Corruption of Innocence


Recently I was berated by an (ex) acquaintance who said I have corrupted my own daughter, that Cassie had corrupted me and we had all been corrupted by Satan! Perhaps it is true, but if so, I view this entirely differently than the person who was intending to insult me or perhaps shame me. I think I was supposed to feel that I have lost my moral principles and that Cassie and I have lead our own daughter into a dangerous path of evil and depravity. But what does that actually mean?

“Corrupted” is a word with several meanings. I don’t think even the idiot previously referred to meant it in the financial sense it is often used in. To quote;-

“dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery”

No, it was meant in the following sense; again from

“the action or effect of making someone or something morally depraved.

synonyms: sin, sinfulness, ungodliness, unrighteousness, profanity, impiety, impurity;
immorality, depravity, vice, iniquity, turpitude, degeneracy, perversion, pervertedness, debauchery, dissolution, dissoluteness, decadence, profligacy, wantonness, indecency, lasciviousness, lewdness, lechery;
wickedness, evil, baseness, vileness”

Okay, to some of that I will plead guilty although I would dispute the use or the meaning of some of those synonyms such as degeneracy, indecency and vileness! We are not vile! Anyway the problem is always who is the judge and what is the measure of such things?

I’ll accept that by some people’s measures we are sinful, impure, decadent and that we use profanities and enjoy a fair amount of vice and debauchery. But isn’t it interesting that in this list of supposedly bad behaviour most of the things are related just to sex or generally any language, action or philosophy which questions religious authority. There is nothing in that list that attributes the same degree of evil or depravity to the other meaning of corruption. There is nothing there which suggests it is wrong to squander the world’s resources. There is nothing there which directly states it might be vile to be torture animals or people. There is nothing which questions the morality of arms production and war mongering.
No. If you fuck and if you use the word fuck you are corrupt and depraved. But there is no equivalent linguistic and moral reprimand if you torture animals for kicks or napalm children in Syria. Oh, and if you are a Godly priest we will turn a blind eye to what you are doing with little boys.

My moral compass had diverged a long way from the western Christian map points it was supposed to be attuned with long before I met Cassie. When Cassie introduced me to Satanism however for the first time I felt justified in coming to my own conclusions about what was right and wrong. Satanism empowered me to be responsible for myself and to make intelligent decisions about was right and wrong for me. Satanism demands that you throw out all preconceptions and really start from your own first principles. It forces everybody who embraces it to grow up and leave behind philosophy and morals based on fairy tales and herd mentality. I don’t for a second regret that my daughter has taken Satanic ideas and philosophy to her heart. It has enabled her to leap frog most of her contemporaries in terms of maturity and life experience. I am very proud of the strong young adult that she has become. Yes she is beginning to enjoy some of the debauchery and vice that Cassie and I also enjoy. Should I be ashamed that she has lost her innocence?

No. There is a lot of confusion between innocence and ignorance. Certainly adopting Satanic values has lead all three of us to lose our ignorance. My daughter is not ignorant of sex, of pleasure, of vice. Nor is she ignorant of pain or suffering or the ugly side of humanity. But I would say that she, Cassie and myself are still innocent in the most important way. None of us have lost our sense of wonder when we look at the world and the universe beyond. We see beauty in art and in nature. We are amazed by discoveries in astronomy and quantum mechanics. We take delight in seeing children learn and animals survive against the odds. These things still and always will touch our souls. And this sense of awe and wonder is not diminished by the fact that we walk a Left Hand Path, that we engage with the darker sides of ourselves and of life in general. In fact knowing our darker selves only increases our respect for the universe as it is and strengthens our ability to thrive in an imperfect world.

I never wanted to remain a quiet, softly spoken virgin. I never wanted to be a dependent child all my life. I never wanted these things for my daughter either. So I guess by many people’s standards I have been corrupted and am corrupt. I plead guilty to leading my daughter in the same way.

Some people will always fear the words Satan and Satanism. Many will always associate Satanism with all that they regard as bad, sinful and corrupt. But many of those same people will never really think about what their inherited morality means, never mind what it lacks.

I don’t care if some people think I am corrupt and depraved or even if they think I have lead my daughter into corruption. But I don’t think we have been corrupted by Satan. Rather, I believe that Satan has educated and enlightened us. I think that Satanism has liberated us and allowed us to think freely. Satanism is self empowerment, a gift I would never deny my daughter.



11 Comments on “Corruption of Innocence”

  1. Aleph says:

    I think that those who think you are a corrupting influence on your children have no idea the kind of life your daughter is living and are simply looking to convert her and you. In my opinion, these people can be dismissed as fools and proselytizers.

