Satanic Xmas And New Year


Sophie >  There are some moments which seem to be frozen in time; moments where you can’t help looking back and wondering how you came to be here while at the same time looking to the future with a sense of optimism and purpose. One of those moments occurred on New Year’s Day…

We are sitting in our lounge finishing a late brunch. In the background the New Year’s concert from Vienna is on TV and The Blue Danube waltz is playing. Tina pours us all coffee  then sits down with hers and lights a cigarette. I think she could easily pass for being ten years older than she is. Cassie and I do likewise and the three of us sit there smoking, sipping coffee and enjoying the music. It is a peaceful and relaxing moment after a stressful, busy but very satisfying couple of weeks. We are not the people we once were. Our values, our morals and our beliefs seem to be rejected by most of society. We have come to accept that. The Cassie, Tina and Sophie of five years ago might not even recognise the people we have become. Satanism is now undoubtedly the cornerstone of all our lives and in the past weeks we set out to make these holidays as Satanic as possible for ourselves and for our extended family, our coven. And in doing so we have underlined our commitment and dedication to Satan and to the Left Hand Path.

“We have to write about some of this in our blog.” I say, “But I don’t know where to start.”

“We could do a kind of diary.” Tina suggests

“I think we should all do our own thing, and give different perspectives and then bring it together.” Cassie suggests.

I agree and nominate her to do the background and factual bit!


Cassie’s bit.> Our coven is roughly a year old. We have been meeting for longer than that but it has only been during the last 12 months that our group has become more structured and strictly Satanic in outlook. Sophie and I were hesitant at first but we are now more and more confident in our roles leading the Coven. We use magic and ritual to give structure and build ties.

When I was first starting to explore Satanism seriously I was slightly frustrated by the lack of commonality between Satanic groups. I now recognise that as an aspect of satanic identity. However it means that there is very little which all Satanic individuals, Covens or groups hold in common in terms of ritual magic and worship (or indeed anything else). In fact many would scoff at the word “worship” but we don’t. We decided from the start to do our own thing based loosely on my previous coven and pagan experiences. Along with many other Satanists we hold our own birthdays to be the most important celebration of the year. In addition our Coven holds meetings at roughly even intervals. Beltane or Walpurgisnacht and Samhain or Halloween are particularly significant to our coven and we have tried to meet on or near to the summer and winter solstice as well. In reality practical considerations dictate when we meet as we live quite far apart from each other and several of us have jobs which require a lot of travel. As it happens this year it was possible for us all to get together for pretty much the whole of the holiday period so we took the opportunity to celebrate both the winter solstice and our inverted version of Christmas.

The winter solstice is an ancient pagan festival which basically celebrates the turn of the year, the longest night, the darkest time followed by the lengthening of the days. By tradition and according to our own instincts it is a time to commune with the darkest of the dark (a thing of beauty and inspiration for us) but also look forward to the return of the sun. It is also a time when magic flows richly and deeply.

Tina is too young to join our coven rituals but we had a pre coven ritual with her for the solstice, just the three of us. On Christmas Eve she went to her father’s place while we had our Saturnalia, un-Christmas Coven ritual involving a Black Mass. For us Christmas itself is an extension of the winter solstice, a recreation of the hedonistic Saturnalia feast and a chance to rebel against the meanings Christians have attached to various pagan traditions.

When I first attended a Satanic ritual some years ago I felt uneasy about some of the more gory, sexual and blasphemous elements that are often involved, but actually our Christmas Black Mass was probably the darkest and most extreme ritual I have ever attended; and it was me who organised and choreographed everything! Hail Satan! I felt it was necessary for our Coven to break through taboos and barriers in order to progress and truly cement our relationship with Satan. The results were quite dramatic and continue to reverberate around our Coven. In guiding our members through this, the dark mother aspect of myself has come to the fore in a way which is rather new for me.

And the ripples from these celebrations, works and rituals are still radiating and will empower us into this new year.


Tina’s Bit > So I’m not allowed to take part in the Coven rituals. It’s a bit annoying but I understand why. At least when I am old enough to take part I will have a better understanding of what goes on than most newbies have. Anyway, I like it when our Coven friends are around and in the last two weeks they have been in and out of our house all the time; some were even staying here!

They accept me for who I am and talk to me like an adult unlike some of my relatives who always seem to think I am six years old and seem annoyed by the fact that I have grown up! Of course we all have Satanism in common and it’s not like there are many people we can talk to freely about that.

