Saintly Satanists?

While the following article has a few flaws and mistakes we like it. (Even though it describes Theistic Satanists as a fringe group)!

It is a bit over simplistic and probably paints us as a bit whiter and nicer than some of us are;  but it is a fairer than average portrayal of modern Satanism.




Hiatus Shorts.



As a as a family we are all still coming to terms with the loss of Cassie’s mother. But life goes on and we are all also busy. Cassie is working in Austria. Sophie and Tina are in Zurich working and studying hard. We have gotten out of the habit of posting here regularly because, frankly speaking, we have had a lot of other things on our minds. But we really do want to get back to this blog more regularly as soon as we can. In the meantime we thought we’d each post some very short pieces just to focus and get our brains working; and perhaps provoke some discussion.

Cassie–What is good?

People often write or speak about the nature of evil;- What is evil? Is evil a relative term? Are some things always evil? Etc, etc… But what is good? Is love always good? Is it good to be kind? Should you always try to be good to others and if so why? Does goodness mean something different to Satanists than others? I am not sure of the answers to these things but I feel that being good IS important, and perhaps especially for Satanists. It is something I will write a longer post about one day, but for now I just think it is an interesting question to ponder. What is good? Or perhaps can you be evil and still be/do good? Does it matter?

Sophie–In what ways are we still uncivilised and primitive?

Less than two hundred years ago most European nations bought and sold slaves. We captured people from Africa, treated them like animals and traded them like spices and cattle. Very few people even questioned it morally. Less than fifty years ago African Americans still didn’t have the same rights as white Americans. Less than thirty years ago black and white people were completely segregated in South Africa. Women were not allowed to vote or have any kind of equality with men until quite late into the twentieth century in many parts of the western world. A generation ago it wasn’t even legal for gay people to actually have sex in many parts of the world, let alone get married and have a normal life. In some parts of the world that still hasn’t changed…

I think that in Europe and America at least, racism and slavery are now seen by most intelligent people as being not just uncivilised but actually evil. Women’s rights and gay rights are also improving. A lot of people realise there are different types of sexuality and have friends from different parts of that spectrum.

But what are we missing? What things in our normal modern lives will people in the future look back on with disgust and wonder how we could be so primitive, evil and uncivilised? I suspect it will hVe a lot to do with our relationship with the natural world and the environment; but perhaps there are many more things that 21st century Sophie is too primitive to think of. Oh, that wasn’t so short!

Tina–What insults us Satanists?

So there has been a lot in the news about Muslims being insulted by cartoons of their prophet. And Christians often get insulted if you talk about Jesus or their religion in the wrong way. I guess that most people of most religions and no religions can get insulted by people mocking things that are important to them. Sometimes I get angry when people say ignorant things about Satan or Satanists and it is frustrating because usually I can’t answer back without telling people more about my beliefs than I want them to know. But is it wrong to feel angry and get insulted? I suppose people can’t be blamed for not knowing or understanding things. So it doesn’t matter if we are insulted, but how we react to those insults, that’s another story! Hopefully Satanists will never be like the extremists of some other religions!


Don’t Let Christians Define Us


If a Christian were to define a Satanist they would probably say. All or some of the following things;-

We are evil. We have lost or sold our souls to the devil. We are depraved. We take pleasure in every kind of wicked thing, every kind of evil deed, every kind of perversion. They may say we hurt or corrupt children and the innocent. They may accuse us of unspeakable cruelty to animals. They may think we wish to bring the world to some kind of brutal and cataclysmic end in which all goodness is lost and there is only pain, suffering and despair. In addition we may be accused of being delusional and deranged, sadistic and selfish, nasty and narcissistic. And of course the devil we associate ourselves with is all of these things and more to the nth degree. We are acolytes of the epitome of all that is evil.

