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My daughter Léonie recently celebrated her nineteenth birthday. She is an adult in every way now, though still my child of course. Apparently some mothers feel sad and depressed when their children start to grow up, when they begin to leave their innocent childhood behind and start behaving as adults. Honestly, I never felt that. Perhaps because of my Satanic philosophy and lifestyle, or perhaps just because it is the way I am, while I enjoyed and cherished Léonie as a child I always wanted her to grow up and become an empowered young woman. For me that was always the mission and purpose of being a mother; to protect and nurture the child and help her become a wise and intelligent adult who could take care of herself. I believe I have succeeded.

Only five years ago, when she was then 14, I remember when she announced one night that she had started smoking. Some may think I should have been shocked or angry, but in fact, being the wicked woman that I am, I was actually quite pleased. We sat down at the kitchen table and smoked together for the first time and I saw my first glimpse of a more grown up Léonie. The transformation had begun. Some months later she told Cassie and I that she was also a Satanist. We actually didn’t want her to make such a big decision as that at her age and we only accepted it with a pinch of salt, thinking she would change her mind. But we underestimated her conviction. She read, she learned and she took it all very seriously. She has continued to do so ever since. By the time she was sixteen she had become interested in boys and sex. But while some daughters might have been secretive about such things, she came to me and asked to have a serious chat about things which lead eventually to me accompanying her to the birth control clinic. I saw this not only as a sign that she was growing up rapidly, but also as a sign that she was growing up wisely. It made me proud.

A week ago Cassie and I took Léonie to Berlin to celebrate her birthday. It was a busy and highly enjoyable few days with a mixture of culture and night life, well to be honest on this occasion nightlife fun took priority. For me it was nice to spend time in the company of my adult daughter; just two Satanic women out to have fun and debauchery! It was clear from the start that Léonie has her own tastes and ideas and is a very free spirit indeed. Of course, as a mother, there are a few of her tastes and choices that I may not fully agree with or approve of, but she is generally wise, rational and very independent so I think I have less to worry about than some mothers. Overall, she is a bright and fun woman I’d be happy to spend time with as a friend even if we weren’t related.

The reason I am referring so much to my daughter and praising her up in this post, is to promote her own blog which I will detail later. The reason for that is that Cassie and I have been neglecting this blog a bit recently and in truth that situation is likely to continue for a while. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly we are simply both very busy with our jobs and our lives. Secondly, when we do get round to writing a blog post these days, we often quickly realise that we are repeating something we already said months or years before. I guess there is nothing wrong with repetition sometimes but too much of it feels stale and uninspiring. Léonie, on the other hand, has a new and fresh perspective. Unlike Cassie or myself she was brought up in a Satanic family and embraced Satanism from early in her teens. It has pretty much always been her world view and she approaches everything she does from that perspective and with the energy her youth gives her. Her views are very similar to ours, but as regular readers will know, no two Satanists believe exactly the same. So I feel her blog, Femme Diabolique, has a freshness and vitality that some of our readers might enjoy while our own posts remain a bit sporadic. I think in some ways she is bolder and less tactful than us. She is part of the next generation and is never afraid to speak her mind or challenge conventions.

Cassie and I will continue blogging here, but there is no way we can increase our post count at the moment. So if you want to maintain or increase your exposure to us wicked ladies, please do check out and follow Léonie’s blog! Femme Diabolique 

One Comment on “Femme Diabolique”

  1. Nikki Demone says:

    The time has come, perhaps you have felt this as well, for you all to accept and rejoice in the fact that you have, whether by choice or not, attained what is clearly a Leadership Role in the Service to Satan. Your dedication to Satan is unquestionable, your love of Satan is deep, I hope you can now find within you the creativity to free yourselves from more mundane occupations though you may find some enjoyment in them, to immerse yourselves fully and totally as Leaders in the Satanic community bringing it out of the shadows, and helping it to grow in a way never seen or imagined before. You are all Satanic Warrior Princess’s, embrace it, live it, it is your purpose for being which Satan has guided you towards, you should have no doubt about that. One of the most important attributes of a leader is to “care” about her followers. How deeply do you care, the answer is obvious. There are legions of budding Satanists just waiting for someone to lead them to a Satanic Life, the time has come, the commitment may be great, but somewhere in time, to be able to look back and see, that through your leadership, all your efforts, you have led a Satanic Awakening, the establishment of Satanic Culture and the evolution of Satanic communities, cities, and states, what greater purpose could you have fulfilled. Even if you doubt what I have said here, know that with each passing day, the responsibility and desire of being a Satanic Leader will only grow inside you until you can no longer avoid it, it is your destiny should you choose to accept it. You were chosen by Satan to lead, let your passion,” creativity”, your devotion, and your love guide you on this path. Satan’s Blessings!

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