Why be a Satanist?










Summer holidays and summer work have kept us busy so in order to get us back into the rhythm of writing we have set ourselves a task. Each one of us will try to answer the question “Why be a Satanist?” in one paragraph.

The background to this question is that it seems to us there are lots of reasons not to be a Satanist (or at least lots of reasons not to call yourself a Satanist) not least of which is the misunderstanding and prejudice the words Satan and Satanism often evoke in a world dominated by cultures and traditions that only use those terms in a negative way.

So here are our answers.


I’m lucky because my mum and Cassie are already Satanists so I never really saw it in a bad way. For me being a Satanist feels like a natural part of growing up. It has helped me to be more confident and independent. Mostly it just falls in line with my own way of thinking. I am really interested in science and nature which is what Satanism is based on. I mostly agree with the philosophy of LaVeyan Satanism. Maybe more than mum and Cassie I think Satan is a part of my own mind which can be really powerful if you are allowed to use it. I admit part of being a Satanist is about being rebellious. It means not accepting things just because other people believe them but coming to your own conclusions, which is very scientific. It also makes me more free to be what I want to be and not just what other people think I should be. And finally being a Satanist has brought me closer together with other people who think in a similar way to me.



Discovering Satanism was like coming home. It validated some parts of my life and experience in a way that no other religion ever did and has made me far more assertive and confident as a person. I have always been a spiritual person; looking for meanings and philosophies to make sense of life in a practical way. I was a Buddhist for many years and still use some of the techniques and philosophy I learned from that. I hadn’t really heard much about the Left Hand Path before speaking to Cassie but then realised that I was totally Left Hand Path in my thinking. I could have just called myself a Left hand Path Buddhist but the more I read the more I realised I was more Satanist in my thinking than anything else. I have really enjoyed and benefited from becoming more involved with the wider Satanic community, practising Satanic magic and participating in rituals. Satanism has purged some feelings of guilt and uncertainty from my soul and has turbo charged my spiritual life. I have also become more and more convinced that Satanism is an empowering and life affirming way of life that could be beneficial to many people if they could see through the fog of misinformation about it. That is why I feel it is important for people like Cassie and myself to be as open as possible and demonstrate a side to Satanism that people don’t often see.


I was a Pagan for many years and still see myself as a Pagan Satanist. The first reason I became a Satanist (which is still a reason for me) was to be honest with myself and with the “God” that is so feared and misunderstood, about what I truly felt and believed. For a long time I had seen Satan in the many and muddled Horned God traditions in Paganism. I felt it was sort of polite to acknowledge the full power of that God under the name he was most maligned by. Once I had taken that step and had to begun to explore Satanism in more detail I realised it was a belief system and way of life that suited me perfectly. It fit like a glove. I found it instantly empowering. (And the power that comes from connecting with Satan was and is much more tangible and transforming than anything else I have experienced). It allowed me to be fully myself for the first time ever and to progress and develop as a person in ways that even Paganism did not really allow. Satanism allows and encourages people to develop to their full potential. It encourages critical thinking. It promotes true personal morality rather than obeying other people’s rules just out of fear or blind faith. It has also provided me with a family, a community and a network of similar minded people who greatly enrich my life.


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  1. satanicviews says:

    An insightful opinion from each member of a Satanist family on what Satanism means to them.

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    An insightful opinion from each member of a Satanist family on what Satanism means to them.

  3. credencedawg says:

    thank you for sharing this – good to read 🙂

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    we’re all different, we’ve all found our own way 🙂

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  6. gerryparran says:

    Good article! I enjoy learning others’ views on their walk in Satanism.

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