The Christians who say and believe these things about us are wrong of course, but to some extent it is at least understandable if not forgiveable because this is what they are taught and brainwashed with from a very early age. We may not wish to forgive because as Satanists we are by nature independent thinkers and we may be critical of the lazy way of thinking that allows these ideas to be swallowed without question; but still we can and should at least understand why we are perceived in such a negative way by some people. To the fundamentalists in particular who believe in a black and white world, Satanists have to be the absolute bad guys to oppose a God whose arbitrary actions are deemed to be always good.

What is less easy to understand and what is perhaps the biggest problem in modern Satanism is the degree to which we as Satanists not only allow ourselves to be defined by Christians and Christian standards; but actually internalise some of those ideas. To put it in a nut-shell, many of us come to a point in our spiritual lives where we go through the stage of thinking,  “Well, if everybody thinks I’m evil or that my views and morals are evil because I’m a Satanist, perhaps I am, or perhaps I should be.”

As a result of asking this question some people embark on a darker more twisted path of Satanism which is ultimately unnecessary and which can lead to harm. The mistake is in internalising the Christian concept of Satanism in the first place.

It is Christians who say we are evil, AND THEY ARE WRONG.

As Satanists we come to our own conclusions about what things are good and evil. We don’t have to believe in such concepts at all and we certainly don’t have to use the road map leant to us by Christians to see where the boarders are.

The problem is that while our religion is relatively new it has a long and complex relationship with Christianity and the other Abrahamic religions. Satan and Satanism have been defined by Christians for hundreds of years. That gives them a power we should be aware of and counteract. We should not submit to it.

There may be people reading this who are thinking, as I once did, that it would be much easier if Non Evil Satanists just called themselves something else. Actually that is not possible. We are what we are and we associate ourselves with Satan for many good reasons. But I think that makes it even more important that if and when we must stand up and be counted; if and when we must be open about our beliefs, we convey something that defies the stereotypes and propaganda that surround us.

It is getting easier. The world is less dominated by Christian thinking. Many of us live in multi cultural, multi ethnic societies where the reach of Christian propaganda is not as strong as it was. We don’t have to allow ourselves and our ideas to be defined by Christian prejudices. And I think it is important that we don’t.

One of the things which impressed me most about the first Satanists I met in person, long before I became one myself, was his kindness and generosity . This really jarred with me and forced me to think. I was not a Christian at the time I was very much a Pagan, however I had been brought up in a loosely Christian/Catholic household and I still found the idea that a Satanist could be kind to be quite mind-blowing. It went against all the conventions I knew. He explained that he was not kind because of any particular rule in his religion, he was kind simply because he chose to be. Since that time I have always found that to be the most honourable and authentic reason to be kind. Over the years I have also found that simple kindness is one of the most powerful weapons to make people question their assumptions…

Put it another way… If the first Satanist I had met just sat in a corner being dark and broody, if I had found out he was indeed a cruel, sadistic individual who only cared about himself; I’m not sure if I would ever have taken the time and trouble to find out more about Satanism, let alone become a Satanist myself.

But I will also confess that since becoming a Satanist I have from time to time asked myself the same question. If everybody already thinks I am evil, perhaps I should be… Perhaps I am…

I think it’s a stage many of us go through. In fact it is a stage I suspect we come back to more than once. For me the answer is, “No, I am not evil, and I refuse to let my beliefs and my lifestyle be defined by a religion I don’t believe in and which I think is wrong.”

So let’s insist on defining ourselves in a positive way as free, independent thinkers who make up their own minds about what is right and wrong, as people who believe in their own divinity and their own potential, as people who are genuinely trying to better themselves, as people who celebrate life and living, as realists who embrace science and value critical intelligence.

There is no need to boast or brag about our beliefs but on those occasions where our beliefs do come into the public domain, let’s be good examples that challenge preconceptions and prejudice.


Good and Evil; Our Views.


Good and evil

We don’t believe good and evil are forces in themselves; we believe they are just adjectives, descriptors which for the most part are completely subjective. However we are open to the possibility that there are some things which are not relative and for which we think there needs to be another word. We will return to that at the end.

