Atheism is the only rational stance…But…


I have always had a slight problem in fully identifying as an atheist. The problem really depends on what the definition of atheism actually is. Among modern and LaVeyan Satanists (and many other groups that are not related to Satanism) Atheism often seems to be defined as not only a disbelief in God but also a disbelief in anything that could be described as supernatural. I can’t go quite that far. Moreover even disbelief in God depends on what you take God to mean in the first place… A Christian idea of God is very different story to some of the many Pagan ideas of God for example.

And while Sophie and Tina have always been more stridently atheist than myself, all three of us describe ourselves as Theistic Satanists because we do believe  there is an actual entity which we know by the name of Satan. However, the way we view and relate to that entity has no relation to the concept of God as most people understand it.

So we are atheists and I am coming to think of that as certainly the most logical and rational stance to have towards what most people refer to as God, and possibly the most moral one too. We believe the following.

There is no God. There never has been any God. The ideas of God depicted in the Christian, Jewish and Muslim scriptures are no more than stories, fairy tales to explain the world in a time before sufficient scientific understanding and vocabulary existed. Those fables also served to reinforce and underline very human political power structures. It is preposterous that these stories are still believed in modern times. There is no God that created the world. The world we live in was created by the cosmic forces of thermodynamics,  gravity, the strong and weak nuclear forces all of which themselves derived from the event known as the Big Bang. The Big Bang itself occurred for reasons that science and mathematics can explain. Life on Earth developed through natural evolution. Modern human beings evolved in the same way. We were not created by God or in the image of God, there is no God, there was no God. God has never intervened in human history because God does not exist. There is no God who sits in judgement. There is no God who cares about us. There is no God to impart or enforce rules or morals. There is no God to live for. There is no God to die for. THERE IS NO GOD.

There is no evidence for God and there is plenty of evidence for a more scientific understanding of the world. There is also daily evidence that abdicating personal responsibility and deferring judgement to a non existent deity (the religious stance) is responsible for far more harm than good in the world. ( Thinks of all the acts of terrorism and mass shootings that are motivated by religious beliefs).

The Satanic stance goes a little further than pure atheism because we actively oppose the laws, norms, morals and institutions of social control that Religion and belief in God fosters and promotes. We dare people to live according to their own morals and take responsibility for their own lives. For us Satan  has been like the ghost in the machine (feel free to insert all sorts of “matrix” analogies), the call to consciousness that has been embedded within many religious traditions. Liberation comes from recognising that Satan is not the  enemy or the bad guy, but the wake up call.

However, I do not rule out belief in all things that are classed as supernatural. We for example continue to believe in Satan as an actual entity. As somebody who has practiced magic for many years I suspect Satan may be an egregore or thoughtform  created over thousands of years. Satan could also be an internal mental construct. Or perhaps Satan is an entity, a life form in its own right… I am agnostic about what Satan is but I do not doubt it’s reality to us. In the same way, we believe in and work with demons without knowing exactly what they are. Our belief stems from experience of successful interactions.

I firmly believe that science will one day be able to explain all things. But at this time there are still many things which remain unexplained and mysterious. I think when atheists start to disbelieve everything which has no scientific explanation on principle, they are in danger of limiting their minds as much as religious thinkers do.

There are many things that I do not know. I do not know if there is any form of life after death. I suspect probably not. I think it is most likely that when our bodies expire that is the end, a full stop, we cease to exist, to experience or know anything. We end. Actually I think it is best to live life with the view that this one chance is all we get because I think that makes us fully realise how precious and urgent our lives are. However I am open to the possibility that our souls do continue in some form. Maybe reincarnation. Maybe a new form of existence in hell…

I don’t think being an atheist should rule out belief in things that cannot yet be known or understood. I think being an atheist should just mean not believing in God.

There is no God. It is time for people to grow up and face that fact.

There is no God but ourselves.


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9 Comments on “Atheism is the only rational stance…But…”

  1. credencedawg says:

    I agree with you – I describe myself as a polytheistic Satanist, but *monotheistically* I am an atheist. I don’t need a “creator” to explan the world, a “God” or “The Goddess” etc, but I believe in a lot of other “supernatural” entities, which is to say I perceive relationships with some and interact with them (subjectively), and accept the existence of others, and the possible existence of many. But no Big One in the monotheistic sense. I never could quite get having a dog called “Dog” either.

  2. chicagoja says:

    so who created Satan?

  3. Dibloc says:

    Agree with what you have written and your conclusion. Thank you for this item.
    To me existence is eternal but what is manifest comes about randomly and exact situations can be repeated an infinite number of times. Probably the basic particles which have consciousness of their nature combine cumulatively to form larger more complex entities which may develop till they eventually cease as that entity and the basic particles recycle.
    In human terms Satan is the power engendering freedom for certain entities to focus upon more fulfillment than perhaps the majority are capable of. Lust would seem to be the prime flavour of this Satanic power.
    Just some responsive thoughts from

  4. Just stumbled upon your blog and I’m happy to finally be exposed to some of the diversity of ideas that can occur among atheists. It was starting to seem like there was a general consensus based on the things I’ve read and seen from atheists online, but I hadn’t read from anyone who also identified as satanist. I definitely agree that the definition of atheism is specifically a lack of belief in God. That doesn’t require a specific political ideology, or even a lack of belief in anything beyond the natural world (though that is where I personally fall). I didn’t know that there were atheistic satanists who simultaneously believed in Satan, so thanks for the education.

    • Cassie & Sophie says:

      Thank you for your comments and I’m pleased you enjoyed reading our point of view. I’m glad that the main point I was making came over, that atheism itself is open to interpretation. There are some in the atheistic community who would dispute that and who would defend their fundamentalist stance with almost religious zeal!

  5. satanicviews says:

    The atheistic and theistic wars that rage are amusing to me, as they are black-and-white in their stances, both that appear to be 100% sure of their stance. As you suggest, the question of what God is, and how atheism/theism might be defined is an issue. The Romans once considered the Christians to be atheists because of their non-belief in the Roman pagan gods.

    Nature is mostly hidden and unknown, so the only true position for me is as an agnostic. I have an animistic point of view, so egregores make a lot of sense to me. The empirical method of knowing truth by observation, demonstration and experience is the best method in my opinion of staying grounded in reality.

    • Cassie & Sophie says:

      I think agnosticism is the most honest stance on many spiritual and philosophical issues. Too many people are in a hurry to rule things in or out before evidence is found or can be tested.

  6. ginko211 says:

    Excellent article! Most atheists I have encountered online treat science as an infallible authority on everything. The scientific method is indeed a powerful tool, but it’s not without limitations. Failing to acknowledge this is quite frankly stupid. The atheists aren’t doing anyone any favors by sticking their heads in the sand and screaming SCIENCE! at those who’ve had firsthand experience with the supernatural.

    The only thing we disagree on is the issue of life after death. I don’t think it’s beneficial to assume that we only get one chance at life. For one thing, a single, isolated, lifetime doesn’t offer much in the way of learning and spiritual growth. This is because the experiences we can have are limited by our circumstances. For example, you do not know what it’s like to be disabled and, by the same token, I’m unaware of what it is to be ‘normal.’ Secondly, even if one manages to live their life to the fullest and lean something along the way, it really wouldn’t matter because consciousness ceases to exist at the point of death. This means that all the effort that goes into learning, growing and even enjoying oneself will have been for nothing

    I believe in reincarnation for one simple reason, it lets me see the bigger picture and put all the suffering into perspective. And the best part is, I won’t be around to regret it if I’m wrong because my consciousness would’ve ceased to exist by then 😀

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