Young Adults, Satanic Love and Sex

Looking back through our archives, one of the posts that still gets the most traffic is the one about Satanic Sex. Another popular post is the one in which, several years ago, my daughter Tina decided to become a Satanist. Since then she has grown up and has a blog of her own which gets a reasonable amount of visitors. One of the questions that both she and I are most often asked is how our satanic beliefs inform our attitudes to sex and love. We are both aware that there is not much written about this subject on the net; at least, not much that we would recommend! So we decided to get together to answer some of the questions we are most often asked on this subject and maybe expand on our views and experiences a bit. First; for any visitors new to this site, a very short paragraph of background information about us.

My name is Sophie. I am 40 years of age and 17 years ago I gave birth to my precious daughter Tina. At the time I was in a long term relationship with Tina’s father. We split up fairly amicably when Tina was seven when we realized we had different directions and priorities in our lives. Tina’s father has continued to play an active and supporting role in Tina’s life and upbringing. I have been sexually active since my mid teens and I suppose I was always fairly liberal and adventurous in my sexual affairs. I’d had a couple of serious boyfriends before meeting Tina’s father (and quite a lot of less serious ones) and after the split I had a lot of liaisons with both men and women before meeting Cassie who has since become my life partner. Both Cassie and I are bisexual and still occasionally have sex with men, but we knew as soon as we met each other that we were meant to be life partners and we love each other deeply.

So I am Tina. I’m 17 in two weeks time and I have been sexually active for just over a year. I was the most innocent of children and had no interest in sex or any of the things connected with being an adult until I was about 14 and in that year I changed and grew up so much it shocked even me! When I was fifteen I started going to parties, meeting boys and kissing and stuff… I decided I should get prepared for the time when there would be more “stuff”! I had a lot of conversations with my mother and then just before I was sixteen she took me to the birth control clinic and I started taking the pill. Luckily I have always been able to talk openly about these things with my mother. A few months later I lost my virginity to my first serious boyfriend. Later I split up from him and “experimented” a bit. Now I have a boyfriend who is a few years older than me and shares a lot of my beliefs and values.

Mother’s Ground Rules.

Sex should only happen between fully consenting adults. If a person doesn’t or can’t give consent it is rape and the rapist should be punished as harshly as possible. Here in the part of Switzerland we live in the age of consent is 16. I know my daughter and I know she is adult enough to have sex if she wants to. However, not all people mature at the same pace. Tina has some sixteen year old friends who, in my opinion, are still not ready for sex. It is also fair to say that some people mature at a faster pace and maybe ready and hungry for sex earlier. Even so, the law is there to protect people and it is always best to wait until you are not breaking the law. If you can’t wait, there is something wrong. In all cases, if in doubt, don’t have sex; wait until a better time.

It is your body and only you should choose how to use it and who to share it with. Never, never do anything sexually that you don’t want to do. If a partner pressures you into doing or trying something sexually you are uncomfortable with, dump that person!

Girls. You can get pregnant! This is something the men don’t fully understand because it can’t happen to them. If you get pregnant, whether you have the child or not, it will change your life completely. So ALWAYS use birth control unless you are with somebody you don’t mind starting a family with. All women have the right to have an abortion, but abortion is a big thing that can fuck your mind and body up in all sorts of ways. It is not a form of last minute birth control.

And last of the scary warnings… AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases still exist. In fact most sexually active people catch an STD of some kind at some point. Be careful. Take precautions. In all casual sex adventures it is best to use condoms.

The Satanic Perspective.

Satanists are intelligent, scientific people and so they should take all the above warnings seriously. Satanists are self-centred and self-reliant, and must take responsibility for protecting themselves as much as possible. However, with all that being said, Satanists think sex is normal and healthy, Satanists are mostly hedonistic, meaning we see nothing wrong with enjoying carnal and mental pleasures as much as possible and Satanists are self aware so learning how to achieve maximum pleasure and satisfaction through sex (and all other things) is part of our life path and meaning. Satanists tend to value and enjoy the so called darker, left hand, sinister, side of things. We feel it is important to explore and integrate that side of things into our lives in a constructive way. That may make some of us more open to certain forms of sexual expression and fetishism than some others may be.