We thought that some people might be curious about what things we as Satanists think (in a descriptive sense) are evil or good. That is to say, Cassie and I who happen to be Satanists, not All Satanists. We came up with a short list of things which we agree are evil or good.

The Evil List
Rape or sexual molestation of children.
Rape or sexual abuse of any un-consenting person.
Cruelty to and/or abuse of children or animals.
The murder of any innocent or undeserving person.
Undeserved malicious cruelty to anybody.
The ill treatment of anybody based on ignorant prejudice, racism, sexism, sexual or gender preferences or orientation.
Unnecessary restriction of individual rights in the form of governmental/religious/institutional oppression.
Reckless abuse of the environment.
Restricting access to education and means of self improvement.
There were other things we could have added; for example we wanted to mention something about poverty and injustice, but we think all those other things would be covered by these nine statements.

Actually it was more difficult to came up with a list of things which are always good, but we do have a shortlist…

Living life as fully and productively as your circumstances allow.
Self improvement and personal development and enabling the development of others.
Being kind and helpful where and when you can to those who deserve it.
Showing respect to those who deserve it.
Protecting the innocent always and protecting the vulnerable when necessary and possible.
Responsible care for the environment and the planet we live on.

Again that list could be added to or sub-divided, but we think those six things sum everything else up.

Clearly we do not think it is evil to be Satanists. We don’t think it is evil to worship/respect/connect with Satan because we do not believe there is anything evil about Satan. We don’t believe it is evil to question any form of authority including religious authorities. We don’t think it is evil to blaspheme against any entity especially where we don’t believe that entity actually exists and/or where that entity symbolises values and power structures we disapprove of. We don’t think it is ALWAYS evil to kill. We don’t believe it is ALWAYS evil to inflict pain or suffering of some kind. We don’t believe that any form of truly consensual sexual activity between adults can be evil. We don’t think it is evil to use witchcraft or any other form of knowledge or wisdom.

We don’t believe it is always good to forgive. We don’t think that kindness and generosity are always good or appropriate. Moreover we agree that sometimes you do have to be cruel to be kind. We don’t think that blind or unquestioning faith is ever good. In fact we think there are very few things which are always good in any circumstance or situation.

So these are the things we might apply the adjectives good or evil to and we accept that they are subjective and we don’t expect all people to agree with us.

However, we are undecided as to whether there are any things which are absolute; which are good or evil irrespective of personal opinions. Let’s imagine a rather nasty parallel society where most people found it perfectly acceptable to have sex with children. Cassie and I would certainly rebel against that norm. We would still say that such activity was evil and would fight against it. Would that make us good in some absolute way or evil and perverse in the eyes of that society? Are there some things which are absolutely good or evil irrespective of any personal or community opinions? If so, what are such absolutes based on?

We admit; we don’t know the answer to that.



Evil and the Satanic Parent




A little incident while we were on holiday in England made me think about a predictable subject again but this time with a twist… This time I should not only consider whether I am evil, but whether I am encouraging my daughter to be evil?

Cassie, my daughter and I were visiting a witches shop in a little town in the south of England, in a beautiful area called The New Forest. If you look it up you will see it is a place with lots of occult connections and history. The shop itself was full of all the witches tools and bits and pieces you can think of, as well as lots of stones and crystals, books and all sorts of interesting things. We spent quite a long and enjoyable time there browsing and spending our money. The owner of the shop was Wiccan but the shop catered for anybody who practices any form of witchcraft or is just interested in the occult. We got chatting to the shop keeper who was very open minded and didn’t seem to have any of the prejudices against Satanism that you often find. Suddenly however this strange guy who had been lurking in the shop for a while started speaking to us and and berated me for “leading my daughter into evil ways”. I think he was some sort of Christian but it was hard to tell. Cassie and the shop keeper tried to reason with him calmly which was quite good because it made everything he said seem even more stupid. But I have to admit I just lost my temper and ended up telling him to fuck off!

