decided I should get prepared for the time when there would be more “stuff”! I had a lot of conversations with my mother and then just before I was sixteen she took me to the birth control clinic and I started taking the pill. Luckily I have always been able to talk openly about these things with my mother. A few months later I lost my virginity to my first serious boyfriend. Later I split up from him and “experimented” a bit. Now I have a boyfriend who is a few years older than me and shares a lot of my beliefs and values.

Mother’s Ground Rules.

Sex should only happen between fully consenting adults. If a person doesn’t or can’t give consent it is rape and the rapist should be punished as harshly as possible. Here in the part of Switzerland we live in the age of consent is 16. I know my daughter and I know she is adult enough to have sex if she wants to. However, not all people mature at the same pace. Tina has some sixteen year old friends who, in my opinion, are still not ready for sex. It is also fair to say that some people mature at a faster pace and maybe ready and hungry for sex earlier. Even so, the law is there to protect people and it is always best to wait until you are not breaking the law. If you can’t wait, there is something wrong. In all cases, if in doubt, don’t have sex; wait until a better time.

It is your body and only you should choose how to use it and who to share it with. Never, never do anything sexually that you don’t want to do. If a partner pressures you into doing or trying something sexually you are uncomfortable with, dump that person!

Girls. You can get pregnant! This is something the men don’t fully understand because it can’t happen to them. If you get pregnant, whether you have the child or not, it will change your life completely. So ALWAYS use birth control unless you are with somebody you don’t mind starting a family with. All women have the right to have an abortion, but abortion is a big thing that can fuck your mind and body up in all sorts of ways. It is not a form of last minute birth control.

And last of the scary warnings… AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases still exist. In fact most sexually active people catch an STD of some kind at some point. Be careful. Take precautions. In all casual sex adventures it is best to use condoms.

The Satanic Perspective.

Satanists are intelligent, scientific people and so they should take all the above warnings seriously. Satanists are self-centred and self-reliant, and must take responsibility for protecting themselves as much as possible. However, with all that being said, Satanists think sex is normal and healthy, Satanists are mostly hedonistic, meaning we see nothing wrong with enjoying carnal and mental pleasures as much as possible and Satanists are self aware so learning how to achieve maximum pleasure and satisfaction through sex (and all other things) is part of our life path and meaning. Satanists tend to value and enjoy the so called darker, left hand, sinister, side of things. We feel it is important to explore and integrate that side of things into our lives in a constructive way. That may make some of us more open to certain forms of sexual expression and fetishism than some others may be.

In practical terms, in our own family, my daughter’s blossoming sexuality and sexual appetite is not something I fear or dread (although I will always be the protective mother who sometimes gives more advice than is wanted), rather it is something I welcome and encourage as I think gaining sexual knowledge and pleasure is an important aspect of personal development.

What would you say is the relationship between sex and love?

They are not the same of course but they are very interconnected. Love can be wonderful and Satanists can fall in love as truly, madly and deeply as anybody else. I have had a lot of sexual partners but only a few partners that I was passionately in love with. The difference is huge. Of course the feeling of being “in love” is a huge and lovely thing in itself although when it doesn’t work out as you would like, or when it ends, it can be devastatingly  painful. But how to cope with that is one of the life lessons it is important to learn and it says a lot about who we actually are. A loving relationship is the best situation in which to fully enjoy sex and explore your own needs and boundaries. Making love with somebody you are in love with is absolutely the best and safest way to discover and enjoy sex when you are “starting out”. And even later in life, sex within a loving relationship is almost always the best kind of sex there is. You know that Cassie and I have had sex with quite a few other people, and we still do sometimes, but when we are together our love adds a dimension to sex that beats everything and everybody else we have ever experienced.

But there is still a place for sex outside of love. It must still and always be fully consensual, but frankly speaking most people need and benefit from having sexual experiences outside of a committed relationship sometimes. Many religions are very much against that. Satanism treats people as adults with their own agency who don’t have to follow or pretend to follow any form of religious or societal rules when it comes to sex.

Is there sex in Satanic rituals?

Not always, and not in all covens and groups. But sometimes, yes. In our own coven there is nudity and there are some sexual moments or acts in some rituals. It is very rare for full intercourse to happen during a ritual, although because of the sexually charged atmosphere some people do have sex as soon as they can after the formal part is done. But there is sexual stimulation… I don’t want to go into details, but I also don’t want to tell lies. There are sexual elements in many of our coven meetings. They are not really the debauched orgies you sometimes read about but I suppose in some people’s opinion any kind of sexual activity outside what is normal for them is seen as bad… However, and this is really important… Nobody should ever be pressured into any form of sexual activity they are not comfortable with. There are several people in our own coven who prefer not to participate in some of the more sexual rituals. That is fine and we totally respect that. Really. I would say to any person starting out in Satanism or even those who are very experienced practitioners, never do anything sexually just to fit in with a group. If you feel pressured to do something against your will or that you find uncomfortable in any way, leave quickly. If necessary report them to the police. And it is probably worth getting to know several members of the group and what they do for a living, before attending any private group meetings.

Is there a Satanic view of things like homosexuality?

