Atheism, Satanism and Morality

From Tina’s blog.
My daughter makes me proud. Sophie


A friend on a forum recently pointed out an article from The Huffington Post to me. Basically it states that around the world, even in secular societies, people seem to believe that if you don’t believe in God you are more likely to be immoral. Or that atheists have less morals and are more likely to commit violent and sexual crimes.

I think that is rubbish although I concede that a lot of religious people probably do think that way. However,  when I was talking to another Satanist friend he told me that my opinions don’t make sense either because I call myself a Theistic Satanist and you can’t be both an atheist and a theist and you can’t really be a serious Satanist if you are in any way theistic. I think he is wrong about that but I can see I have some explaining to do. So let me…

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