Later on I began to think about the incident again. Now I am not ashamed to be a Satanist and I am actually very pleased and proud that my daughter is also a Satanist and the three of us are a happy Satanic family. But before any religious, philosophical or spiritual considerations I am first of all a mother. I see my first and most important job in life as being to protect my daughter and do everything possible to ensure that she has a full and happy life. I do have to admit that opening ourselves to satanic principles, philosophy and energy has changed and transformed Cassie and I. I would say that we have become satanic in nature, or to put it another way, our souls are now satanic; similar in nature and substance to Satan himself. And now for sure the same transformation is happening to my daughter. Her soul is getting darker. Is this a bad thing? Is becoming satanic the same as becoming evil? Am I leading my daughter’s soul into danger? It seems to me there are two questions really. First, is being satanic the same as being evil? Second, as a satanic couple, are Cassie and I bad role models and examples for my daughter?


Many people will associate Satanism with evil. To some Christians, Muslims and Jews, Satan and Satanism is the enemy of all they believe in. They need Satanism to be evil in order to justify their own beliefs and prejudices. They are the good guys in white who are going to heaven and we are the bad ones in black who are going to hell. They like things simple that way; it stops further questioning and thinking. But Cassie and I also know Satanists who self identify as evil. They seem to be trying to reclaim the word evil in the way that homosexuals reclaimed the word gay. They say that if it is evil to oppose Christian values or question authority then, yes, they are evil. And in that sense I agree with them. If it is evil not to be prejudiced or bigoted, if it is evil to question conventions and think for yourself, if it is evil to realistically place yourself at the centre of your life, if it is evil to want to learn as much as you can and use that knowledge to have a happy and productive life, and if it is evil to enjoy the fruits of the earth and the pleasures of the senses then I am evil and I sincerely hope my daughter will be too!

But in fact Cassie and I don’t really go along with that way of thinking. In other words we don’t think we are evil and we believe it is unhelpful to define evil in such a way. We think there are plenty of things which truly are evil and we don’t want to be confused with or associated with such things. For example, we don’t want to be associated with murderous, religious barbarians who behead hostages; that IS evil. We don’t want to be associated with murderers, rapists, child molesters or anyone else who commits gratuitous acts of violence against innocent people. So we acknowledge that there is evil and we are against it. Thus for us, Satanism and being satanic (which we certainly are) does not equal being evil. Not at all. But is being Satanic enough in itself to be a bad example to children or teenagers? What kind of example am I setting my daughter?

Well I guess neither Cassie or I are examples of good, clean living and nor would we want to be. And to be honest I don’t want my daughter to have a completely bland, good, inoffensive, virtuous life either. I hope she has some fun and stirs things up a bit. Well as Satanists Cassie and I are quite hedonistic and our lifestyle reflects that. Are we setting a bad example? For instance we both drink. I sometimes let Tina drink wine with us at dinner time; is that irresponsible? I don’t think so, in fact I hope it will teach her to respect alcohol and drink responsibly when she goes out rather than getting blind drunk at parties which some of her 12 year old friends already do. Cassie and I both smoke and statistically I believe that increases the chances that my daughter will start smoking. In fact I’m pretty sure she has already smoked the occasional cigarette. And to be honest I don’t mind at all. Does that make me a terrible mother, I don’t think so. I am strict about what time Tina comes home and goes to bed, I am strict about her doing her homework and taking her studies seriously. I am strict about her being polite and having good manners. I am strict about her keeping her room tidy and helping out around the home. But yes, as she gets older I think I will be more relaxed about the health and lifestyle choices she makes.

Cassie and I are lesbians. There are times at home when we close our bedroom door and my daughter fully understands that means we are probably having sex. Is that a bad thing? I don’t think so, in fact I think it helps my daughter to think of sex in terms of love and respect. I don’t feel any guilt or shame about that. I lost my virginity at fourteen, Cassie when she was fifteen and I accept the chances are my own daughter will start having a sex life in a few years time. I don’t care if she sleeps with men or women or both so long as her partners treat her with kindness, respect and hopefully love. I will worry about her of course. I will worry that somebody will break her heart. I will worry that she could get pregnant. I hope I will be able to give her some useful advice and guidance when it comes to those things based on experience; and I hope she will listen to me because I have always tried to be honest with her and not to be a hypocrite. But you know… I’d worry far more if she didn’t have sex. I’d think she was missing out on a beautiful aspect of life.