Not really. You know by now it is hard to find any two Satanists who agree on everything, or even anything! However, in my own experience most Satanists I have met tend to have more more liberal views in matters of sex than mainstream society. It is also a Satanic principle to break down taboos. So generally Satanists are open minded about homosexuality and most other forms of sexual expression and identity. Some homosexuals, especially those who have suffered and felt repressed by religions like Christianity, find Satanism a great release and may go into a bit of overdrive in matters of sex! In our own coven we have people of all shades and colours on the sexual spectrum.

So are all Satanists kind of uber-sexual? 

No. I know several Satanists who have no interest in sex at all.

Any final comments?

Sex is healthy and fun but it is an adult thing which stirs deep emotions. Satanists (like everybody else really) should enjoy it responsibly. And in the excitement of sex, don’t overlook love. Love is something which binds and heals. Other religions don’t have the monopoly on love. It is as important for Satanists as anybody else.

And is there anything you would like to add?

Well I don’t really have much experience but maybe there are a few things I would add… Firstly sex does change you. It is not the thing of loosing your virginity, it is what happens after that, you begin to think differently and change in other ways… It is not something you can undo. I was lucky but I know some people whose first sexual experiences were not very good or happy. And they are a bit fucked up by that. They need to find their way back and kind of start again. Even I can say for sure it is better to learn about sex in a relationship than in a casual one night stand. So maybe if it starts off bad, people need to get back to the start and look for love more than sex.

Also the places where sex often happens first is at parties or clubs where there is a lot of alcohol and sometimes drugs involved. That is never good. I know some people who had big problems from that. Somebody I know online said if you are drinking at a party or club you should keep an eye on your drink and if you put it down somewhere where you can’t see it, never drink from that glass again in case somebody puts something in it.

I think I am luck that I have you and Cassie and Dad and I can talk to you about things. Some people aren’t so lucky but they should really try to find somebody trustworthy to ask for advice.

Here is a big rule from me. NEVER let your boyfriend/girlfriend/lover of any kind take photos while you are having sex. I can kind of see why people do it sometimes. It can seem kind of fun and kinky. I nearly let it happen once but didn’t.  There is a girl in my school who found pictures of herself posted on Facebook and on some other sites. This is something which happens a lot these days and people should be careful. If it does happen though, remember the criminal is the one who took and published the photos, not the person in the picture.

And lastly, Satanists often say Hail Satan and Hail Yourself! Remember you can’t hail yourself unless you respect yourself.

In the last year I have realized I really like sex. But I also realized I like to be fully in control. I know there are some sexual games and fetishes where you give up a bit of control (maybe wearing hand-cuffs for example) but I don’t think these are the kind of things you should do when you are just starting out in sex. There are plenty of other things to experiment with before you get on to bondage and you don’t have to like or do everything straight away.

Trump and Brexit Part Two


I recently wrote a political post comparing Trump, Brext and Islamic Terrorism which received some praise but also a lot of criticism. In fairness most of the criticism was respectful and well argued. Some reasonable points were made and scored. However, I still hold to the views I expressed and I think most of my critics are missing the point or are perhaps blind to the points I was attempting to make. Now that Trump has actually been elected which unquestioningly heralds some kind of new era in politics, I want to explain my views in a bit more detail and perhaps argue the points I was originally trying to make from a better perspective. I should add that I am doing this entirely for my own benefit in order to understand and express what I think is going on in the world. I welcome discussion but I don’t really give a fuck if other people disagree with my views.

I have three headings in mind. My Satanic perspective, the indisputable similarities between Brexit and Trump, and finally what it all means and implies.

My Satanic Perspective.

Some people who have landed here after following the political tags may be surprised to find themselves reading a blog which is primarily about Satanism. Do please stay a while and make yourself at home; you may be a bit surprised. And don’t worry, this is not the hotel California, you can leave immediately if you feel uncomfortable!

It has been said that I am a very left wing Satanist and some find it surprising that the views associated with the left can be compatable with Satanic principles at all. In fact there are quite a lot of us left wing Satanists in existence. To over-simplify (because this is not intended to be the main theme of this post) I believe in strong and supportive communities and societies which are very liberal in terms of equal rights for women, men, minorities of all sorts and all parts of the LGBT community because that actually improves the quality of my life and the opportunities I have to live as fully and freely as I want. I am a libertarian but interestingly this position is often seen as rather right wing in America whereas in Europe it is more often associated with the left. I am however not left wing in all things. I am very strong on personal responsibility which can be seen as a right wing concept. I am definitely to the right on matters of crime and punishment, I believe in taking vengeance where necessary and while I think guns should be more strictly controlled (particularly in America) my family and I are all now gun owners and we believe that until society has changed significantly we should have the right to own, carry and use weapons when necessary for personal protection. So yes, I am left wing, but not in all ways.

No two people will ever have exactly the same political views but my family and I are broadly in line with those who are internationalists rather than nationalists. We support parties and policies which promote acceptance of difference, which promote tolerance and to some degree multi-culturalism (although we disagree with the views of many if not all organised religions). We believe in cooperation rather than conflict wherever possible and we think that Europe and the EU for all its many faults and failings is a good example of how different nations working together can maintain their peace and security without loosing their regional and national identities.. Logically therefore we are antagonistic towards people, parties and policies which oppose the things I have just listed.