  2. satanicviews says:

    The philosopher Heraclitus considered that all things in nature is good, only people divide nature into good and bad. Satanism is one of the few paths that seeks what is natural and grounded, and thus how can anyone say that a path that favors what is natural is corrupt? Such people are enchanted by their own ignorant opinions, making value judgements of what is good or bad based upon invented rules. If all things in nature is good, then it is just, pure and noble. Satanism seeks only what is natural, and those fools that say otherwise are unworthy of wasting time with.

    • Cassie Sophie Tina says:

      Agreed. However we are aware that some non Satanists who read our blog are at least trying to be open minded and may be willing to understand things in a new light if we express ourselves well enough.

  3. Robert... says:

    Aloha Spooky Babe’s,

    Wishing you a tasty beverage, and yummy Halloween treat’s!

    We’ve corresponded in the past “Thank The Devil For Letting Me Be Me.”, which seems somewhat supportive to this post. *Not going to “act” like I agree with everything that Cassie & You project’s (your outlook, to Tina’s cigarette smoking), but approximately 90%… I’m with you!

    TO THE POINT – You ladies have made a bold decision to “surface” (online presence etc.), pertaining to your Satanic Lifestyle. *This is going to attract both Ally’s and the Weak Punk’s.

    Our Multi-verse is full of simpletons, who are wielding dull edged – old rusty sword’s. *I sincerely don’t wish this upon you, but this will Not be the last time… that someone try’s to play Mind Screw!

    CONSIDER CHANGING YOUR OUTLOOK – Think about it, what has this ordeal with your “ex leg” accomplished (?). *Because of her / his comment’s, you gave yourself a “reality check”… to see how Satanism has improved your Family’s Life, and Heart Set!

    Although you may not appreciate, how this confrontation came about… it can be utilized as a Very Healthy Cleansing (as we all need), and to Fine Tune yourself…

    Dedicated To The Weak Worm’s:

    Best Regards,
    Robert \m/

    • Cassie Sophie Tina says:

      Indeed. Many of the things we post here are an attempt to explain our choices and lifestyle to open minded people who may be investigating Satanism and other alternative philosophies. The type of criticism we refer to in the above post are not new to us and we are not in any sense apologising for how we live or what we believe. But as you rightly point out, in attempting to explain ourselves we are in fact constantly fine tuning our beliefs and reinforcing them too. We think it is important to address these questions in order to better understand ourselves and grow stronger in all ways.

  4. I think this is beautiful. Uncensored information is really the best gift you can give your child. It makes me uneasy when people around me want to shut out information, just because they feel like it’s a threat to their religion, that just makes it clear that your religion isn’t as infallible as you say it is. After all this time, and all these experience, I know that I too will encourage my child to seek, not to just take up a religion or lifestyle blindly, because they were told it was best. Hey, even if they end up a Christian, as long as they came about that choice in an informed manner, and they respect others rights to religious belief of their own choice…


    • Cassie Sophie Tina says:

      Thank You! It’s nice to hear from other parents who have what I call sane views. I want to expand my daughter’s horizons and not limit them. I am very proud of the person she is becomming.

  5. jezermem says:

    Thank you . I TO have 3 kids . I have been judge and call many names.I say don’t let the blind and stupidity brother you.People say it’s wrong to go the dark way.They Truly know not one thing.It truly is amazing the power and energy that can truly flow from the darkness , Most of the people I gave come across in my life are mostly lies and hypocritical people Twoface.You are doing just fine . Satan is knowledge and beautiful insight into darkness . Hail

  6. angelrainsite says:

    Satanism will always have a bad rep. It doesn’t bother me because anyone who takes the time to actually learn and educate themselves on Satanism that it’s nothing like how the media perceives it to be. Just like the misconceptions of voudu.

  7. “I’ll accept that by some people’s measures we are sinful, impure, decadent and that we use profanities and enjoy a fair amount of vice and debauchery.”

    Well, this describes 90% of the religious “god fearing” megalomaniacs. You are human, open about your beliefs, and from what I have gathered from your posts, you are unflinchingly truthful and unapologetic. Fo that, I applaud you.

    “When Cassie introduced me to Satanism however for the first time I felt justified in coming to my own conclusions about what was right and wrong.”

    This statement alone is an affirmation. Do not accept judgement from anyone. Never let anyone steal your wander. You (et al) seem to be doing just fine on your path!

    Satanic Blessings.


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