Living Satanism (1)


I recently got a notification from WordPress that it is ten years since I started blogging here (where has the time gone)? It seemed like a prompt to write something. I have been neglecting this blog while getting on with other projects, work and life in general. I don’t want to do a post looking back to ten years ago and charting how things have changed; I have done enough of those for the time being. When I started thinking about what to write there were several different ideas that came to mind but it seemed to me they all came under a similar theme; Living Satanism. There are going to be three parts to this which I hope to complete over a short period of time so that I can then get on with other things. In the second part I’d like to talk a bit about the coven Sophie and I run. We haven’t mentioned it much in our blogs but I suppose in some ways it is one of the clearest and most obvious aspects of our lives as Satanists. In the third part I want to talk about a journey I have been on;- exploring the darker elements of my life and my soul and coming to some conclusions about what that has taught me… So far… But I will begin with a fairly short and simple update on what my family and I have been up to and where we are at in our lives.

I have been very busy at work and that means I have been travelling more than ever. So far this year I have not been out of Europe but I haven’t had much time at home. I have been to every corner of Germany and have spent time in Austria, Italy, Spain, France, The Czech Republic and Romania. Having a whole weekend at home in Zurich has become a bit of a rare luxury. When it happens Sophie and I try to do nothing but relax, eat, drink and enjoy the wicked pleasures that we Satanic, omnisexual women are famous for! When I can’t get home, we sometimes try and arrange to meet up at swinger parties in locations close to where I am working. This has become a significant aspect of our lives and might be mentioned more in the third part of this little series of blog entries.

I am not sure if I mentioned it here previously but I have now got a Swiss passport. The ongoing, idiotic, Brexit mess of my home country became too much to bare. Besides which I can’t afford not to have a passport which guarantees me free movement in Europe. Switzerland is not actually in the EU but has so many bilateral agreements it might just as well be. Most importantly, it IS in the schengen free movement area. So yes, I’m turning into a Swiss person… I even have a bit of a Zurich accent!

When I have time, I have been writing a book about Satanism. It has had several false starts but seems to be progressing a bit more smoothly now. I am hoping to get it published sometime next year, but I’m not making any promises yet.

That’s enough about me for now; I will say more in parts two and three.

Sophie has become our coven mother and does all the hard work organising the coven since I am seldom at home between meetings. This takes up a fair amount of her time and she is very good at it. Her life has changed considerably over the last year and will do even more so from now on. She has resigned from her full time teaching job and will now only work as a consultant for the school on a part time basis. This will actually allow her to focus more on the aspects of the job that mean the most to her, starting with a project to set up a kind of half way house for students who cannot live at home while finishing their final years at school. Hopefully she will also have more free time as well. She has started painting a lot more which is great and we have some plans for her to do an exhibition next year. She is also doing more musical projects and is playing regularly in a band now.

Leonie is enjoying university life and is working and playing very hard. During the summer she has been doing an internship with a country vet and when that has finished she is going to Ibiza to party for a couple of weeks before her studies begin again. I get to meet up with her once every couple of months and it is always fun. It is fair to say she has very fully embraced all aspects of Satanic life. She is a lot like I was at her age but braver and more wicked than I would have dared to be at the same age. But the thinks deeply about stuff and I am impressed with the things she writes in her blog Femme Diabolique. It’s like reading my thoughts through the lens of somebody who has never really been anything but a Satanist.

That’s all for this post. In the next part of this short series I want to talk about our coven. What does a Satanic Coven do, what does it mean? Is it essential to Satanic life? How does it work? And what kind of people are members of such a thing?

Dark Blessings,


Femme Diabolique


My daughter Léonie recently celebrated her nineteenth birthday. She is an adult in every way now, though still my child of course. Apparently some mothers feel sad and depressed when their children start to grow up, when they begin to leave their innocent childhood behind and start behaving as adults. Honestly, I never felt that. Perhaps because of my Satanic philosophy and lifestyle, or perhaps just because it is the way I am, while I enjoyed and cherished Léonie as a child I always wanted her to grow up and become an empowered young woman. For me that was always the mission and purpose of being a mother; to protect and nurture the child and help her become a wise and intelligent adult who could take care of herself. I believe I have succeeded.

