The fun side of being wicked women

For those who don’t yet know we are moving to a new blog. If you enjoy the post below and other things by Cassie, Sophie and Tina; please continue to follow us at Satanic Muses as linked below.

Satanic Muses

Immaculate Reflection by Terry Rodgers

Although we have been open about being Satanists and hedonists, in our previous blogs we have always been at pains to point out the philosophical, moral and even spiritual context within which these aspects of our lives occur. Over the years most of our posts have erred on the side of intellectualism and perhaps we have felt a need to explain or justify our lifestyles. That’s getting a bit old! Over the past year or so, without any particular plan or intention, we have relaxed and let our hair down quite a lot without giving much of a fuck about what other people think. I think that has been good for us and it is as it should be. Yes, Satanism has a strong and very important intellectual and philosophical dimension but it is also about “vital existence” and having fun without shame or guilt…

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