Satanic Mother and Daughter


This is a post to mark a right of passage, as much for me as for my daughter. But it makes sense for Tina to speak first.

Tina speaking… Unlike my mother or Cassie I have never really been interested in or experienced any religion or philosophy except Satanism. It is true that I got interested in it because it was so important to them but since I started finding out about it myself I never really had any doubts about it. It is also true that I became a Satanist at the same time I started to change from a girl into a woman and I suppose the two things are connected.

Some months ago I started to have some doubts about continuing with Satanism. It wasn’t because I stopped believing;  it was just because a lot of other things were happening (school, study, boyfriends etc) and also I was a bit frustrated with being on the fringe of things at home. (Mum and Cassie are very busy with their coven and I get on well with all those people but can’t join in with anything. I am friends with the children of the coven members but most of them are not my age and anyway, strange to say, none of them are actually Satanists themselves. The only Satanists of my own age I am in contact with are online contacts and that is not the same as real life.). So I thought maybe I should just let go of Satanism for a while and concentrate on other things. Mum and Cassie were perfectly fine with that. But the problem was I couldn’t let it go. It was already too much part of my life. I have been learning witchcraft for quite a few years already and I couldn’t “not” be a witch. And I couldn’t stop being a Satanist either, it is what I am. So instead of leaving Satanism I went the other way. I did a big, deep and dark ritual of self dedication to Satan. And then I felt that connection and power surge that my mum and Cassie have spoken about before. In some ways I think it changed me even more than losing my virginity (which also happened during the last year).

So now I feel supercharged as a Satanist and strangely it doesn’t bother me now that I have to wait a year or two before officially joining the coven. I feel I have my own relationship with Satan now. And while I know I still have lots to learn about just about everything I am an adult now. Childhood is over and I am fully enjoying being a young adult. I will sin. I will indulge. I will learn. I will grow.

I am keeping this short and missing things out but obviously while all this was happening there were lots of long discussions with my mother and Cassie. I think as a result of all that, my relationship with my mum has changed. It was always a good relationship but now I think it is a more equal and adult one. But I will let her explain…


Sophie again… All relationships grow and change including the mother/daughter relationship. The fact that my daughter and I share broadly the same religious and philosophical beliefs has certainly helped in the past few years and I believe there has been far less conflict between us than some mothers and daughters experience. However we are indeed both Satanists and that has repercussions and consequences. Simply put, in order to be true to the beliefs and philosophy we share I have had to allow her to grow at her own pace and embark on adult life free of many of the restrictions I experienced and free of the guilt that I and many others experienced living in a world dominated by Christian values.

Only a couple of years ago when puberty was just beginning to take effect, I could still think of my daughter as essentially a child. Although she was already starting to change into a woman physically and mentally, I still saw her mainly as my little girl to be nurtured and protected. And I think even she would agree that in many ways she was still a child and was mostly quite happy to be treated as such. One of her first grown up decisions was to become a Satanist. Cassie and I discouraged her quite strongly at first, believing that it would be better for her to have more experience of life before deciding on any religion or philosophy; let alone one as outside the mainstream as Satanism is. But she was strong-willed, determined and persistent and eventually we decided it was best to respect her decision and guide her on that path as best we could. And so Satan became one of the guiding lights and cornerstones of her development as an adult. Cassie and I thought perhaps it was just a phase and we would have been ready to accept it if she had said she wanted to back out or just focus her energies on the less spiritual aspects of adolescence. But it was not just a phase. Her adulthood has blossomed within a Satanic household in which we value knowledge, pleasure and experience and where we have no great reverence for innocence and certainly no respect for ignorance.

And now sitting opposite me, Tina is an intelligent, quick witted and beautiful young woman who shares some of my beliefs and many of my pleasures and vices. But she is her own woman. She disagrees with me on some things (even concerning Satanism) and she has many interests and aspirations that have never been mine. She will always be my daughter, blood of my blood and I will always love her and be there for her in that capacity. But I also love the Satanic woman that she has become and respect her as the individual she has chosen to be. In some ways her Satanism is more pure than mine and there is much I can learn from her. We are both now daughters of Satan and go forward as equals and friends.


7 Comments on “Satanic Mother and Daughter”

  1. Rev. Saul Casey says:

    I share my believe’s with many individuals on a daily basis, but having ones own child grow and change with something as natural as Satanism is a gift only matched by the first day I became fully realized as such. My children are growing up in a very similar fashion, and beyond their free will, they will be the first generational Satanist in my family. Well done ladies(and Tina). Hail SATAN and ave LILITH!

  2. gobtcha says:

    I am happy for your family. I still am lost a bit on my own so with that said I am glad Tina can make choices and both of you let her do as such. I suffer the fact family disagrees with much of the philosophy behind Satanism as I share it with them slowly. Best wishes to all of you always.

    • Cassie & Sophie says:

      Hi There Gobtcha. I really feel for you. I think we are lucky, in many ways our little family unit came together because of Satanism so we have not had to experience the family conflicts that a lot of Satanists face. I have found that sometimes it is just the word “Satanism” that upsets some people. You can speak about the same ideas and concepts without mentioning Satan or Satanism and people are much more accepting. The truth is that most Satanists we know are much more secretive about their beliefs than we are. Often that is the best way to proceed and there is nothing wrong with being private about your beliefs. At the same time we have each found that the closer we come to Satan the better we feel and the better things work out for us. Anyway, many thanks for your comments and support and sincere Satanic blessings to you. Sophie

      • gobtcha says:

        Very true, the mother and aunt have been questioning me. So I have began to open up a little bit about my path and what I believe in. Mom seems to understand the baseline of it. She says Unconditional love, was close to what I follow. Simply put I could not answer what she asked because I do not know myself anymore. Although the left handed path and satanism and its many concepts are a part of it. After the conversation though I learned that our family has always known the line between disrespect and respect when it comes to belief.

  3. peter says:

    a wonderful article and very inspiring for me on my personal voyage of discovery thank you

  4. ginko211 says:

    I have to admit that I’m envious of not only the freedom you have, but also the bond you guys seem to share. My mother and I don’t have a very good relationship to begin with. It’s only made worse by the fact that I’m as open as can be about my beliefs. This has led to a lot of conflict and I have shut her out of my life essentially.

    So yeah, that bond is quite valuable, cherish it

  5. I don’t practice any real religious ‘habit’ but what happened to letting people practice their own religion in the comforts of their own home?

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