Being Satanists means that Cassie and I cultivate independence and self responsibility. We try to question all dogmas and conventions (which doesn’t mean we always break or go against them;- we’re not stupid), we try to be individualistic and not act like sheep. At the same time we both value the spiritual aspects of life and learning more about our own beliefs and the beliefs of others. If my daughter picks up any of these traits (which she is doing already) I think that will be a good thing. We are witches. We practice witchcraft. My daughter does too. Clearly there are some things in magic and ritual which are for adults only and Cassie and I are VERY strict about that with Tina. If she continues to practice the craft when she is older (which I guess she will) then she can incorporate more adult elements if she chooses to.


So overall I don’t think there is anything intrinsically evil, bad or corrupting about the example I am setting for my daughter. She is being raised in a home filled with love and respect for learning, self improvement and knowledge. I guess I will make some mistakes as all parents do but I can think of plenty of children who are being raised by less loving, tolerant and understanding parents. And for what it is worth, Tina thinks I am okay as far as mothers go! I am a happy, protective and shameless satanic mother. And that little man in the shop can go fuck himself! Sophie


On being evil and selfish


Apparently Cassie and I are selfish and evil people. To be fair nobody has actually said that to my face (although they have done to Cassie) but probably a lot of people think that or would think it if they knew we were Satanists.
And I suppose they are right in some ways… We have a lifestyle and philosophy which is very self centred and is based on a God or a concept which many people believe to be the incarnation of evil.

So let’s start off with the question of evil. Let me see… Well for a start we are not Christians. I guess for some people that fact alone is enough to make us evil. But worse than that, we quite actively oppose many Christian values and teachings. We don’t believe in the Christian God and if he did exist we would certainly oppose him as a dreadful oppressor.

We both work hard but only when we want to or when we need to; we don’t think work itself is something nobel or virtuous and we would both be lazier if we could be. We would both lie or steal in some situations and we would kill to protect ourselves or our family. We would both take vengeance on anyone who hurt us or the people we care about.

We are not ashamed of our so called vices, in fact we indulge ourselves whenever we can. We like good food, we drink and smoke and may sometimes enjoy other things which are prohibited in some parts of the world.

I have had a child out of wedlock and Cassie and I have both had lots of sex with lots of people, men and women. Oh yes and we are two women who live together and believe me what we do sexually with each other makes Fifty Shades look like a Disney movie! More importantly we actively campaign for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people to have equal rights under the law in all things including marriage if they want it. I personally encourage my daughter to think all kinds of sexuality are normal.

We swear, we curse, we blaspheme. We wear a lot of black, we have tattoos, we listen to loud music and we sometimes dress provocatively.

Cassie practices witchcraft including what some might call black magic. I am learning magic and encouraging my daughter to do so too; not that she really needs much encouragement.

If all the above things are evil then I plead guilty. However even if all those things were evil (which I don’t believe) it only tells half the story, doesn’t it?

So yes, I might kill to protect myself but I might also sacrifice my life to save my child. I might lie if I had good reason to, but I might tell the truth at risk of loosing my job if I thought it was the right thing to do. I might almost faint with pleasure at some of the darker pleasures Cassie and I enjoy with each other but I might also melt into sentimental tears when I watch Bambi or hear a song from my childhood. I might swear and use bad language but I am also multi lingual and I encourage my daughter to be able to master as many a languages as she can. I may sometimes use substances which are illegal in some places but I have also devoted many hours of my life to helping young people get off drugs or avoid them altogether. I may be very liberal in sexual matters but I will do all I can to ensure my daughter and other young people do not feel pressured into having sex before they are ready; and when they are ready they will have the knowledge to protect themselves from disease or unwanted pregnancy. Do all these things sound evil?

