Satanic Afirmations and Dedications

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Satanic Muses

A couple of months ago Cassie, Tina and I were sitting and having a conversation after an enjoyable but intense week and we realised that we were fully living a Satanic lifestyle. It was not just what we believed, it was not just theory; it was how we actually lived. It made us stop and think. It perhaps made us wonder if we were getting in too deep. And if not, then how should we proceed? Consolidating our blogs into this one (Satanic Muses) was part of the answer. It was a sign of our commitment, a sign that there was no way back from the place we found ourselves in and we didn’t want there to be. Tina will be officially inducted into a Coven very soon and has no doubts about fully embracing the Satanic life. Cassie and I also feel the need for a kind of rededication…

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