Trump, Brexit, Diash/I.S. All The Same

The war on intelligence and critical thinking has begun.


As I write this there seems to be a 50/50 chance that America will elect a bigoted, sexist, misogynistic, stupid liar as President of the most powerful nation on Earth. I am talking about Trump of course but I am well aware that the other alternative for American voters, Hilary Clinton, is also a poor candidate. In truth Americans seem to be facing a choice between the lesser of two inadequate choices. How did this happen in a powerful nation that regards itself as a bastion of freedom and democracy?

While Hilary Clinton is undoubtedly a bottom of the barrel candidate, it is clear that she is by far the only reasonable option for American voters. But reason seems to have little to do with anything these days…

But this is not actually a post about American politics in particular or politics in general; it is a post about the danger our world has sleep-walked into and the urgent need to bring the satanic mind-set and critical thinking to bare on the issues we face today. The sheep are sleep-walking into oblivion and the rest of us could easily get sucked in with them if we are not careful.

What has become clear to me is that there is actually not much difference between fanatical Brexiteers in Britain, fanatical Trump supporters in America, and fanatical terrorists in the Middle East and around the world. They all despise intelligence. They all despise free and critical thinking. They all adopt the policy of scape-goating and blaming “the others”. They all tend toward bigotry, sexism and racism. They mostly identify with the hard right of whatever religion is convenient to them. They generally hate gays, bisexuals and any form of alternative lifestyle. They are strongly anti-science, anti-expert and anti-education. And they all use sensationalism and the most extreme popularist media to hook the masses. As a result our clearly fragile legal systems and democracies are rapidly descending into instruments of mob rule. And controlling the masses are madmen.

As Satanists we can perhaps understand the greed and self interest that drive the madmen at the apex of these mobs, but we must also recognise that they are indeed mad and that their self interests are or will be in direct conflict with our own. Many sheep are being herded to the edge of a cliff. Some Satanists might argue it is best to let the sheep perish; their ignorance and foolishness is their problem, not ours.

But I think we need to be realistic and realise that to a very large degree our fates are bound up with those of the masses. We will not be immune to the effects of a global recession. We will not be magically preserved if bombs go off or wars happen.

We are not as visible as some minorities on the mobs list of undesirables but the reality is that our core beliefs, our passion for individuality and free thinking are the antithesis of what the new puppet masters want and need for themselves.

We are talking about people who openly say “The country is fed up with experts.” We are talking about people who advocate building physical walls between nations and who feel comfortable making disparaging sweeping statements against whole groups of people. We are talking about people who rape and murder. We are talking about monsters who target teenage girls for assassination because they advocate education. We are talking about people who encourage people to believe in the most ludicrous fundamentalist myths of creation rather than trust science. We are talking about people who think science and atheism are dirty words.

And as has been mentioned in what is left of the free press, we are living in an age where lies outweigh facts and truth most of the time.

Yes. The war on intelligence and critical thinking has already started.

We must have an intelligent response. We didn’t start this war, but we must not lose it.


5 Comments on “Trump, Brexit, Diash/I.S. All The Same”

  1. Aleph says:

    I think this comparison is rather absurd, even hyperbolic. You can’t just reduce the Trump and Brexit phenomenon to the just an surge anti-intellectual conservative populism.

    In America’s case, the problem is the fact that the system isn’t actually serving the people. Americans have known for a long time that the government is, in all likelihood, quite corrupt. And for many people, Hillary Clinton is one of the most corrupt people in politics. Trump is, suffice it to say, not the ideal candidate, let alone for Republicans, but he is seen as a guy who on at least some issues is willing to say things that others, frankly, don’t have the guts to say. He probably wouldn’t be necessary if Bernie Sanders had actually survived the Democratic primaries. But of course, he didn’t, and we now know that he has been the victim of a conspiracy by Clinton and the DNC to undermine Bernie and anyone else who opposes Clinton because they want her in power no matter what. Bernie, for all his flaws, had the intention of bringing meaningful change to the system, and now that he’s gone, people see Trump as the only option left. Personally I chalk a lot of this up to the flaws in America’s political system, where two parties have an electoral monopoly and democratic process itself is taken as merely symbolic in some cases. Also, while you might think the Trump people are all at war with freedom of thought, take a look at the media in the United States. They are out to convince the American public that everyone against Clinton is an agent of Russia, and the Clinton campaign is trying to justify a hot war with Russia using literally Cold War style propaganda.

    As for Brexit, I really, really think you’re oversimplifying things here. All anyone talked about in the media regarding the issue was the economy, immigrants and yes experts to some extent. Oh, and the baseless accusation of Leavers, all of them, being racist Little Englanders. They couldn’t prove all of them were. They just took the worst and painted all of them with the same brush. No one talked about the fact that the EU is run by people who are both very rich and way too powerful and cannot be controlled democratically, as well as the fact that the EU has a history of often overriding the will of its own member states should they act against the intentions of its leaders, as was the case in Ireland when it held a referendum on one of its treaties. Popular resentment of the EU is based partly on this premise. Meanwhile, the politicians who wanted the UK to remain in the EU resorted to such outlandish propaganda (like the suggestion that ISIS and Russia supported a Brexit and that Brexit would lead to international war), with again no proof at all, to the point that it has a name – Project Fear. This is the war the media declared on the critical thinking of the British people, not the other way around. And after the vote, it was actually the Remain side that was fighting against freedom of thought, steadfast in their refusal to accept the fact that they had lost to the point that they declared democracy itself to be some kind of evil that needed to be contained by a benign progressive government.