I have a boyfriend now too so when the coven are busy with their things I spend more time with him. Or my Dad…

I spent most of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Dad and his girlfriend. I love him but he annoys me a bit. He accepts that Mum and Cassie are Satanists but with me he thinks it is a joke. Also, his girlfriend obviously doesn’t approve although she would never admit it. She is nice though, I suppose. Neither of them have any strong beliefs but I guess they are atheists. Christmas was nice. Normally I like spending time with my Dad but this time I was happy to come home and see what was going on with the coven people. The fact that there were ten of them who all had presents for me was not the only reason!

After all the rituals were finished people from the coven were still in and out of our home all the time for the rest of the holiday for beer or wine or just coffee and cakes. I could tell they had a new energy about them. I could feel it. I felt kind of different too. This was very different than other Christmases.

I have always liked Christmas but just as a holiday and a reason to give and receive presents. But I was never into the religious side of it and I don’t think I ever believed the St Nicholas/Father Christmas stuff. I certainly never believed in Jesus. So although I liked the presents, the candles and the Christmas Trees, it never had any deep meaning for me. But now it does. This year I talked about all the pagan meanings and the history of Christmas more than ever before with my Mum and Cassie and all the coven people. We were discussing it like every day. And also I could feel the energy in the house. So for me this was the best and most meaningful Christmas holiday ever. It is kind of funny that being a Satanist gives Christmas more meaning!

And now it is 2016. There is lots to do. Probably some changes. It will be cool!


Sophie again. >  It is a New Year. All around me my family (Cassie, Tina, our coven and me) are growing, learning, maturing and mastering new things). That is how it should be. It always excites me. In the year ahead we will face new challenges, there will be ups and downs, good times and bad. That is life and it is beautiful.

And as I sit here being a little reflective I am very proud of my family. I believe we are totally Satanic in all the ways that matter. We are certainly sinful by Christian standards. We are in touch with our darker sides and not shy about incorporating that into our lives. We are hedonists. We celebrate pleasure in its many forms. Equally we celebrate and value learning and knowledge. We cross boundaries and break taboos. If you hurt us we will do worse to you without guilt and without mercy. We will never turn the other cheek unless there is some advantage to us in doing so. But to those who are kind to us we will be the best and most supportive friends. And when we choose to be, we can probably be kinder and more generous than most people you will ever meet.

We are passionately loyal to each other and to our friends. We are equally loyal to Satan, Satanism and Satanic values and lifestyle.

We thank our readers for the support and interest they have shown in the past year and wish you all the best for 2016.

Hail Satan! Hail us! Hail you!


3 Comments on “Satanic Xmas And New Year”

  1. credencedawg says:

    Hail Satan! Have a great 2016! 🙂

  2. Robert... says:

    Hello Ladies,

    You’re welcome not to “post” this, for the public’s review. *My concern, is aimed at you directly.

    Before I begin to scrutinize the only visible “flaw” (my opinion), that seems apparent … I want to Commend, and Thank You for your “realistic” ideals – that pertain to a Satanic Lifestyle.

    TO THE POINT: Throughout this web, you refer to Tina as “very mature” (etc.). I absolutely agree with you… *some of her “words” on certain topics, are very heartfelt and logical.

    HOWEVER, the reality is that she is still a young teenager (the World can eventually be hers)!

    Even in this posting, you acknowledge that she is “too young to join our coven rituals”… so that tells me – you are concerned for her (too much, to soon etc.).


    It is obvious that you care, love, protect her… yet you permit the exposure of future Major health problems, leathered skin, yellowed teeth, and an irritating nuisance … to those within her “smoking radius”.

    From the intelligent insight’s that you ladies share with us… what possible “justification” can you be using for this horrendous encouragement (by permitting it – you encourage it)?

    Cassie & Sophie – “I’m done ragging”. *However, this issue… is truly disgusting & sad (you both dropped the loving – parental ball).

    Best Regards,
    Robert \m/

    • Cassie & Sophie says:

      Hi Robert. Thank you for your comment, some of which was quite complimentary and much of which raised a concern which you quite clearly feel strongly about. Indeed it is an important issue and we are planning to write a full post on satanic attitudes to health and wellbeing soon. In fact it maybe our next post in this blog.
      Clearly however our views on smoking itself are very different to yours and we feel so strongly about it that we have an occasional blog Smokers Writes devoted to that theme. You can find links on the blog roll on this page. The views we express there are very individual and have nothing to do with Satanism. I have written several posts there recently about my attitude to the fact my daughter is smoking now which maybe gives some context.
      Part of the difference in our views may be cultural. We are Swiss. Smoking is still seen as normal and sociable here unlike in some places such as America or Australia. It is part of our culture and way of life.
      I think my daughter has reached a stage where it is important that she can make some life decisions for herself, even if some people, including me, may not always agree.
      As I said, you can find more background about this in our other blog. Best Wishes, Sophie

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