Only five years ago, when she was then 14, I remember when she announced one night that she had started smoking. Some may think I should have been shocked or angry, but in fact, being the wicked woman that I am, I was actually quite pleased. We sat down at the kitchen table and smoked together for the first time and I saw my first glimpse of a more grown up Léonie. The transformation had begun. Some months later she told Cassie and I that she was also a Satanist. We actually didn’t want her to make such a big decision as that at her age and we only accepted it with a pinch of salt, thinking she would change her mind. But we underestimated her conviction. She read, she learned and she took it all very seriously. She has continued to do so ever since. By the time she was sixteen she had become interested in boys and sex. But while some daughters might have been secretive about such things, she came to me and asked to have a serious chat about things which lead eventually to me accompanying her to the birth control clinic. I saw this not only as a sign that she was growing up rapidly, but also as a sign that she was growing up wisely. It made me proud.

A week ago Cassie and I took Léonie to Berlin to celebrate her birthday. It was a busy and highly enjoyable few days with a mixture of culture and night life, well to be honest on this occasion nightlife fun took priority. For me it was nice to spend time in the company of my adult daughter; just two Satanic women out to have fun and debauchery! It was clear from the start that Léonie has her own tastes and ideas and is a very free spirit indeed. Of course, as a mother, there are a few of her tastes and choices that I may not fully agree with or approve of, but she is generally wise, rational and very independent so I think I have less to worry about than some mothers. Overall, she is a bright and fun woman I’d be happy to spend time with as a friend even if we weren’t related.

The reason I am referring so much to my daughter and praising her up in this post, is to promote her own blog which I will detail later. The reason for that is that Cassie and I have been neglecting this blog a bit recently and in truth that situation is likely to continue for a while. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly we are simply both very busy with our jobs and our lives. Secondly, when we do get round to writing a blog post these days, we often quickly realise that we are repeating something we already said months or years before. I guess there is nothing wrong with repetition sometimes but too much of it feels stale and uninspiring. Léonie, on the other hand, has a new and fresh perspective. Unlike Cassie or myself she was brought up in a Satanic family and embraced Satanism from early in her teens. It has pretty much always been her world view and she approaches everything she does from that perspective and with the energy her youth gives her. Her views are very similar to ours, but as regular readers will know, no two Satanists believe exactly the same. So I feel her blog, Femme Diabolique, has a freshness and vitality that some of our readers might enjoy while our own posts remain a bit sporadic. I think in some ways she is bolder and less tactful than us. She is part of the next generation and is never afraid to speak her mind or challenge conventions.

Cassie and I will continue blogging here, but there is no way we can increase our post count at the moment. So if you want to maintain or increase your exposure to us wicked ladies, please do check out and follow Léonie’s blog! Femme Diabolique 

Leading people into temptation?

I guess that by now, according to a lot of people, we are evil sinners beyond redemption. That’s okay, we don’t want redemption. We are content to be evil sinners. In fact we don’t do much that is either bad or wrong or even illegal by a lot of common standards. We don’t kill anybody. We don’t kill animals except for food and we try to buy meat from ethical places where the animals have been kept in good condition. We generally don’t hurt people or animals at all. We are generally kind and respectful to everybody we meet unless they give us good reason not to be. We obey the laws of the land about as much as most people do. We work hard. We pay our taxes. We are mindful and respectful of the environment. We recycle. But we are Satanists. We worship (according to our own definition) Satan; The Devil. We live by Satanic precepts. And these facts alone are enough to be deemed evil and beyond redemption  by many people. And I have realised that according to those sort of people our greatest sin may be that we make being Satanists seem quite okay. We are perhaps leading people who read our blogs “into temptation”.

Yes we are. Yes I am. I confess… I do aim to tempt people. I do see it as a duty and a bit of a mission to bring people to a different and more positive understanding of Satan and Satanism. I am happy when people I have reached in some way turn to Satanism. And it does happen. I have interested many people locally to join our coven. I have helped them to overcome their doubts and prejudices and I have felt satisfied when they fully commit to Sataniism. I have reached out to people on line who are just curious and lead them to become Satanists themselves. Indeed this theme is on my mind because such a thing occurred very recently. There is a new fully committed Satanist in the world who attributes at least part of her reason to my influence on her. It is quite a big responsibility and I’m not sure exactly what I should think about that.