In practical terms, in our own family, my daughter’s blossoming sexuality and sexual appetite is not something I fear or dread (although I will always be the protective mother who sometimes gives more advice than is wanted), rather it is something I welcome and encourage as I think gaining sexual knowledge and pleasure is an important aspect of personal development.

What would you say is the relationship between sex and love?

They are not the same of course but they are very interconnected. Love can be wonderful and Satanists can fall in love as truly, madly and deeply as anybody else. I have had a lot of sexual partners but only a few partners that I was passionately in love with. The difference is huge. Of course the feeling of being “in love” is a huge and lovely thing in itself although when it doesn’t work out as you would like, or when it ends, it can be devastatingly  painful. But how to cope with that is one of the life lessons it is important to learn and it says a lot about who we actually are. A loving relationship is the best situation in which to fully enjoy sex and explore your own needs and boundaries. Making love with somebody you are in love with is absolutely the best and safest way to discover and enjoy sex when you are “starting out”. And even later in life, sex within a loving relationship is almost always the best kind of sex there is. You know that Cassie and I have had sex with quite a few other people, and we still do sometimes, but when we are together our love adds a dimension to sex that beats everything and everybody else we have ever experienced.

But there is still a place for sex outside of love. It must still and always be fully consensual, but frankly speaking most people need and benefit from having sexual experiences outside of a committed relationship sometimes. Many religions are very much against that. Satanism treats people as adults with their own agency who don’t have to follow or pretend to follow any form of religious or societal rules when it comes to sex.

Is there sex in Satanic rituals?

Not always, and not in all covens and groups. But sometimes, yes. In our own coven there is nudity and there are some sexual moments or acts in some rituals. It is very rare for full intercourse to happen during a ritual, although because of the sexually charged atmosphere some people do have sex as soon as they can after the formal part is done. But there is sexual stimulation… I don’t want to go into details, but I also don’t want to tell lies. There are sexual elements in many of our coven meetings. They are not really the debauched orgies you sometimes read about but I suppose in some people’s opinion any kind of sexual activity outside what is normal for them is seen as bad… However, and this is really important… Nobody should ever be pressured into any form of sexual activity they are not comfortable with. There are several people in our own coven who prefer not to participate in some of the more sexual rituals. That is fine and we totally respect that. Really. I would say to any person starting out in Satanism or even those who are very experienced practitioners, never do anything sexually just to fit in with a group. If you feel pressured to do something against your will or that you find uncomfortable in any way, leave quickly. If necessary report them to the police. And it is probably worth getting to know several members of the group and what they do for a living, before attending any private group meetings.

Is there a Satanic view of things like homosexuality?

Not really. You know by now it is hard to find any two Satanists who agree on everything, or even anything! However, in my own experience most Satanists I have met tend to have more more liberal views in matters of sex than mainstream society. It is also a Satanic principle to break down taboos. So generally Satanists are open minded about homosexuality and most other forms of sexual expression and identity. Some homosexuals, especially those who have suffered and felt repressed by religions like Christianity, find Satanism a great release and may go into a bit of overdrive in matters of sex! In our own coven we have people of all shades and colours on the sexual spectrum.

So are all Satanists kind of uber-sexual? 

No. I know several Satanists who have no interest in sex at all.

Any final comments?

Sex is healthy and fun but it is an adult thing which stirs deep emotions. Satanists (like everybody else really) should enjoy it responsibly. And in the excitement of sex, don’t overlook love. Love is something which binds and heals. Other religions don’t have the monopoly on love. It is as important for Satanists as anybody else.

And is there anything you would like to add?

Well I don’t really have much experience but maybe there are a few things I would add… Firstly sex does change you. It is not the thing of loosing your virginity, it is what happens after that, you begin to think differently and change in other ways… It is not something you can undo. I was lucky but I know some people whose first sexual experiences were not very good or happy. And they are a bit fucked up by that. They need to find their way back and kind of start again. Even I can say for sure it is better to learn about sex in a relationship than in a casual one night stand. So maybe if it starts off bad, people need to get back to the start and look for love more than sex.