In my opinion concepts of good and evil are entirely relative. What matters is the balance that makes us whole people. Cassie and I earn our living by teaching people. We get a kick out of giving them the ability to grow and learn more and to realise their potential. We think what we do is both important and helpful to the individual kids and to society as a whole. We have friends who are doctors and nurses and who probably save people’s lives on a daily basis. Are the helpful things we do for others negated by the fact that we are Satanists and live life according to our own rules and tastes?

I realise that some people will think it is enough to say we are evil as if that finishes the argument. And if the things I do and believe are seen as evil by some people then I guess by their standards I am evil. I just think their standards are stupid and insane.

I will admit however that my entire philosophy of life is self centred. Am I selfish? Yes, in some ways. I love Satanism for allowing me to be honest about this. However I probably still don’t mean what many people think I mean. Being self centred and selfish can be negative and unhelpful if that is where the story ends but I mean it in a more philosophical way. I mean that in all things I start from the perspective of what is good for me…

Some religions and philosophies (most in fact) set some abstract standard by which people can be measured or judged. Rules are made and codified… Thou Shalt Not Do This or That… The result is that most people of many religions and non religious philosophies spend a lot of time feeling like failures or sinners because they cannot live up to these arbitrary standards. The truth is this is a power game. Wherever people are made to feel inadequate there will be others who will use that fact to control them. “Oh you didn’t go to church on Sunday, you’d better make an extra donation next week…” “Oh dear, you are having homosexual thoughts well you’d better buy this book, pray everyday and go and see this person for therapy…” And in case you think these statements sound a bit biased against Christians, I have also heard Buddhist monks hint that the appropriate donation to the temple might help ensure a better reincarnation.
Repeatedly religions and philosophies encourage people not to trust their own instincts but to buy into some other morality they can never truly live up to. It is a trick. It is disempowering.

I trust myself first. I do what I think is right for me. I take pleasure in the things that make me happy without feeling guilty about it because of somebody else’s morals. I am indeed self centred. And self empowered. But that does not mean that I ONLY think about myself. That would be stupid. I probably think far more about my daughter and plan most of my life around her. But that is MY choice, MY priority. In all things I start from myself and work outwards. But being relatively intelligent I of course realise that the health and happiness of myself and my daughter also depends on how we get on with a vast network of other people. To only do things which are entirely self serving without thought or consideration of others would be stupid and self defeating.

Then there are relationships. Cassie and I are both self centred people. But that is not a problem at all, it is in fact a shared notion of reality that binds us closer together. We also both care a lot about the needs and welfare of other people and in our understanding this is not in opposition to the notion of being self centred.

Being self centred means relying on your own judgements and trusting your own instincts. Very importantly it also means taking full responsibility for your own actions. When we fuck up as everybody does sometimes we don’t blame some distant God; we don’t even blame Satan. But perhaps we don’t fuck up quite as often as some people do because we are not trying to live up to some abstract ideal in the first place.
Cassie and I generally try to be kind and helpful to others but we are self centred in the way I have described and we are Satanists whose morals and lifestyle are certainly far from Christian norms… We are content to be the way we are. Is that really evil? Is so, then we are.

By Sophie


Tainted by Satanism?

Have I been corrupted or tainted by my increasing involvement in Satanism? Have I unwittingly allowed evil into my heart and mind?

Or could I be a Satanist by any other name? Sometimes It would be convenient. Satan and Satanism come with so much baggage attached; much of which I don’t really want to be associated with. In theory I could live the same life, do the same things and have the same philosophy without actually calling myself a Satanist. In fact this is what I used to say to friends of mine who were Satanists before I became one myself. “Why stick that label on yourself?” I would say, “It just plays into other people’s prejudices and opens you up to all sorts of criticisms you wouldn’t have to deal with if you didn’t use the word Satanist. Just be yourself.”