But I don’t feel any guilt. What some people call temptation, I call discovery and enlightenment. I am a Satanist not because I think it is bad; but because I think it is good. I think it prompts us to use our intellect and to come to our own conclusions about what is right or wrong for ourselves. I think Satan weans us off passive acceptance of orthodox beliefs and helps us to think for ourselves. I don’t feel any shame for encouraging other people to do that.

But what if I am wrong? What if when I die I discover I signed up for the wrong side? Well I’m a grown up and a big girl. If I am wrong, I am wrong. I will take the consequences. I have chosen the road to hell. I don’t believe hell is remotely the way Christians portray it. I don’t think I believe in hell as a place at all (but that is a theme for another post). So yes, I have chosen this path, this way of life and if hell is the consequence, so be it. Well, that’s fine for me. But what happens if somebody else chooses this path partly because of me, and later they regret their decision. Should I feel bad about that?


Probably there were many individuals who influenced my decision to immerse myself in Satanism. Should I hold them responsible in the unlikely event that further down the line I decide that was a mistake? Of course not! We are intelligent creatures with the ability to think for ourselves. No matter who I listen to, no matter who influences me; my decisions are mine and mine alone. If I or others can’t accept that, then what is the point of having a mind or free will? Thus, no matter how I influence other people, their decisions are theirs alone.

Of course I am saying that from a Satanic perspective. We believe in the strength and power of our own will above all else. I will be honest. There is a grey area when it comes to dealing with those who are weak minded or weak willed. Many of us (probably most) voluntarily limit the power of our will when dealing with children or those who are easily confused or fooled due to physical or mental incapacity of some sort. But in general we do not limit our strengths in order not to overpower the weak. I put it like this; should all alcohol use be banned because some people are unable to handle it?

As a potential temptress (of the spiritual, philosophical or any other kind) the line I might be accused of crossing is a Satanic one. In general we are not at all evangelical. We don’t preach. We don’t proselytize. We think that those of “our kind” will tend to find Satanism in their own way. Fine, but there have to be things to find…

When I made what was indeed a big decision to turn away from the cultural norms and values I had been brought up with and seek something new and more real for me, there wasn’t that much to signpost me in the right direction. The few books and websites which I found invaluable, were only there because somebody had gone to the trouble to write them. So I have always felt an impulse to add to the useful stuff that genuine searchers may find useful… There are many intelligent and thoughtful people who read my stuff but don’t become Satanists. I have a lot of respect for those people. But if some do find what we write here to be one of the final turning points in their decision to become Satanists… Good. I can’t say I am not pleased.

So yes. We aim to confound and confront. We aim to make people question what they have assumed. We aim to tempt people to explore the Left Hand Path…

Take a bite of the apple. Knowledge is good. Knowledge is power. Go on, you know you want to!

Satanic Womanly Things…


Men of a nervous disposition should look away now. This post contains references to things that are Satanic, and more terrifyingly for some, things that happen to women’s bodies!


I’m in my fortieth year. I like to think I could pass for ten years younger. Cassie and I don’t hesitate to use our magical skills and knowledge to make the best of the bodies we live in. But still; the menopause will be upon me and us soon. It is part of life. Women are the ones who can incubate and nurture children within our bodies. This means that from our teens onwards we tend to be much more in touch with the inner workings of our bodies than men ever need to be. We bleed. We dance to the rhythm of hormones whose influence can be just as dramatic as any drug I have ever experimented with. Our bodies change shape. Our juices flow. And then things slow down and stop and more chaos can ensue.


I have been lucky. My periods have sometimes been a bit uncomfortable for all sorts of reasons but never excruciatingly painful or embarrassing in the way some girls and women have to endure. My pregnancy went smoothly although due to circumstances the actual birth was quite dramatic and painful. (Still, giving birth to Léonie was the best thing I have ever done). For most of my adult life I have been using birth control of various types but mainly “the pill”. I have not suffered any major complications as a result of using contraception, but you are always aware that you are introducing foreign chemicals to your body or strange twists of metal or plastic that resemble miniature instruments of torture.