Also the places where sex often happens first is at parties or clubs where there is a lot of alcohol and sometimes drugs involved. That is never good. I know some people who had big problems from that. Somebody I know online said if you are drinking at a party or club you should keep an eye on your drink and if you put it down somewhere where you can’t see it, never drink from that glass again in case somebody puts something in it.

I think I am luck that I have you and Cassie and Dad and I can talk to you about things. Some people aren’t so lucky but they should really try to find somebody trustworthy to ask for advice.

Here is a big rule from me. NEVER let your boyfriend/girlfriend/lover of any kind take photos while you are having sex. I can kind of see why people do it sometimes. It can seem kind of fun and kinky. I nearly let it happen once but didn’t.  There is a girl in my school who found pictures of herself posted on Facebook and on some other sites. This is something which happens a lot these days and people should be careful. If it does happen though, remember the criminal is the one who took and published the photos, not the person in the picture.

And lastly, Satanists often say Hail Satan and Hail Yourself! Remember you can’t hail yourself unless you respect yourself.

In the last year I have realized I really like sex. But I also realized I like to be fully in control. I know there are some sexual games and fetishes where you give up a bit of control (maybe wearing hand-cuffs for example) but I don’t think these are the kind of things you should do when you are just starting out in sex. There are plenty of other things to experiment with before you get on to bondage and you don’t have to like or do everything straight away.

Old Souls Forum

Artwork by Minerva Tau

(Artwork by Minerva Tau)

Do you remember messageboards? They seem to have gone out of fashion a bit. Facebook and other social media have largely taken their place, but for all sorts of reasons I have never felt you get the depth of discussion and range of opinions on facebook groups that you used to get on message board forums. I miss that. I learned an awful lot from other people that helped me to grow on my spiritual path. Part of the reason I grew in such places was because people were allowed to respectfully disagree with me (and vice versa) and this caused me to think and re-think.

I enjoy writing my various blogs and will continue to do so but blog entries tend to be long essays with which people either agree or disagree but blogs are not a medium which are very good at generating actual real time discussion.

For that reason, and a good amount of nostalgia, I have created my own forum, “Old Souls”. While I’m not shy about and will never hide my own beliefs, Old Souls is certainly not only for Satanists or even just Left Hand Path practitioners. (At the moment myself and Tina are the only Satanists participating there). It is a discussion forum for anybody who acknowledges a spiritual dimension to life (whatever they construe “Spirituality to be). Presently we have atheists, pantheists, Wiccans, Pagans, Chaos Magicians and Native Americans; and there is room for plenty more. We talk about spiritual and philosophical matters but we also share jokes and talk about what music we like or what we like on TV. The only real rule is that all discussion must be respectful. If you are interested, pop in and have a look around.

Blue Star Black Snake

12 July (16)

It is a year since we heard the sad news that our friend Lee had passed from this world.

He is still often in our thoughts.

His legacy remains.

We are not “just” Satanists


Post by Sophie

It must be clear by now to any regular readers that Satanism is fundamental to our family. All three of us take Satanism very seriously and it underpins most, if not all of what we do and say in every aspect of our lives. Cassie and I run a Satanic coven, an enterprise which takes up an increasingly large amount of our lives. Our daughter Tina is just as committed as we are and is beginning her adult life fully grounded in Satanic values and knowledge. We are all going to hell and enjoying the route that leads there.

But, we are not just Satanists…

What I mean by that is that we have ordinary lives and frankly not every moment of our lives is taken up with things that are overtly Satanic. I think that is important. One of the biggest faults and failings of every religion; of all religion, is that people can be consumed by it and in many respects driven insane by it. It can indeed be the opium of the masses. In my opinion whenever religion replaces rationality it is wrong. Whenever people get so swept up in their religious beliefs that they lose their reason or common sense they are in very dangerous territory and indeed may become a danger to those around them as well. This is where fanaticism begins.