    You are comparing opposition to the European Union, to support for Donald Trump to ISIS based on broad generalizations of the first two categories. Not all Brexiters are angry anti-intellectual populists. They may be mad at experts they see as being untrustworthy, or saying things that don’t add up – even experts ought to be subject to skepticism you know – but they’re mostly not anti-education and anti-science as a rule. And I don’t know if you noticed, but it wasn’t all right-wing populists that supported the Brexit. Besides non-populist conservatives, there was also some support for the Brexit from the left, and I will point out that the British left used to have a strong anti-EU current. Trump himself is actually hugely disliked across the country, and so is Hillary, and a lot of the people opposing Hillary are often people who just don’t like Hillary and, as I said earlier, see Trump as the only viable opposition. Many of them also happen to be members of the working class who feel screwed over by the system while seeing Obama as having done nothing – the fact that Obama practically endorsed Hillary as his successor does not help things. It doesn’t help that the third parties have proven useless and the independent candidates have no chance. At any rate, none of them, I must stress, NONE OF THEM, are willing to go out and kill non-Christians (or non-whites, for that matter), enslave their women, burn children alive, destroy antiquity and throw gays off of buildings, at least for all you know. I fear there is a refusal to give the side you don’t like the benefit of the doubt with regard to their motivations. Instead, the motivations of everyone on that side are just assumed. And do you know what happens next? Those people stop being seen as individuals, and become collectivized as some kind of “the other”. I do not wish for that at all, particularly as I am a Left Hand Path individual and somewhat liberal. I’m telling you this because I’ve seen all of it before and I know what it’s like.

    • Cassie Sophie Tina says:

      Hi Aleph. While some of your points are well argued, I still disagree completely and fundamentally. I didn’t want to make a ten page post justifying every aspect of what I said above because that wasn’t really the point and I didn’t and still don’t really have the time. I just wanted to summarise my opinion as a kind of warning about the extent to which free and critical thinking is being attacked on all sides. And I stand by the comparisons I made. To quickly address some of the points you made… I made it very clear in my post that Hillary is not a good candidate and and I would not disagree with your analysis of how and why things might have been different. But as you say yourself; they weren’t different, and now Clinton and Trump are the only choices on offer. Yes, there almost certainly is corruption in both the major American parties (frankly a certain amount of corruption seems to accompany most political parties all over the world), but Trumps campaign has been built around accusations and insinuations that Hilary is the most evil and corrupt woman in Amaerican history. That is the mindless type of crap that has powered his campaign and which resonates with the under educated and under achieving people who are the bulk of his support; people who never forgave Obama for being black and who dispute his nationality, so yes there is inherent racism there as well. The main reason Obama has not been able to to achieve as much as he would like is that because the American system works, the Republicans have blocked pretty much all he has tried to do, creating an underclass of disenfranchised people who are then told to blame this upstart black guy for their problems… The main crime Hilary has been accused of is dealing with her emails wrongly. She IS guilty of that, but it hardly makes her the most evil woman of all time as Trump repeatedly asserts. Trump meanwhile has pretty much confessed to grand scale tax dodging and has been seen and heard to treat women with contempt. He has a rape hearing coming up next month. But again, the point is that intelligence and facts are taking second place to rumours, accusations and myths. The quality of debate there and in Britain has reached an all time low.
      In Britain the likes of Stephen Hawkin, David Attenborough, the vast majority of all scientists and educationalists, the vast majority of all economists and the vast majority of all politicians have said and explained why they think Brexit would be a terrible idea for Britain. Rather than examine their arguments in detail the mainstream press and media were content to label everything anyone said in opposition to Brexit as “Project Fear” as if this was some kind of conspiracy to force people to stay in the EU. No. They were genuine warnings from genuine people with genuine knowledge. Some of their predictions have already started to happen, such as the value of the pound plummeting . (And as a frequent traveller, I know all to well about that). I think there is a very high chance that if and when Brexit actually does happen the other negative predictions will happen as well. This is not project fear, this is twenty first century political and economic reality. I also know it to be a fact that if we leave the EU many of the rights and freedoms that make my work life possible will vanish and that future generations will never know the rights and freedoms that I have been able to enjoy. Moreover most people who voted to leave the EU did so because they thought the EU makes most of our laws; a lie. Because we would have more control of immigration; a lie. Because we would give much more money (£350 billion ) to the health service; a lie. Because we would still somehow have all the advantages of being in the EU such as access to the single market (the biggest and most convenient market for our goods and products anywhere in the world), another lie. So sorry but the very idea of Project Fear skewed the arguments so badly that the result of the referendum meant nothing. The BIG questions didn’t even start to be discussed in public until after the result was in. People voted based almost entirely on lies and misplaced ideas about what the result would mean.

  2. satanicviews says:

    When the emotional political tribalism is removed from the scene it is true as you say that this US presidential election highlights the serious issue that stupidity and irrationality now rule in the corridors of power. Reason and critical thinking in people, politicians and the media has gone on a trip to lala land, and there is no knowing when it will return. I think whoever wins political office in USA, the world is going to suffer.

  3. […] I also wanna thank Cassie for writing her post that I’m going to be responding too. I’ve known her blogging wise since I started on WordPress, maybe a bit before. I’ve always respected her as a Satanist, her faith in her Devil-God has always appeared to be as true and deep as my own faith in Hela. I write this response with the utmost respect to her, rather than how I usually do these pieces. So let’s go with: Trump, Brexit, Diash/I.S. All The Same […]

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