Men might well be pleased that they can avoid some of these things, but actually I don’t really regret them. I like being in touch with my body. I like learning to control it. I like knowing that I am an animal made of flesh and blood. I like my hormones and the things they do to me… Okay, not always perhaps, but mostly… I can’t imagine being a man and not being aware of all the stuff going on beneath my skin.


So, soon that change which we call the menopause will come. Should I fear it? To be honest, until recently I did fear it a bit. I have known some women who suffered a lot of unpleasant symptoms for a long time while going through the menopause. Of course, I do not wish that on myself. But I think what I feared more was the idea of getting old… Of drying and shrivelling up… Of losing the bodily features that make me attractive to men and other women… Of losing my sexuality and my sex drive.


Satanism, and the lifestyle it has opened up to me, has helped to allay those fears to a large degree… For one thing it has brought me and Cassie into contact with a lot more women of our age and older, some of whom are going through that stage already. Some of them do experience some of the problems, discomfort and anxiety associated with this time of life. But more often I have seen not only an acceptance of the change but a celebration of it and the powers and wisdom that come with it. Moreover, in the kinky circles Cassie and I move in, many of these women seem to be more sexy, sexual and empowered than ever before. They have certainly taught Cassie and I a thing or two!


I think the fact that Satanism both acknowledges and celebrates the fact that human beings are themselves animals who are sometimes driven by base instincts, while at the same time doing away with the guilt that Christianity and many other religions associate with our primal nature is very helpful indeed. Not only because it enables us to incorporate our shadow side without guilt thus reducing the repression and feelings of unworthiness that many people have to live with;  but also because it connects us more strongly with our human nature and nature as a whole. We change as the seasons change… It is no accident that women’s menstrual cycles are often synchronised with the cycle of the moon. We are part of nature. We are part of the magic that makes the world and the universe work. We are natural witches and perhaps that is what more patriarchal men have often feared. We are powerful.


And we are just as powerful (perhaps more so) as Crones as we are as Mothers or Maidens…


While our coven is distinctly Satanic, we are heavily influenced by Pagan (particularly Wiccan) ideas and practices. So the motifs of the triple Goddess, the three aspects of the witch, (Maiden, Mother and Crone) resonate strongly with us. We believe that all women and all witches have different degrees of all three aspects within them at all times but that there are seasons of life in which particular aspects are naturally dominant. Now that my daughter is grown up, living independently and alone and fully enjoying the “Maiden” phase of life, I feel my own phase shifting away from that of “Mother” to that of “Crone”. I do not fear it. I relish the challenges, the knowledge and the power it will bring me. If I were not a Satanist I think I would approach this period of life with more anxiety.

There are many disadvantages of being a woman in the world today. In many places and parts of society women are still marginalised, disempowered, exploited or abused. In the industrialised west women have made more progress and are treated more equally but there is still a way to go. But in Paganism, Satanism and most of the traditions of witchcraft, women have long had a more equal and valued role. The fact that we cannot be divorced from the mess of blood and chemicals that make us the animals we are, has been seen as a positive and powerful link with the natural and magical realms.

Of course, men can be wise and powerful witches too, but I would argue this is mostly only true when they recognise and value the natural gifts of the female species rather than fear them.

As a Satanic mother, it gives me great pride and satisfaction to see my daughter (Léonie) blossom into an independent and intelligent young adult witch, fully embracing the powers of a Maiden and living by sensible satanic values. At the same time, it releases me to develop the Crone within me.

The magical cycle of life goes on.

Satanic Muses and Devil’s Advocates

The past 12 months have been a big year for the three of us. We have all been growing and changing and becoming more the people we want to be. As part of that evolution we have started some new blogs to express different aspects of ourselves and our beliefs. Some of those blogs might continue and some may not…

This blog has continued to enjoy a fair amount of traffic and we have decided to return to it as our main outlet. Our dynamic has changed a bit. We are now a family of three adult women who happen to be Satanists. Our basic beliefs are very similar, but we are women of different backgrounds, ages and tastes and each of us has a unique and equally valid viewpoint.