It was fanatical maniacs who killed innocent people at a rock concert in France and an airport in Belgium. It is religious fanatics who frequently bomb their neighbors in Afghanistan and the Middle East. It is religious lunatics who bomb abortion clinics. There are religious fanatics who want to rule large swathes of the world and kill anybody who stands in their way. These same people fear the power that education could give the people they want to dominate. And throughout history it has often (in fact nearly always) been religious fanaticism that has driven violence, war and the destruction of whole cultures. It doesn’t matter what brand of religion these fanatics claim to represent; Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism or even Buddhism: all religions have their share of blood on their hands as a result of mindless fanaticism.

Satanism should be different; it is after all an anti-religion. But you can’t be a Satanist for long without realising that we also have our share of fanatics. Cassie and I have, for example, heard of Satanists who advocate burning down churches. Such people are rare idiots but it would be dishonest to claim Satanism was without its share of fanatical lunatics.

This is a direction our family and our coven spern. Thus we feel it is important to be grounded in the reality of everyday life. In essence that is a large part of what Satanism is about;- vital existence; celebrating real life.

Cassie and I love each other deeply but we have our differences and our fights like anybody else. We both work very hard. We have bills we have to pay. We have groceries to buy. We have a car to run. We do housework. Cassie travels a lot. She enjoys it but she gets tired. We both fight with our employers sometimes and get drunk with our co-workers. We both like to think our jobs mean something and we take them seriously. I sometimes spend hours marking and feel like death afterwards. I sometimes cry with happiness when a student makes a breakthrough. Cassie is totally OCD in her preparation but she gets a buzz out of being a leading figure in her company. We like to shop. We like to chill. We love good food. We drink. We smoke. We get stoned. We like planning trips and holidays we may or may not have. By this stage our daughter shares a lot of our bad habits but she is a good student and she studies hard. She loves to meet her friends and listen to her music. She volunteers at a zoo and at a farm. She is interested in the news. She likes improving her languages. And now she has a boyfriend and is fully engaged in her first real relationship.

These are the things that keep us grounded and sane. We would never deny our Satanism. It is incredibly important to all three of us. But we are real people with real lives and if that were not the case our Satanic principles would be meaningless and potentially dangerous.

We are Satanists. But we are not “just” Satanists.

Health and the Satanist


We have been planning to write something about Satanism and health for a while and New Year seems like a good time to discourage bad habits and foster more healthy choices. But we don’t really believe in New Year resolutions and in some ways we may not be the best examples of healthy living. In fact in a reply to our last post we were chastised because we allow our teenage daughter to smoke. We’ll return briefly to that issue later in this post. But we will start by saying that despite our own bad habits, Satanists in general tend to value healthy living and place emphasis on making sensible choices in matters of health and wellbeing.

Personal responsibility is at the heart of Satanic belief and philosophy and is a concept which most of us who identify as Satanists take very seriously. We are indeed self centred which is something which is often perceived negatively, but self responsibility is an aspect of that. As far as it is possible we look after ourselves and our own and that means we take full responsibility for the consequences of our actions. This starts with ourselves and our own bodies. In order to get the most out of life we are obliged to keep our bodies in good working order to the best of our ability. We don’t believe that prayers or God are going to save us when we get ill; science and medicine maybe, our own black magic (or psychological programming) perhaps, but mostly it is down to us to keep safe and keep our bodies in good, strong, working order.

From this it follows that we should do all that we can to stay healthy and avoid unhealthy things as much as possible. We should get plenty of exercise and work out regularly. We should inform ourselves about the food we are eating and maintain a balanced diet, high on nutrition and low on unhealthy fats and sugars. We should try to keep our body mass and weight within healthy limits and take pride in our appearance and physical condition. We should not take recreational drugs if they can do us harm, or allow ourselves to become addicted to anything. We shouldn’t smoke and we shouldn’t drink beyond healthy limits. We should have a healthy sex life but we should do all we can to avoid all risks of injury, infection or disease.