The indisputable similarities between Brexit and Trump.

There are many things about the Brexit campaign for Britain to leave the European Union and Donald Trump’s campaign to become president that can be disputed. I want to concentrate however on the things which are really not in dispute because of their implications for what happens next in societies which have changed and are deeply divided.

Both the Brexit and Trump campaigns succeeded in identifying a section of society who felt alienated and dispossessed by society as a whole and by the political elite in particular. In both cases this section of society was mainly comprised of an older, poorer and less well educated demographic; people who had not fared well under any political party for a long time.

In order to communicate with the less well educated and politically dispossessed classes, both Brexit and Trump campaigners threw the normal complicated and highly intellectualised language of politics and diplomacy out of the window in favour of very simplified and direct messages. Hanging innuendos were replaced by in your face insults and accusations.

Both campaigns decided to avoid any type of complexity. No problem was caused by lots of complicated factors, instead the focus of the blame was laid on particular individuals and groups of people. EVERYTHING that was bad in the UK was the fault of Europe pure and simple. Everything that was bad in America was the fault of The Clinton Dynasty, the black, immigrant, possibly not American, Obama and Mexicans.

Both Brexit and Trump were supported by elements of the press and media who recognised the demographic which had been identified as being the bulk of their own readership and viewers. Canny newspaper mogals recognised an opportunity to make money by stoking the flames.

To simplify the perceived problem even further the ultimate solution that was put forward by each campaign was simple and stark… Vote Leave and all your problems will be solved. Vote Trump and all your problems will be solved. No other way of voting will get what you need.

Other factors in both of these campaigns that are hard to dispute are that bare faced lies were spoken as truths, fears about immigration were highlighted, and xenophobia was exploited. Trump and the Brexit leaders were not typical politicians but media celebrities, regarded as outsiders and critics of “the system”. Trump in particular and some of the Brexit leaders were the antithesis of political correctness, making comments about race, immigration, gender (women especially) and sexuality which the middle classes and the so called political elite had ruled out of bounds decades ago. They deeply offended and frightened many people but those were people who were never likely to vote for them in the first place.

Finally within hours of claiming victory both campaigns did spectacular U-turns on some of their key policies. The Brexit campaign had promised to divert money from the EU (£350 million) to shore up the health service. Literally within hours they said this was not the case and that their advertisements claiming this had been misinterpreted. Donald Trump spent much of his campaign slating “Obama Care” and he stated repeatedly that he would repeal it completely. One of his first policy statements since becoming President Elect, is that he will in fact keep significant parts of Obama Care in tact.

It is therefore my contention that Trump and the Brexiteers successfully fooled that section of the electorate they had identified as being vulnerable to manipulation.

One more thing that cannot be disputed even if you disagree with everything else I have said is that the results of the EU referendum and the American Presidential election have left Britain and America bitterly and perhaps terminally divided. In both cases the final vote resulted in a virtual 50/50 split with one side claiming victory by a tiny margin. What is different between these results and the results of any comparable votes in Britain or America is that there is absolutely no room for compromise. For myself I can say that I voted to Remain in the EU and I think that leaving the EU will utterly destroy Britain and do significant harm to millions of people. I will NEVER change my opinion on this or compromise one millimetre. I am already a member of several groups and communities that are determined to stop Brexit happening. I do not and will never accept the result. However, I do understand that people on the other side of the argument feel equally as passionate as me. In America there are people who love Trump and there are people who hate and detest him and everything he stands for. There is no compromise between these two views. There are already significant protests about the Trump victory and #NotMyPresident is already viral.

In all election results in Britain and America in recent history there has been a respect for democracy itself which has pressured both the politicians and the voters to come together after an election, find some common ground and make the best of things until the next election. This time however that respect for the democratic process, that acceptance of the result, is missing completely. There can be no coming together of the two sides. This maybe because the election campaigns were carried out at such a base and debased level. But whatever the reason, the fact that thinkers and policy makers need to consider very soberly is that in both Britain and America half the population do not and will never lie down and accept the result. It is perhaps the biggest challenge and danger that our democracies have ever faced.

In conclusion I am aware that some of the people who voted for Brexit or for Trump don’t fit into the demographic I have described above (or don’t think they do). For them I would like to offer a little analogy which begins with the principle that the Brexit and Trump campaigns were both entirely correct in identifying a section of society who felt there was something rotten in society…

Imagine you have a pain in your leg which gets worse and worse. Eventually you go to a doctor. The doctor looks grim and diagnoses cancer. You are told the only solution is amputation. You take his advice and your leg is amputated…

Some months later you begin to get pain in your other leg. Reluctantly you go to the doctor, but this time you see a different doctor. This one tells you the pain in your leg is nothing more than a muscle cramp and that probably was the cause of the pain in your amputated leg as well. Moreover he tells you that even if you had had cancer in your other leg, amputation was not the only option…

Brexit and Trump diagnosed a problem in society and told people there was only one cure. Was their diagnosis correct? Are you sure? And was the cure they offered the only sensible option?