Aspects of our chosen lifestyles will make some people raise their eyebrows, while other aspects might be surprisingly mundane. In the blogs we have begun over the past year we have tried to be less apologetic and more adult in our writing. This was particularly the intention of our Satanic Muses blog. That trend will now continue in this blog. All three of us will continue to write about what Satanism means to us and how we live it; and in addition, we will write about anything else that interests us individually. We all travel frequently (especially me, Cassie) and we are now split between two main cities with myself and Sophie based in Zurich and Léonie based in Vienna.

We will continue to embrace chaos and order in whichever measures seem appropriate at the time.

We shall probably make some cosmetic changes here in the next few weeks to try and incorporate some of the features we have enjoyed in our other blogs.

Hello again!

Harvey Weinstein; Sex, Exploitation, and Satanism

A few months ago the name Harvey Weinstein was synonymous with power and success in Hollywood and in global business. Now his name has become a byword for sleeze, manipulation, sexual exploitation and, perhaps in many people’s opinion, evil.

Everything the “Weinstein controversy” throws up disturbs us as women and as Satanists. There may be a degree to which his values and his lifestyle don’t seem very different to our own; yet we are repelled and appalled by many of the things he is alleged to have done. We have already heard some of his activities being described as Satanic; which brings those of us who practice real Satanism into disrepute. But we are Satanists and the uncomfortable truth is that aspects of Satanism may encourage the likes of Weinstein to do their thing. I would not be entirely surprised if at some point in time he is alleged to actually be a Satanist. And perhaps he thinks he is. So where does that leave us and our many fellow Satanists who are as disgusted by the things he is alleged to have done as most other people belatedly are?

His alleged crimes are that he used and abused his position of power to force or coerce women to have sex with him and that if they refused he damaged their careers; because he could. A secondary theme in the whole sordid affair is that other people were aware of what was going on, but were afraid to do anything about it.

Let me start by identifying the areas of Satanic philosophy and lifestyle which might at first sight seem to promote some of the sociopathic behavior Weinstein has been accused of. Most Satanists believe that we can, and sometimes should, use whatever advantages and powers we have (including use of Greater and Lesser magic) to get the things we want and need. We believe in the power of the individual and, having recognized that in ourselves, we tend not to be overly sympathetic to the type of “victims” who could help themselves but don’t. We are self centered and hedonistic. We allow ourselves to enjoy all aspects of life (including sex) to the full, without much regard to the prevailing morals of society or any particular religion. We can be predatory. There are people within Satanism who have a rather dismissive attitude to people who do not comprehend our beliefs, and some tend to treat all non Satanists with a contempt which is often deemed to be deserved. This attitude is something which we try to avoid in our family and our coven, but we have possibly slipped into it from time to time. In short all Satanists “could” be or become sexual predators. While they are in the minority, there are some “so called” Satanic covens which take advantage of desperate wannabe Satanists;- something we have warned about several times here on this blog.

So, on the face of it Satanism could seem to provide a front or even a justification for the kind of exploitative behavior Harvey Weinstein  is said to have exhibited… But only on the face of it…

In reality Satanism is the antithesis of all that Harvey Weinstein is said to be, and said to have done. Satanism is about empowerment of the individual and that is one reason that strong women such as ourselves are attracted to it. Moreover, while rules in Satanism are rare, many of us adhere to the guidelines set out in various places by Anton LaVey.

This is what LaVey said about stupidity.  “Stupidity — The top of the list for Satanic Sins. The Cardinal Sin of Satanism. It’s too bad that stupidity isn’t painful. Ignorance is one thing, but our society thrives increasingly on stupidity. It depends on people going along with whatever they are told. The media promotes a cultivated stupidity as a posture that is not only acceptable but laudable. Satanists must learn to see through the tricks and cannot afford to be stupid.”

This is very worth thinking about in light of the Weinstein controversy. We are very much on the side of Rose McGowen and the other “whistle-blowers” who saw and experienced what was going on and tried to do something about it. We are very much against the culture of mindful blindness and ignorance perpetrated by the media and the general public who knew what was going on, but didn’t want to know.

