Saintly Satanists?

While the following article has a few flaws and mistakes we like it. (Even though it describes Theistic Satanists as a fringe group)!

It is a bit over simplistic and probably paints us as a bit whiter and nicer than some of us are;  but it is a fairer than average portrayal of modern Satanism.




3 Comments on “Saintly Satanists?”

  1. Aleph says:

    I read that same article this morning, and the timing couldn’t have been better. I’m preparing a post about the split between The Satanic Temple and the Church of Satan, and what it means for the wider zeitgeist of Satanism, and this article is indeed an about average fluff piece flaunting the progressive credentials of The Satanic Temple. An ideal case study for the group’s media reputation.

  2. It speaks too much good of the TST for me to like it. Not that I have something specifically against them, but overall I just consider it as a popular Halloween-themed Social Justice warriors and watered down satanic archetypes

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