Your leg and your life deserve a second opinion.



Thank the devil for letting me be me.


I guess in many people’s opinion I am a bad person. I am self centred and I admit to having a big ego. I can be harsh or even cruel if I decide to be. I probably seem to be amoral. I blaspheme, I swear, I drink and smoke and enjoy many other vices. I have sex with both men and women. My sexual tastes can be quite dark, some might say perverse. I like erotica and even some fairly hardcore porn. My girlfriend and I make up our own relationship rules. In life I do sometimes lie and cheat (though, not with my girlfriend). I have no hesitation in taking revenge as and when it serves my purpose. If it suited my needs or purposes there is probably no law I wouldn’t break or sin I wouldn’t commit. So yes, I guess those things make me “bad” in many people’s eyes. Then when you add the fact that I am a fairly open and active Satanist, I run a Satanic coven, I organise and participate in Satanic Rituals and practice what some call black magic; and that I acknowledge Satan as my ultimate archetype, guide and inspiration… Then I guess some would say I have crossed the line between merely being bad and actually being evil.

But it wasn’t always that way. Believe it or not I was a quite sweet and innocent child. Even as a teenager and young adult, while not entirely innocent, I was generally seen as a nice, kind young woman who always meant well (and that probably isn’t a bad description of who I was then). Fortunately the devil was always whispering in my ear; some would say leading me astray, but I would say leading me to self discovery and self awareness.

But it might not have been that way. If Satan hadn’t tempted me off the safer path there are many pleasures I would not have experienced, there are many aspects of my darker self and desires I would never have known. Of course some would argue that would have been better. And that the nicer, more wholesome version of Cassie was a much better person.  I disagree. Knowing myself better than most people do, I’d like to examine what that nicer version of myself might have been.

To be honest it is hard to imagine those little whispers from the devil never being there, they were always the things that gave me the edge and gave me the confidence to be more adventurous. Without them well… I doubt I would have lived and worked abroad before starting my university studies; but it was those experiences that helped me to grow up and learn. There are a lot of people I would never have met. There are a lot of musicians I would never have gone drinking with. So there are a lot of people who are important to me now who would have had no impact on my life.

If I had ignored temptation I would certainly have had less sexual experience with men and I would probably never have even kissed a girl. And if that had been the case I wouldn’t now be living with a woman whom I love and I wouldn’t have a teenage daughter whom I adore. In fact I wouldn’t be living in Zurich and this little corner of love and security would not be part of my life at all.

Without exploring temptation I would probably have played safe with my relationships. I would probably have married and possibly divorced by now. We’d be two basically nice people who wondered what went wrong. Perhaps we’d spend our days trying to do the right things for our kids. I wouldn’t have the job I have now, I would have lacked the predatory instincts to go for the promotions that have brought me success. Besides all the travel I have to do wouldn’t be doable if I had a couple of kids from a broken marriage to look after.

Spiritually I would be lost. My path was always leading somewhere but if I consistently ignored all the signs of where I was supposed to go I would eventually have given up. I’d probably compensate by being over practical and I would hear myself saying things like “Spirituality and philosophy are for young people with too much time on their hands and no responsibility.”

On the other hand I would probably be a “nicer” person, or at least seemed to be. I would alway have been kind. I would always have offered a helping hand to anybody. I would always be a shoulder anybody could lean on. But what would that mean actually? The brutal truth is I would have wasted a lot of time giving sensible advice to people who were never going to take it. I would have claimed to give energy to people when in fact I didn’t have energy to spare. I would often have offered platitudes without really being able to do anything practical to help. I would have tried to help people who didn’t really want or need help. I would have been a victim to every kind of psychic and emotional vampire. And it would never have entered my mind to do anything mean, nasty or vengeful. And the result of all that, I suspect, is that I would have become very depressed and disillusioned.

Satan has certainly given me a much harder edge. An edge that protects me and makes me strong and successful. But the thing which I hope is clear to those who know me best, is that actually I am still a rather kind and caring person; it’s just that my kindness is better directed. In fact without being bound to some of the restraints that many religions and philosophies place on people, I am able to do more for people whom I believe deserve my help and compassion. And in the wider world I am still a political leftist in most things, I still care about social issues and I do what I can to help causes I believe have merit.

Why am I saying all this now. Well, several reasons. Firstly, for personal reasons there are a few people who might be reading this that I want to explain my choices to and perhaps this post will give an insight. Secondly I imagine there may be a few people reading this who may find my experience useful in coming to decisions of their own. But mainly I just want to thank Satan for his patient work with me. Converting to a totally Satanic mindset is the best thing I have ever done. I’m glad I am not the nice but naïve woman I could have become. There is nothing of that more innocent and wholesome Cassie I want back. I like the person Satanism has allowed me to become and the lifestyle I enjoy without guilt or regrets. Some people may think I am bad or even evil. I don’t care. Those concepts no longer have much meaning to me and I think if more people intellectually examined them they might find that such things as bad and evil are ambiguous or relative at best…

I am still on a path. The spiritual journey never ends. There is always much to learn. But I have no doubt of what my chosen path is. I sincerely thank the devil for his continuing guidance and inspiration.