Perhaps most importantly in this context, the fifth of LaVey’s Satanic Sins states;-  “Do not make sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal.” In other words no sex unless all involved give full and meaningful consent… Actually it goes further, it means don’t even start in the direction of sex unless you have very good reason to believe that such activity is desired by the other person.

Some Satanists, including us, place a lot of emphasis on enjoying sex in all it’s forms. It is a large part of the hedonistic indulgence we allow ourselves and we are not limited by the sexual or social laws and morals which many religions insist on. However, even among ourselves, sex only occurs between fully consenting adults and should never be forced or coerced.

Finally, while we will admit to being self centered in a positive way, we are totally against solipsism; of underestimating or negating the importance of others. We do not, and should not, expect the world to understand or agree with us, and we are often horrified by the herd mentality exhibited by others, but we never forget (even if they sometimes do) that other people are individuals too, and that we should treat them as we would want or expect to be treated ourselves.

In conclusion, Harvey Weinstein fails every test of what it means to be a modern Satanist. If the allegations against him are true, he is a piece of shit and should be treated as such. Moreover, if those allegations are true, he should go to prison and suffer the FULL consequences of his actions (which some may feel go beyond a simple prison sentence).

Perhaps the silver lining in this whole nasty affair is that it has brought certain unpleasant truths about Hollywood and the business world in general into the light. I doubt if there are many women who are surprised to see this proof of deeply entrenched sexist and exploitative attitudes come to light. Probably most men have been aware of it too. But nobody wanted to be the first to state the obvious and risk their careers. Predatory scum like Weinstein depend on that. It is the root of their power and influence.

Rose McGowen has made a number of allegations and I suppose for now we cannot know how true they are. However, if they are proved to be true, her courage in coming forward now and trying to take action at the time deserves praise and respect. If true, she is a woman who has suffered the indignity of violent rape which required hospitalization as a result. She was then blacklisted by people who were afraid of her attacker when she tried take action against him. (If true) her courage in pursuing the matter now and the determination she has shown in not letting him and others of his type get away with it, demonstrates incredible strength of character.

But her experience is not unique. I seriously doubt that you could find many women who have never felt compromised or abused sexually. We all know somebody who has been raped, and I’d guess we all have memories of somebody in a position of power urging or forcing us to do something we were not comfortable with. For decades and for generations it has simply been an unspoken fact of life for women. Mothers try to protect their daughters but always know that probably at some time “something unpleasant” is bound to happen. It has happened to Sophie and myself… Not in a particularly dramatic way but just as one of those uncomfortable lessons women have to go through…

We are glad our daughter is already a Satanist. We believe it gives her an edge and a degree of protection. Satanists enjoy sex but we put our own wants and needs first. We are strong and will take revenge on anyone who violates us or attempts to. We believe in ourselves and our own agency. We know our own will and won’t allow it to be trampled on.  If I had already been a Satanist in my late teens or early twenties I think one or two unpleasant incidents wouldn’t have happened.

But for many, if not most women, those types of “incident” have just been facts of life.

It is time for change.

To all those pathetic, shadowy men who have been doing all the things Weinstein  has been accused of and getting away with it;- your time is over and you deserve all the shit that is going to come your way.


Satanic Morality in Game of Thrones

Our family have become big fans of the TV series, Game Of Thrones. There are many things about it we enjoy and we each have our own favorite characters and plot lines. However, more pertinent to this blog, is the fact that we feel the moral backdrop to the story is at least Pagan and perhaps Satanic.

Before going further I would like to emphasize that in our view nearly all the main characters seem to be driven by Satanic imperatives and morality, not just the ones it is easier to point to as the bad guys. While one of the pleasing and engaging aspects of the character development in GoT is that almost everybody is multi-dimensional with grey and ambiguous sides to their moral character, even those characters who are as close as the series gets to being the “good guys” seem to have a moral base that we could point to as being entirely Satanic.

For anybody who has not seen any of the series or read any of the books, here is the shortest synopsis possible. The stories take place in the fictional land of Westeros which resembles Europe in the Middle Ages to some degree with a good sprinkling of witchcraft, magic and a few dragons. The main plot revolves around the various factions who are trying to secure “The Iron Throne” the dominant seat of power in the land. The spiritual background is broadly pagan although most of the characters pay little more than lip service to any particular line of belief. There is one, still pagan, religion which becomes dominant for part of the story which bares some resemblance to our organised Abrahamic religions.

