Atheism and Theism

It is satisfying in many ways to see our daughter come to similar conclusions and beliefs to those we hold. That she comes by her own route, following her own logical processes adds to our feeling that there is an undeniable flow of logic to many of these things. But sceptics might ask if it is really possible for the three of us to come to such conclusions really independently? This and other related issues will be addressed in a post we are working on.

Femme Diabolique

Apparently my last post in which I admitted to being a Theistic Satanist rather than an atheistic one, caused a bit of discussion on Twitter. So I had my five minutes of fame and nearly missed it altogether! See here.

It was important to me to be honest about the way my thinking and lifestyle has developed, but perhaps what I said was not entirely clear because people have different interpretations of what theism and atheism actually mean. These confusions run so deep that I don’t think I can clear it up in one post. What I can do though is clarify what I mean.

The way I see it, the main problem is that most people define atheism by Christian definitions of God. By those definitions, I am still very much an atheist. I don’t believe in the Christian God or that the Christian God exists. Nor do I…

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