Hail Satan! Hail the real me!


Dark Art Choices


Hi There… Once again we have been rather mean on posting lately because life, travel, work and coven have been taking up our time. I have been trying to write a post about Satanic art but this turned out to be a huge topic and I haven’t got it how I want it yet. In the meantime, in order that we each have something to write about, I have suggested that the three of us each select a couple of pictures from the darker side of art (not necessarily specifically satanic) and say why we like them. I’ll go first.

My first choice is this…


I think it is called “Woman In The Fire”. Unfortunately I don’t have the credit details but I would be happy to publish them if somebody recognizes this image. I found it on the internet years ago and fell in love with it. To me it symbolizes the freedom experienced when you acknowledge the beauty of the darker side of yourself and the universe and decide to work with it rather than deny it. This was a revealing and transformative process for me and I think this picture captures it well. I could use a lot of words to highlight all the nuances this piece of art has for me but the beauty of art is that the work speaks for itself.

My second choice is a work by Salvador Dali

Dream caused by the flight of a bee around a pomegranate… Salvador Dali

I have always been a huge fan of surrealism in general and Dali in particular. Even as a child I remember thinking there was something deliciously dark and forbidden about Dali’s work. I was slightly ashamed at how much I enjoyed his work. The above image was one of the first posters I had on my wall as a teenager. I’m not sure it is my all time favorite work of Dali’s but it was certainly the first I fell in love with. What do I like about it? The dreamlike quality, perhaps provoked by imbibing something forbidden… The rampant sexuality… The hint of violence and gore in the midst of balance and beauty… The essence of Dali himself; testing and often breaking boundaries. There are many rumors and counter rumors about what Dali’s religious or spiritual beliefs were. To me there is no doubt he was on the Left Hand Path in one form or another. If I had been born in a different time and place I could imagine being one of his muses. *Cassie*

*Sophie*  Cassie and I both enjoy all kinds of art. I like everything from Classical to Pop art, from Rembrandt to Picasso… I might have also chosen something by Dali but Cassie beat me to that. In terms of darker art I guess my tastes are very sexual but I will start with something fairly classical, The Siren by John William Waterhouse


Maybe it doesn’t strike some people as dark but obviously the story behind it is. I like most of Waterhouse’s paintings and the Pre-Raphaelite style in general. In this painting we see a man transfixed by the beauty of the woman unaware that she is about to drag him down into the sea and drown him. Dark enough?

My second choice is Luis Royo. Although his work often contains naked women I always used to find his paintings too shallow, sweet and strangely innocent. Recently however I discovered his “Prohibited sketch books” which are much darker and more overtly sexual than the majority of his popular prints available at art stores. There are a couple of examples below. There are some much darker ones which to my mind have a clearly Satanic theme but unfortunately I suspect they cross the boundaries of what is allowed on WordPress.  Hopefully these ones are innocent enough not to offend anybody but hint at what more there is. (I hate censoring myself).


*Tina* Do you know “The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy” by Tim Burton? Well, that is what I’ll start with. It’s an illustration from a book but that is still art. And if you know the story you will understand why this is the darkest picture in it. Cassie gave me that book a couple of years ago. She said it was “kind of cute stuff for dark souls.” She was right!

oyster boy

My next two are paintings of Lilith. I’m sorry I found them on the internet and don’t know who created them. We will happily give the artists credit if somebody tells us who they are. I love Lilith. I feel a stronger and stronger connection to her. The first one is a more traditional picture of her and is very similar to how I imagine her (except I always imagine her with horns).


For me Lilith is the Queen of Demons, a very powerful demon who you would not argue with. She doesn’t take shit from anybody. But she is a woman and she is completely equal to the strongest men. In her tradition she kind of comes before any of the other Christian and Jewish traditions and then gets ignored and they wonder why she is angry! Okay, I think those are just stories which never happened in reality but Lilith represents something real; a strength all women can have. And I have found that if you focus on her, you feel that strength growing in yourself. And here is a more scary image of Lilith I found…

The Black Garden (Lilith) Francisco D

The Black Garden (Lilith) Francisco D

So I found the artist of that one. Yes it is dark and scary, the kind of thing you might see in a nightmare. But part of being a Satanist is confronting your fears. The strange thing is I don’t find that image scary. It is just like an extreme form of life and death and once you accept that it becomes kind of beautiful in a way. Some will get it, some won’t. But nobody is going to mess with Lilith…Or me.

Atheism is the only rational stance…But…


I have always had a slight problem in fully identifying as an atheist. The problem really depends on what the definition of atheism actually is. Among modern and LaVeyan Satanists (and many other groups that are not related to Satanism) Atheism often seems to be defined as not only a disbelief in God but also a disbelief in anything that could be described as supernatural. I can’t go quite that far. Moreover even disbelief in God depends on what you take God to mean in the first place… A Christian idea of God is very different story to some of the many Pagan ideas of God for example.