We have spoken of Satanic morality many times on our blog before but to briefly clarify for the context of this post; Satanic morality is personal and individual and rejects the concepts of absolute good and evil or laws set down by gods or churches. We, like many modern Satanists, refer to ideas set down by Anton LaVey which are based more on logic and usefulness than anything else, but we don’t regard even what he says as anything more than a rough guideline. It is possible for Satanists to indeed be all that the world considers to be evil, and a few no doubt are, but the vast majority of us recognize the need and usefulness of being helpful and kind when it suits us; which might well be most of the time. What we don’t accept or recognize is any divine or outside imperative to be kind or “good” all of the time.

And so to the characters of Game of Thrones…

We will start with the character who could be described as the most evil, the principle “baddie” of the show, Cersei Lannister.

Cersei, played superbly by Lena Headey, is a monster. She is clever and manipulative and driven more and more exclusively as the story develops by her personal ambition and obsession to rule the whole of Westeros from the Iron Throne and rid herself of any possible opposition. She thinks nothing of killing anybody who gets in her way (on occasion hundreds of people at a time), she is not adverse to physical or mental torture of her opponents and she will always take revenge without mercy. In case you think she is all work and no fun, rest assured she likes to let her hair down sometimes; mainly by having sex with her brother! Now as Satanists ourselves we have to admit there are some elements of Cersei which we don’t deny can be aspects of our morality. We do value ambition and being self centered. We think it is often good to be clever and manipulative. We are not against taking revenge if necessary. And we often go against other people’s sexual rules and morals. Cersei’s one redeeming feature is that she does genuinely love her children and does all in her power (like any Satanic Mother) to protect them and their interests. However even that gets out of control and has fairly disastrous consequences.

We cannot deny that Cersei is both evil and Satanic. Perhaps she serves as a warning to us. “There but for the grace of Satan go we.” Cersei is an example of a Satanist out of control, unrestrained by any law or much personal morality. In the show we see that she causes a lot of suffering as she proceeds and succeeds in her schemes and plans. However, it is not without personal loss and cost. Ultimately she is insane and hated by almost everybody.

We, like all Satanists, could go the way of Cersei. If we don’t, it is because we choose not to because of personal wisdom and personal morality.

Next we will look at Arya Stark.

Arya, is a tomboy; a girl who from the beginning preferred swards to dolls. She is played by the very talented Maisie Williams. Arya is strong willed and independently minded, determined to do things her own way. Most aspects of her character are what we understand as Satanic and yet she is portrayed for the most part as sympathetic. In a sense she is a victim of brutality but, in various ways we Satanists approve of, she refuses to be a victim and instead tries at every turn to control her own destiny. However, her story is dominated by her need for vengeance. As Satanists we do not rule out vengeance, in fact we see it as an aspect of taking responsibility for your life. In Arya’s case however we see the danger of becoming obsessed with vengeance. While we as the audience are in many ways rooting for Arya to get her revenge on the people who have wronged her (terribly in many cases) we can also see how as a person she is damaged by her obsession. On the one hand we want Arya to succeed in killing the people on her list (most of whom deserve nothing less) but on the other hand, as her violence increases, we see that she is becoming no less evil than those who have hurt her and that her lust for vengeance results in the deaths of innocents as well. Her story arc is not yet finished but it seems clear that even if she succeeds in her quest, she will be destroyed by it. There are lessons to be learned for us in her story.

As Satanic Witches, we couldn’t fail to mention the Red Woman or Red Witch, Melisandre.

In terms of moral values Melisandre is one of the most ambiguous characters in the series. She is a witch from another continent who follows another religion dedicated to the Lord of Light (although her beliefs and practices are sometimes very dark indeed). At first she is keen to convert people to her religion but is less evangelical towards the end of the series so far. She has premonitions and uses magic (often very dark magic) quite frequently. Her magic includes what Satanists would call lesser magic, often involving sex and seduction. She appears very beautiful but we later learn that her appearance is deceptive. It could be argued that she instigates and presides over one of the most evil acts of the series (the murder/sacrifice of a very innocent child) and yet she also plays a key part in rescuing the archetypal hero of the series from the clutches of death.

