A Sinful New Year

This is our version of a cheerful, uplifting post to get the year started.

We had a debate about the photo to accompany this post. We all like erotic imagery (porn) but are nervous about offending the WordPress folk. We are aware that the mere sight of a nipple can send some folk into a state of apoplexy but hopefully those people won’t be reading our blog anyway. In any case we settled on a suggestive picture with no nipples. Enjoy!

But you are not supposed to enjoy such things, are you? It’s a sin.

Our Saturnalia celebrations this year were a slimmed down version of our normal winter debauchery; just the three of us and a few local members of our group in order not to break any covid restrictions. And for good measure we are all in self imposed isolation now to make sure we don’t spread any randomly caught germs to others. The positive lesson we learned is that you can still be sinful and stay safe if you plan sensibly.

Saturnalia involves a lot of music and dancing, good food and strong drinks, sex and laughter; things which make us human and happy. Religions such as Christianity tend to forbid such behaviour which they regard as immoral, selfish and shameful among other things as well as being s transgression against their idea of god. Luckily our “religion” is different.

We were all feeling down towards the end of 2020. Coronavirus and the lockdown restrictions connected with it have taken their toll on us as much as anybody. The immediate future still looks bleak. In terms of the three of us, the pandemic has real and actual impacts on most aspects of our daily lives. Our jobs, our studies and all the things we tend to enjoy are at risk. In addition we all know people who are suffering from coronavirus itself; and sadly, we know a few people who have died from it. But we can’t go round in a fug of depression. We might as well enjoy our sinful natures as fully as we sensibly can; and in doing so we have arrived in 2021 in better and healthier moods.

I guess in one way or another most people reading this are sinners. According to Christianity everybody is a dreadful sinner helplessly but inevitably stumbling from one sin to another. Their doctrine of original sin holds that everybody is born bad and life is a long and hopeless struggle against their own sinful nature. Hopeless unless you accept Jesus as your saviour, ignore your basic instincts and allow The Church to regulate your life and tell you what is right and what is wrong. Thus everyone who is not a Christian is a sinner. We are particularly bad sinners because we follow the enemy of Christianity and actively enjoy our sinfulness. Most people are somewhere in-between on the sinful scale. Our suggestion is join our side and be happy sinners!

Leonie has started contributing to a sexual advice magazine (she is planning to say more about that in her own blog). She directed us to an article (in German) which made a few points that resonate with us. You don’t have to be a Satanist to enjoy your sinful nature. Perhaps the main point it was making is that the world has changed and that while some of the old architecture and formatting still exists, the reality of many people’s lives doesn’t really fit with it. This is particularly true in matters of sex and relationships…

For example, the vast majority of books, films and TV shows still assume that most people want to be in monogamous, heterosexual, long term relationships blessed by the church or the state and that anything outside of that is somehow wrong. While there might be a growing acceptance (in some places) of different forms of sexuality, sexual and gender identity; it is still assumed that such people will want to live their lives according to the old monogamous marriage structures borrowed from outdated religious tropes. But is that true? How many people do you know who end up living outside those norms? Probably more than you think.

Perhaps Christianity is correct in saying that a lot of people’s lives are dominated by what those Christians call sin. Our argument is that what they call sin is actually not a bad thing at all, it is part of what makes us human and it is a sign of progress that more people are seeing sin in a positive way.

Sin is NOT evil or bad. Enjoying your true sexuality does not mean you are a potential murderer. Being in a non standard relationship doesn’t mean you will cheat on your taxes. Enjoying good food and wine does not make you turn into a rapist or an arms dealer. Participating in aspects of BDSM does make you corrupt or open to bribes. Having fun, indulging your senses. does not make you mean or uncaring.

Certainly in these difficult times you owe it to yourself and those around you to take sensible precautions but you also owe it to yourself to have fun and enjoy your sinful nature when you can.

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