And while Sophie and Tina have always been more stridently atheist than myself, all three of us describe ourselves as Theistic Satanists because we do believe  there is an actual entity which we know by the name of Satan. However, the way we view and relate to that entity has no relation to the concept of God as most people understand it.

So we are atheists and I am coming to think of that as certainly the most logical and rational stance to have towards what most people refer to as God, and possibly the most moral one too. We believe the following.

There is no God. There never has been any God. The ideas of God depicted in the Christian, Jewish and Muslim scriptures are no more than stories, fairy tales to explain the world in a time before sufficient scientific understanding and vocabulary existed. Those fables also served to reinforce and underline very human political power structures. It is preposterous that these stories are still believed in modern times. There is no God that created the world. The world we live in was created by the cosmic forces of thermodynamics,  gravity, the strong and weak nuclear forces all of which themselves derived from the event known as the Big Bang. The Big Bang itself occurred for reasons that science and mathematics can explain. Life on Earth developed through natural evolution. Modern human beings evolved in the same way. We were not created by God or in the image of God, there is no God, there was no God. God has never intervened in human history because God does not exist. There is no God who sits in judgement. There is no God who cares about us. There is no God to impart or enforce rules or morals. There is no God to live for. There is no God to die for. THERE IS NO GOD.

There is no evidence for God and there is plenty of evidence for a more scientific understanding of the world. There is also daily evidence that abdicating personal responsibility and deferring judgement to a non existent deity (the religious stance) is responsible for far more harm than good in the world. ( Thinks of all the acts of terrorism and mass shootings that are motivated by religious beliefs).

The Satanic stance goes a little further than pure atheism because we actively oppose the laws, norms, morals and institutions of social control that Religion and belief in God fosters and promotes. We dare people to live according to their own morals and take responsibility for their own lives. For us Satan  has been like the ghost in the machine (feel free to insert all sorts of “matrix” analogies), the call to consciousness that has been embedded within many religious traditions. Liberation comes from recognising that Satan is not the  enemy or the bad guy, but the wake up call.

However, I do not rule out belief in all things that are classed as supernatural. We for example continue to believe in Satan as an actual entity. As somebody who has practiced magic for many years I suspect Satan may be an egregore or thoughtform  created over thousands of years. Satan could also be an internal mental construct. Or perhaps Satan is an entity, a life form in its own right… I am agnostic about what Satan is but I do not doubt it’s reality to us. In the same way, we believe in and work with demons without knowing exactly what they are. Our belief stems from experience of successful interactions.

I firmly believe that science will one day be able to explain all things. But at this time there are still many things which remain unexplained and mysterious. I think when atheists start to disbelieve everything which has no scientific explanation on principle, they are in danger of limiting their minds as much as religious thinkers do.

There are many things that I do not know. I do not know if there is any form of life after death. I suspect probably not. I think it is most likely that when our bodies expire that is the end, a full stop, we cease to exist, to experience or know anything. We end. Actually I think it is best to live life with the view that this one chance is all we get because I think that makes us fully realise how precious and urgent our lives are. However I am open to the possibility that our souls do continue in some form. Maybe reincarnation. Maybe a new form of existence in hell…

I don’t think being an atheist should rule out belief in things that cannot yet be known or understood. I think being an atheist should just mean not believing in God.

There is no God. It is time for people to grow up and face that fact.

There is no God but ourselves.


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Victims, Heroes and the Satanic Mindset.


This post is largely a response to a post made in Satanic Views which we shall repost immediately ahead of this and encourage people to read. As ever Satanic Views gave us pause for thought. In essence we agree fully with everything that is said in that post and to a large degree it describes our outlook quite well. However we feel it leaves some things unsaid; perhaps deliberately, but we feel the need to say them in order to give a more complete picture of the Satanic Mindset. Satanic Views is written mostly for other Satanists whereas our blog is aimed more at open minded people who may not be Satanists. Thus there is a difference of perspective and perhaps more need to explain things that other Satanists would take as read.

The picture at the top of this post is a still from one of our favourite films “The Crow; City of Angels”. It shows Sarah, a tattoo artist, daughter of a drug addict, more good than bad but hardened by growing up in a very violent world, who guides the undead hero back to the world to embark on a spree of extreme vengeance. Eventually she becomes a prisoner, is tortured and is killed trying to help the “hero”. Is she a victim or a hero? Is she a saint or a sinner? The simple answer is she is all of those things and none. Her morality is ambiguous and subjective. But “we” identify with her and we think the way she is represented in that particular dark fairy tale world resonates with our Satanic mindset and morality.

The thing we think is missing from The Satanic Views article is the emotional angle. It all seemed rather logical and vulcanic (a la Mr Spock) but seemed a little inhuman. It could give the impression that Satanists are cold, calculating and extremely dispassionate. We can indeed be all of those things when need be, but as human animals we can also be very passionate and emotional. As mothers, for example, we are very passionate about protecting our kids and raising them to enjoy life as fully and as freely as possible. As women and men of any sexual orientation we fall in love as fully and deeply as anyone else does and that often blows cold, hard logic out of the window.