So let’s speak about Jon Snow

In fairness there is nothing very Satanic about Jon Snow except for the fact that his obvious “goodness” is a self chosen path. He is the good warrior, on the side of the right; a protector of the poor and vulnerable. While he has seen and experienced bad things, there are very few elements of darkness in his character. In some ways that makes his character’s development a bit more bland than many of the others. But still, we include him in our list for two reasons. Firstly because Satanists can of course be good if they choose to be. (We like to think we make that choice most of the time). And secondly…Eye candy! Sophie and I would love to invite him round for dinner and afters; and while we may not tempt him over to the dark side exactly, we could at least work on his kinky side! (Mind you, these days we’d probably have to fight off our daughter Tina first)!

Another character all three of us might like to entertain after dark if we had the chance is Daenerys.

Daenerys Targaryen is in our view one of the most positive Satanic characters in the series. She also has one of  the most impressive and testing personal journeys. She begins as a shy and powerless teenager dependent on her abusive brother; and develops through luck, cunning and courage into an impressive and inspirational leader and warrior Queen. She has more than her fair share of troubles and tragedies but with magic (she is impervious to fire) and cleverness rises to become one of the principle challengers to the Iron Throne. It would be all too easy to point to her as the female equivalent of the “nice” Jon Snow and certainly, like him, she has a strong moral compass which is usually in favor of helping the underprivileged and freeing slaves.  She also has a sense of duty to her destiny meaning she will often do what is best for her people or her long term plans rather than what she would like to do in the moment. But she has not become powerful without developing a darker side and knowing how and when to use it. She can be very  ruthless and vengeful when she needs to be. Indeed we see her as a woman whose instincts and moral values are entirely Satanic (like us) but in a positive and good way that is not often seen or understood by non satanists.

And finally we shall speak about Tyrion…

Tyrion Lannister is a dwarf, a fact we will mention briefly only because it is pertinent to his role in the plot. Actually Tyrion is, in our opinion, a giant of a character not only in Game of Thrones but also in modern literature, and surely Peter Dinklage who plays Tyrion is proving to be one of the great actors of our time. He certainly has some of the best one liners and set piece speeches of the series. Like Daenerys, we see Tyrion as a fully rounded Satanic character who has a highly active and visible dark side but knows the destruction and depravity that can lead to. Ultimately his moral compass points to doing what is wise for the short and long term. He can be a foul mouthed womanizer, a heavy drinking pleasure seeker who spends much of his time with whores. But he is also the most intelligent and perceptive character in the story who can be very courageous and who knows the pain, the power and value of love in it’s many forms.

There are many other characters we could mention but we don’t have time. There are certainly many others we like and find fascinating, and all of them in our view could be seen as representations of satanic lifestyle in it’s many forms. The fact that some are broadly “good” and some are broadly “bad” only serves to show the diversity which exists within the satanic landscape.

We also like diversity of sexuality that is represented in the world of “Thrones”. Devoid of Christian influence, people are less hung up and generally more free to enjoy and express their sexual tastes and preferences. We would like to think the same would be true in a Satanic world.

There are many reviews of Game of Thrones on the net and probably many are more comprehensive and better written than this. What we have attempted to show however is two things. Firstly that many GoT characters and storylines could be described as Satanic. Secondly that describing them in such a way does not really mean what some people (especially Christian types) would expect. In Game of Thrones and in real life Good and Bad are not defined by the religious or spiritual labels you claim, but by your actions. It is just as possible (we would say more likely in fact) for a satanist to do what is good or at least best in the given situation, as it is for a Christian to to do what is evil. Satanists are people who deal with their inner darkness and use it wisely and constructively.

And finally if you haven’t seen the series or read George R.R. Martin’s books, why not give them a try. The books are inventive and extremely well written. The TV series has high production values and is also well written and acted. It got us hooked! One warning though in case you have been living on the dark side of the moon and if you haven’t been paying attention to what we have said here, be prepared for rather large doses of sex and violence between the plot twists!