However, while all this is true, as Satanists many of us also live according to a more hedonistic imperative as well…

1. Satan represents indulgence, instead of abstinence!

2. Satan represents vital existence, instead of spiritual pipe-dreams!

8. Satan represents all the so-called sins, as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification!

Not all Satanists follow LaVey’s statements, and nobody is obliged to. However some, including ourselves, do roughly adhere to these sentiments. We are unashamed hedonists. Therefore there is a balance to be found; a sensible path which admits a certain amount of indulgence while staying as healthy as possible. Yet no matter how much indulgence and “sin” we allow ourselves to partake in, we can never escape the fact that we are responsible for the consequences of our choices and actions.

Hedonism has a bad rep, and can easily be portrayed as shallow and mindless. We think there is a deeper side to hedonistic values within the Left Hand Path but perhaps that is a theme for a future post. For now we will simply say that there is indeed a hedonistic side to our personal beliefs and lifestyle and to put it as simply as possible we acknowledge that there are health risks attached to some of the things we enjoy.

Sophie and I have been smoking regularly since we were younger than our daughter is now. We both drink regularly and by some people’s standards, quite a lot. We use weed. We love good food, not always of the healthiest varieties. We have both dabbled with various drugs in the past. We have a rich and varied sex life. In short we very much enjoy all kinds of sensual pleasures, many of which “could” have negative impacts on our health. On the other hand we believe the shear pleasure we get from many of these things can have a positive, calming and healthy effect. Moreover, we do keep ourselves fit and active. We exercise, we run, we walk, we swim, we meditate, we do yoga, we take in clean country air whenever possible. In fact we try to keep our minds and bodies in as good a condition as possible. In general we ARE healthy. We have regular check ups and seem to be in good shape. Many people think we look younger than we actually are. A little bit of witchery might help with that as well…

It is a trade off. We don’t deny that our health may indeed suffer because of some of our lifestyle choices. Perhaps if we only did the healthy things mentioned above and gave up smoking and all our other unhealthy vices and pleasures we could live to be over a hundred. As it is we don’t expect more than an average lifespan and we accept it may even be less. And indeed if we didn’t do any of the healthy things we would run a great risk of dying at a much younger age. But we mean to enjoy every taste, flavour, experience and sensation that comes our way until we die. Those are our priorities and our choices. This is the balance that works for us.

Well okay, those are choices we can make as adults, but what about Tina who may be growing up fast but is still only in her mid teens? We feel she is at a stage in her life where she will have to begin making adult choices and we have to respect that. We hope she will always feel she can come to us for advice and guidance. We are probably quite permissive but hopefully that means that if we ever have to say “no” she will understand we have our reasons. She is a well behaved girl who is never late with her homework and takes study seriously. She is intelligent and kind and a great deal more polite and better behaved than many people her age. So she smokes… Sophie and I were both smoking when we were her age. To make an issue out of it would be hypocritical and would create a barrier where now we have a bond. She is aware of the health risks and possible consequences and we feel this is a decision she is old enough to make for herself. Moreover she shares our satanic values and outlook and as parents we respect that as a fact and not just a phase.

In conclusion all Satanists should look after their bodies and should be prepared to take responsibility for the health and lifestyle choices they make. One option would be to avoid all potentially unhealthy substances and activities and concentrate on sport and fitness to the exclusion of almost everything else. However for the majority of us good health and meaningful existence means finding an intelligent balance between health and pleasure. We will each do so in our own individual way.

The satanist is self centred and self aware and keeping that self healthy and happy is an essential priority.


Six Six Six


six six six

The number of the beast. A number close to our hearts. Perhaps one day we will write an exposition of the deeper meanings and historical significance of that number which is taboo for some. But this is not that post.

This is a post in which we three Satanists give our personal answers to the same six questions about our religion and philosophy.

How has Satanism changed you?
What is Satan to you?
Do you consider yourself good or evil?
What is the most important lesson Satanism has taught you recently?
What do you think about other religions?
Are you going to hell?


How has Satanism changed me?

I would say that Satan and Satanism have been a large part of my growing up and it speeded that process up. It has made me feel more free and independent. And much, much more confident. It has helped me to be the real me instead of the person other people maybe wanted to see. If it hadn’t been for Satanism I think I would still be trying to please everybody a bit too much and I would always take the safe option. I think in my mind and maybe in my body I’d be like at least a year younger than I feel now.