There were a couple of examples in the Satanic Views article that we would like to add our perspective to. The first example was about rescuing a bird from a cat. Was this an heroic act? No, S.V. argues, it was a self centred action aimed at avoiding mess and preserving the peace in that particular satanic household. It was not altruistic, it was not championing the weak against the strong. It was not heroic. Fine. We may well approach the same situation in a similar way. However while Satanism frees us from having to live by the rules society takes for granted, it does not forbid us to act out of pure sentiment if that serves our well-being at the time. We can think of many situations where we might decide to help a weaker underdog simply because the bird or the cat or whatever appeals to us in some way. We do not believe in altruism at all, there is always some sort of pay off for doing a “good deed” but that does not mean that kindness is foreign to the Satanist. It may be very calculated or it may happen on a whim but kindness is often a wise course of action for the Satanist as much as for anybody else. People discovering real Satanists for the first time are often surprised how kind we are. If you prefer to put it more coldly, the fact is it is often counter productive to be unkind.

As Satanists we consider ourselves part of nature and as the example given was rooted in the natural world we think it is worth extrapolating that point a bit more. We are animals. Indeed we are predatory animals. We do not run away from or gloss over that fact; we think it is a fundamental aspect of our true selves but something that many religions and philosophies shun and repress.

Our daughter has a pet spider. We sometimes feed it live food. Some people find that disgusting. Well you know mighty lions and tigers kill and eat the flesh of smaller “cuddly” animals. And the majority of humans eat the flesh of animals that are bred purely to feed us. The fact that most of us don’t kill the animals we eat ourselves does not negate the fact that those animals are indeed killed to sustain us. That succulent steak that we bought in the supermarket is flesh that was hacked off the bone of a recently living cow. We are predatory animals who eat the flesh of animals we kill. Hopefully in the twenty first century we do this as humanely as possible, but it is good to be reminded of our true nature. Are we villains? Are our prey victims? No it is all just nature and morality is just something subjective which is superimposed on top of that, often as a means of social control.

But of course some people are vegetarians and that includes some Satanists. Acknowledging where and what we are are, does not limit how we choose to adapt to the facts; it simply gives us a more realistic starting point for making lifestyle decisions. And the spectrum of emotions we feel is as much a part of our nature as our need to eat. To put it another way there are some animals Sophie and I would not eat because to do so would go against our emotional sensitivities. We might even act to stop some animals being killed for food. Yet if we were marooned on a desert island with just one cute animal for company or potentially food… It would probably be food. So are we heroes or villains?

The second example given in the Satanic Views article was about giving charity or defence to an autistic boy. That segment made us a bit uncomfortable because it could lead to the impression that Satanists must always be cold and, well, uncharitable. We don’t think that was the point intended but we would like to expand on that a bit. What we would say is that as Satanists we don’t feel “obliged” to be charitable on all occasions and we certainly don’t feel any sense of guilt about those we choose not to help. But that does not mean we are forbidden to help where we choose to. In our personal case we would have acted differently in regard to the autistic boy. We would have helped him.

We have a slightly different perspective on victimhood. We divide it into two types. We believe some people make themselves victims through ignorance or shear stupidity. We have no desire to help or associate with such people in any way and to put it harshly, we have no hesitation whatsoever in exploiting such people’s stupidity if we needed to. If a zebra walks into the path of a lion it pretty much deserves to get eaten! And as Satanists we will always regard ourselves as self sufficient top preditors and never as hapless victims.

However as sensitive and intelligent human beings we acknowledge some people are born into disadvantage through no fault of their own and that such people have the potential to contribute much to society if given a helping hand. Think for example of Professor Stephan Hawkin or the many that escape poverty to provide jobs and incomes for others. Moreover there are of course many Satanic parents who themselves have handicapped children and recognise the benefits of care and understanding in their wider communities.

In short while not obliged by any outside force or laid down scripture to be charitable, Satanists can and often do choose to be kind and charitable to those who are less fortunate than themselves. Importantly, every good deed and kind gesture that Satanists undertake is a matter of choice and not obligation.

Some will consider us evil just because we associate with Satan. Most of us have a relativistic view of morality. We are not afraid to walk in the dark but realistic twilight where good and evil are hard to pin down. But ultimately most of us are no less kind or caring than people of any other spiritual path.

Satanism, Christianity and the death of my mother.



On the death of my Mother.

Firstly I would like to thank all those who have expressed their sympathies or sent their condolences to me and my family over the last few weeks. Your thoughts and your support have been both helpful and much appreciated. Thank you very much.
My mum had been ill with early onset dementia for a long time. Her dementia was caused by a series of minor strokes caused by a combination of stress and an inherent medical condition I will not go into here. As far as the medics are able to assess I have not inherited that condition myself. It has been very distressing over the past six years to watch my mum, a vibrant, intelligent woman become ever more feeble in mind and in body. While I think she still knew I was somebody special to her, I don’t think she has really known exactly who I was for the last year or so. Her death was not totally unexpected but still came as a great shock to me and her last few days were very difficult and distressing to witness. Even so I am glad I was by her side, and when the moment came there was a look of peace in her eyes that I don’t think any religion or psychologist could fully explain.

