Old Souls Forum

Artwork by Minerva Tau

(Artwork by Minerva Tau)

Do you remember messageboards? They seem to have gone out of fashion a bit. Facebook and other social media have largely taken their place, but for all sorts of reasons I have never felt you get the depth of discussion and range of opinions on facebook groups that you used to get on message board forums. I miss that. I learned an awful lot from other people that helped me to grow on my spiritual path. Part of the reason I grew in such places was because people were allowed to respectfully disagree with me (and vice versa) and this caused me to think and re-think.

I enjoy writing my various blogs and will continue to do so but blog entries tend to be long essays with which people either agree or disagree but blogs are not a medium which are very good at generating actual real time discussion.

For that reason, and a good amount of nostalgia, I have created my own forum, “Old Souls”. While I’m not shy about and will never hide my own beliefs, Old Souls is certainly not only for Satanists or even just Left Hand Path practitioners. (At the moment myself and Tina are the only Satanists participating there). It is a discussion forum for anybody who acknowledges a spiritual dimension to life (whatever they construe “Spirituality to be). Presently we have atheists, pantheists, Wiccans, Pagans, Chaos Magicians and Native Americans; and there is room for plenty more. We talk about spiritual and philosophical matters but we also share jokes and talk about what music we like or what we like on TV. The only real rule is that all discussion must be respectful. If you are interested, pop in and have a look around.



3 Comments on “Old Souls Forum”

  1. satanicviews says:

    Looks like fun, will join. The website I shall add my philosophy to known as mysatan.net used to be the leading Satanic and LHP forum of its time before it was closed down.

  2. satanicviews says:

    Having just joined the forum, brings me back memories of why a forum cancels out Facebook. A forum, I can scan down an index quickly to see topics to read or post to; Facebook has so much clutter it is hard to do, and anything posted thee becomes quickly lost under the debris of mundane rubbish.

  3. Aleph says:

    It looks like quite an old website. As in about ten years or maybe less old. I’m not sure if I will join to be very honest. I’m not thinking of going on to messageboards at the moment, but if I do I’ve been thinking about the Luciferian Research Society.

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