The Love Of Satan

This post returned to our thoughts because of a recent comment and when I re-read IT I thought it was deserving of a reblog. It cuts to the core of what our beliefs are really about and has a new resonance with us now that our daughter Tina is blossoming as a young Satanic woman in her own right.

Devil's Advocates


There are many kinds of love; romantic love, sexual love, parental love, maternal love, and the list goes on…  In my experience Satan has demonstrated all of these and no doubt further aspects of love that I don’t have the words to explain. This is true in whatever way one envisages him to be; whether that be as a living entity, energy source, or archetype. Many Christians would have you believe that their God has the monopoly on love and that Satan represents all that is unlovely. Naturally I think this is a gross perversion of the truth. And I want to set the record straight.

Satan’s love is deep and profound; it is part of his power and presence in the lives of all of us who honour and respect him. He has manifest his love to me in all the ways mentioned above but his  is also in many ways…

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4 Comments on “The Love Of Satan”

  1. A wonderful tribute! Nicely done.

  2. braz666 says:

    Relatively new to Satanism and ‘love’ this article. Well expressed, THANKS for re-blogging. I wondered at times whether what I was feeling was ‘real’. Great to know that these feelings are not just mine. Satanism for many, is a lonely path, yes, we know Satan is with and within us, but finding viewpoints that you can relate to are very few and far between. I have started reading your posts and feeling ‘touched’. Thank you.
    Ave Satanas, Ave myself

  3. Matthais allman says:

    Hey now ,first,when I meditate and my focus is connecting with satan, most time it’s putting my self in a state I feel alows me to to feel and take in what is offered from the darkness. Love is one of the strongest, we love the same as anyone,we just use different words in our belief,and people are gonna think what they want I satans love for us is huge , I would love him even if he didnt love us, just cause I feel truth and that’s hard to find, I think we are lucky to have found him. hail satan!!!

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