This only happened three weeks ago so I think I am still in the very early stages of grief/bereavement or whatever this phase of life experience should be called. I feel sad and tired but life goes on and for all sorts of reasons I think my mum would want be to get back to living as fully as possible as soon as I am ready. I have Sophie and Tina to support me and so I believe I will be fine.

I loved my mum very much and still do. She was the most kind and caring mum when I was a child and in many ways my closest and most trusted friend as an adult. I miss her very much and choose to believe she is happy and whole again now in some other form of existence.

Actually I don’t know exactly where she is and I have felt slightly envious of those who have a strong faith in heaven, nirvana or reincarnation. Satanists don’t really have any fixed or standard beliefs about the afterlife. We are called to be honest with ourselves and sometimes that is hard. I think there are many possibilities which could be true which include some sort of spiritual afterlife, reincarnation and the possibility that there is nothing at all after death. I don’t know which is true. I can say I still feel a connection to my Mum and therefore I choose to think that she still exists in some way that I hope is happy and without the cares and troubles she had in this world. I know for certain she deserves happiness and if she lives again her life should be long, happy and carefree.

Some people may be surprised to hear that Satanists have no universal belief about what happens after this life. Satanism is about individual beliefs, lifestyle and growth. Many atheistic Satanists probably believe that death is the end; a full stop. Some Satanists believe they will go to hell, usually not in the way that other religions describe hell though. I do not claim to know the answer but if hell is a place of continued growth and existence in the presence of Satan and the other spiritual energies I identify with, then I will be content to dwell there when the time comes.
However the death of my mother has brought to the surface some internal struggles and doubts concerning my beliefs.

My mother was not particularly religious and was genuinely open to considering and respecting a wide range of beliefs, but she was brought up as a Catholic and I would say Christianity formed the backbone of her personal beliefs. Her funeral was Christian and I went to as much trouble as I could to organise it in the way she would have liked with the service being lead by her favourite priest. I must say that he was very kind and caring. He knows I am not Christian but did not probe, and from my point of view it was certainly not the time to get into a religious discussion or debate. There were points in the service where I felt uncomfortable, but I hope and feel it was the kind of thing my mum would have wanted. I also gave a tearful address about her which was hard but also therapeutic. So while I felt out of place which was a bit sad at my own mother’s funeral, I have no criticisms of the way the priest and other members of the congregation acted towards me. While I never discussed my beliefs I had my girlfriend with me all the time and I must say there was no trace of criticism or disapproval. Progress I suppose.

One of the greatest sadnesses of the past few years is that I was not able to have discussions with my mother. In the past she has been the yardstick by which I measure much of what I do. I haven’t always followed her advice exactly, but I have always valued it. She met most of my boyfriends and girlfriends in the past and while she would never say outright what she thought of them, she was usually right! Spirituality has always been important to me and she discussed most of the twists and turns I made on my own path. She accepted me as a Taoist, a Pagan and a witch, in fact I think she was becoming quite interested in witchcraft herself. But that was when her illness began to bite. After that her memory and ability to communicate began to fade progressively and so what was perhaps for me the most fundamental and transformative change in my spiritual path, becoming a Satanist, was something I was never able to discuss with her while she was alive. Keeping in mind her Christian upbringing, I always felt this was the step it would be hardest for her to simply accept.

On some level I do believe that now she is whole again, free of the constraints of her disease, and that she can and does know everything about me. I always told myself that if my Mum died and I got a strong sense that from her new perspective Satanism was wrong or bad for me, and she made me aware of it, I would give it up. Over the past few weeks I have been listening for her voice, her guidance in everything that has been going on around me and in my dreams and quiet moments. After a while I began to realise that I dreaded her disapproval and that it would not be so easy or even possible to stop being a Satanist. The idea that I could be in conflict with my mums wishes after her death, or that she might disapprove or be disappointed in me has been a distressing thought that haunted me for several days. All the more distressing because I realised more surely than ever that I couldn’t and wouldn’t change my spiritual beliefs even if it met upsetting her; my lovely mum, the person I have loved and respected longer than anybody in my lifetime.

I am a Satanist through and through. My heart and soul are satanic. Satanism is the scaffolding that all my beliefs and my lifestyle are based on. Satan is a real and welcome presence in my life. My girlfriend and my daughter are Satanists. And I am pretty sure that explaining Satanism to those who are willing to listen is going to be a significant part of my future life. So that is who and what I am now.

What has happened in the last week or so is that I have had a growing sense that my mother loves and accepts me for who and what I am regardless of whatever labels are attached. She is outside of our time and space now and probably knows everything that I am trying to learn and make sense of in this life. I also have the feeling that she wants me to be me, that she wants me to live fully and learn wisely. I will try to do all of this.

Ultimately I think probably all people choose both the life and the religious values that have the potential to teach them the lessons they need in order to progress spiritually. Therefore, while I fundamentally disagree with many things in Christianity and other religions, I still think they have a place and a value to certain people at certain times.

My mother was an incredibly kind and caring person, so while I may be walking a darker path than she would have chosen for herself, I still have her example to act as a compass when I feel lost.