What is Satan to me?

In my imagination I think of Satan like a wise old uncle that I love and respect but makes me a bit nervous. But I think in reality Satan is a force in the universe like electricity or gravity that only some of us can feel and connect with. And it is part of us and we are part of it.

Do you consider yourself good or evil?

I don’t believe anything is good or evil in itself, including me. I can be good or bad depending on the situation. I am on Satan’s side. If that is evil then so am I.

What is the most important lesson Satan has taught me recently?

I don’t know. Maybe to be a bit more patient. Also if I want to do things which can be a bit unhealthy like smoking I should balance it with something healthy like running.

What do I think about other religions?

Some of them may have some good ideas in them but most of them are spoiled by idiots. And they have too much about obeying Gods and not enough about enjoying life.

Am I going to hell?

I don’t believe there is an actual place called hell. But wherever other Satanists go, that is where I want to go. But first I want to live a long life, do crazy things and try everything!


Has Satanism changed me?

Yes, totally. It has made me much stronger. It has allowed me to express my darker side without any shame. It has given spiritual meaning and understanding where I used to feel lost and confused. Because of Satanism I have become a witch, I have read and experienced things I would never have done otherwise. And it has brought me new friends and given my life a whole new direction and purpose.

What is Satan to me?

I think Satan is the sum of all the wisest souls from all of time (including my own) somehow linked together spiritually. It is the enemy of any person, religion or philosophy which tries to prevent people getting the knowledge to grow and evolve fully.

Do I consider myself good or evil?

In a Satanic context I am evil (I choose to eat the fruit of knowledge and any God that tries to stop me can fuck off) but in a worldly sense I am not such a bad person. I am certainly not evil in the way of terrorists.

What important lessons has Satan taught me recently?

That I am good at organising and that I know more than I thought about most things.

What do I think about other religions?

I spent many years of spiritual searching so I have always believed there is something valuable to be found in some religions. I still have a lot of respect for Buddhism and still use some Buddhist techniques and thought processes. I think there are useful things in Paganism and Hinduism too. I have never been much a fan of Christianity.

Am I going to hell?

Yes and it will be fun getting there! Seriously I think you have to learn and experience as much in life as you can before you die and then it either all ends or there is some kind of progression. All the people I like or love most will be going to hell wherever and whatever that is.


Has Satanism changed me?

Yes of course. If I’m honest I’d say that I am a much darker and harder person than I used to be. I am less tolerant of fools and time wasters. Some of my beliefs and political views have also changed a bit. But I am much more confident and comfortable in my own skin. It has also helped me to make rapid progress in my career and let’s say, material security. However I would still describe myself as a kind and caring person with a social conscience.

What is Satan to me?

A spirit, an energy, a God that has been glimpsed in many of the Pagan traditions. A force of nature that we can connect with… But ultimately also a part of ourselves; our potential with all restrictions and limitations removed.

Do I consider myself good or evil?

This is something I am planning to write a full post about. I think it is a tricky question because those words have so many interpretations. I am fully, unreservedly and totally Satanic and if some people think that means evil, then so be it. However, if you take evil to mean being grotesquely cruel and violent like child molesters and terrorists, then I’m certainly not that. As for good, sometimes…

What do I think about other religions?

I have been a spiritual searcher most of my life and have sampled many things. I still think of myself as Pagan in many ways and I think a lot of religions have some wisdom in them. However I am becoming more and more atheist and coming round to the belief that overall religions do more harm than good. The idea of Satanism being an anti-religion has more and more resonance with me.

What lessons has Satan taught me recently?

Question everything but don’t ask stupid questions. Or don’t keep asking the same question just because you don’t like the answer. Also there may be more merit in some of the more traditional elements of Satanic belief than I first thought.

Am I going to hell?

Yes. Moreover, Hell is our Nirvana and can be touched in life as well as death. It is a place I feel at home with like minded souls, demons and the energy that is Satan.

Oh I think I answered in a slightly different order. Always the rebel!