It is a good argument. And there are times now when I am tempted to go down that route. But none of my friends did take that route. They came up with arguments that didn’t make sense to me and continued to call themselves Satanists. And now I can see why and I am actually in that position. In principle I could be a Satanist by any other name. I could ditch the label which is so often misunderstood anyway, and just be myself…

Satanism is associated with evil. Some Satanists embrace the word and attempt to turn it’s meaning on it’s head. They take pride in being what others (especially Christians) define as evil. Rather than run away from the word evil they just say yes I am what some call evil and I am proud to be. It’s a kind of evil pride. To a degree I come into that category myself.

Recently I took part in a big Satanic ritual. In may respects every aspect of it could be defined as evil by Christians and others. The whole ambience of it was dark and Gothic. There was sexual content in the ritual which many might find evil and debauched. There were words and images used which some might find sacrilegious and blasphemous.  There was symbolic blood sacrifice (our own).There were references to demons. And of course, the word, the name, the power and the symbol of Satan was central to everything. In fact I played a fairly central role in the ritual, and I did so willingly and wholeheartedly, without reservations and with great enjoyment and satisfaction. And I will do so again. If such things are evil, then I am evil and unapologetic. I did not feel sullied, tainted or in any way corrupted by the ritual. I felt empowered and rejuvenated by it.

Some Christians and others might think the fact that I could participate in such a thing is in itself a sign of how far I have been corrupted by my involvement in Satanism. They would be wrong. There was nothing in that ritual which went against anything I have ever honestly believed. I have appreciated the power of the drama involved in ritual since being a Catholic school girl. I have been practising magic since my teens and I have often used my own blood to further magical workings. I have been blaspheming in my heart since I first realised the fallacies and corruption that infects many Christian and other churches. I have been working with magical entities and energies ever since I became a witch. I have always felt a strong connection between sexuality and spirituality and I have never been particularly shy of expressing it. So actually in my mind there never would have been anything evil or even uniquely Satanic about my participation in such a ritual.

There are however elements within Satanism that I do feel uncomfortable with. I have for example met far too many Satanists who think that because we “Can” take revenge, we should “Always take revenge” as brutally as possible. I think that is stunted thinking and dangerous talk. More importantly I think it paints us all in a bad light. I have met a few misguided Satanists who don’t seem to understand that opposing Christian values does not mean we have to have the opposite values all the time… That we don’t have to be hateful just because Christians speak of love… That we don’t have to be evil just because Christians call themselves good… I have even met people claiming to be Satanists who think we should take up arms against Christianity and burn down churches. I find such ideas foul, stupid and repugnant in every way. And then of course there are the reverse Christians who call themselves Satanists and take delight in doing anything they consider to be evil. The sad fact is that all these idiots are very good at getting headlines in newspapers and therefore many people assume that they really are typical of Satanism as a whole.

But am I tainted by such people and such ideas? Am I becoming an evil person through my connection in name only with such degenerate people?

No I am not. I have no desire punish people relentlessly who annoy or hurt me. I think love and forgiveness are immensely powerful concepts. I am not filled with hate. I value life immensely and I am very protective of other people whatever their religion. Some of my closets friends are Christians. I try to be a nice caring person and I would go out of my way to help a friend in need. I believe the religion of Christianity is wrong and corrupt and way passed it’s sell by date and I will argue that strongly with anybody, but I will defend a Christian’s right to live  just as strongly. Moreover I have never had any desire to hurt any person, child or animal and I think all cruelty and exploitation of the defenceless is obscene.

So I have not become evil. But perhaps I should use another word to describe my spiritual path in order to avoid being associated with all the bad publicity Satanism attracts? Perhaps indeed I should become a Satanist by any other name, as I once advised others to do. I have been seriously thinking about that.

But my answer is no.

I am a Satanist, fully, totally and whole-heartedly. I may not be able to adequately explain why, but it is something I can’t and won’t deny. Moreover I think that until people like myself are prepared to be a little more open and upfront about our beliefs, then our religion will always be defined by a minority of idiots who grab the headlines. The Left Hand Path will always be consigned to the shadows until a few more of us are prepared to step into the light. I hope I won’t let the side down.