Satanism And Pope Francis


If you have come to this post because you are a Born Again,Protestant, Free Church, Fundamentalist Christian who has always believed that The Pope is Satan’s stooge then you may be disappointed. The writers of this site are passionate practicing Satanists (Proud Devil Worshippers no less) who are totally opposed to Christian beliefs and practices (especially yours) and we view the Catholic Church as the largest and most powerful of the Christian institutions we oppose.

So now that we have got rid of the Fundies, let’s continue. In former times it was all too easy to despise The Pope as a person and as a leader. Most former Popes have been characterised by stupidity, corruption, hypocrisy, perversion or just sheer distance from the needs and concerns of everyday people. As such we Satanists found it all too easy to mock the Pope in our sacrilegious and blasphemous words and rituals. Our problem is that the present Pope is not so easy to pour scorn on. Indeed it is rather hard to dislike him. So what should our Satanic perspective on Pope Francis be?

Pope Francis is supposed to have said the following;-

“It is not necessary to believe in God to be a good person. In a way the traditional image of God is outdated. One can be spiritual without being religious. It is not necessary to go to Church and give money; for many nature can be a Church.Some of the best people in history did not believe in God while some of the worst deeds were done in his name.”

Now if Pope Francis really did say these things we would have to say that we find ourselves in agreement with him. Moreover we find these words and indeed other things the present Pope is reported to have said to be wise and worthy of respect.

Let’s be upfront about this. Sophie, Tina and myself “like” Pope Francis. We also like many of the things he is trying to do with the Catholic Church and the general direction he is trying to take it. As a person we find him to be an uncommonly genuine and good man for somebody in his position. We think that perhaps for the first time in the era of Modern Satanism there is a Pope who is a real challenge to us. A Pope who forces people including us to think and question. A Pope who deserves respect rather than mockery. A Pope to take seriously. A worthy adversary.

But we remain fully committed to Satan. And here is why.

Pope Francis is the leader of The Catholic Church, the biggest and most powerful Christian institution. He seems to be steering that institution in a more humanitarian and sensible direction. In doing so he will attract more intelligent, liberal minded followers. The Catholic Church will therefore grow, both in terms of numbers and in terms of people who can argue the Christian message convincingly and who are not tainted by the misdemeanours committed by Church authorities of the past. Francis is turning out to be the cleverest and most effective type of leader.

But any brand of Christianity is still wrong. Still a trap.

Let’s set aside the fact that despite Pope Francis’ reforms in certain areas, the Catholic Church is still against abortion in nearly all cases, is still against the very idea of homosexuality let alone homosexual marriage or rights, is still very prescriptive and restrictive about the roles and rights of women, is still very rich and corrupt in many ways and still has an awful history and legacy of child sex abuse… The main issue is simply that most of the beliefs and dogma of Christianity are plain wrong and are harmful to human life and development.

We are not born into sin. We don’t need a saviour to die for us. We are not dependent on the whims of a grandfatherly God for our success and personal development. It is not wrong to seek pleasure for ourselves. We do not need Ten Commandments to substitute for our own moral judgements. We don’t need priests or anybody else to intercede for us. “We” are the authors of our own lives and we need to be allowed to grow up and take responsibility for ourselves. The fact that we have a darker side to our psyche is not a failing, it is simply part of our human condition which can be helpful to us if we are allowed to integrate it properly. We are indeed animals and there is no need or reason to be ashamed of that. And science has proved a better guide to our social and technical evolution than the dogma and superstition of religion.

But because Pope Francis is a good man and a good leader we Satanists must rethink and re-evaluate the way in which we oppose Christianity and its values. We must stress the positive reasons for our beliefs rather than relying on cheap attacks on a generally good man which will just make us look stupid.

We have a worthy opponent. We must recognise that fact in order to be taken seriously.

In our family we’d be happy to invite Pope Francis round for supper. We can imagine being friends with him. We can imagine having some strong but respectful discussions with him. We don’t imagine we would convert him to our way of thinking or that he would convert us to his. But the substance of such conversations would be very nourishing food for thought and personal development.

And that is what WE are about.