A Young Satanist


This is is a brief introduction by Sophie. The main part of this post will be written by my daughter, Tina. Regular readers may already know something about Tina. She also is a Satanist, entirely by her own choice, her own free and very strong will. We have encouraged her to post here when she can. School work takes priority but now she is on holiday and has more time to write.

Like all mothers and daughters we don’t agree on all things, sometimes we argue and fight. Mostly however I think we have a very good relationship. She makes me very proud in all sorts of ways I won’t embarrass her with here. During the past year she has grown up rapidly in many ways. Of course I think it is too fast and too soon! On the other hand you could say that I have encouraged it because while I’m strict about some things I’m also very permissive. She reminds me of myself at her age except in truth I think she is wiser and more mature than I was then. We had a bit of an argument recently and when I went to speak to her later when we were both feeling calmer I suddenly realised I was talking to a young woman and not a little girl. I cried a bit about that later… Where has that time gone?! Where is my little girl?!

But the young woman who stood before me was amazing and she is still my daughter. I’m still the Mum! I still make the rules! However I am glad we both share the same philosophy of life and one of the things that means is I totally support her right to live and express herself in her own style. Nothing in the post that follows breaks the rules we have discussed. Over to Tina…


Even I can see that I have changed a lot in a short time. The person I see in the mirror looks very different to the pictures of me from a year ago and I feel different inside too. I guess it is all a normal thing about growing up and being a teenager. But I hate the word “teenager” and I also hate having to say my age all the time. I don’t think it is the same when you are older. Nobody thinks all 25 year olds are the same, or all people in their fifties; but people do kind of think all teenagers are the same. Well to tell the truth I know some people who are 13 who are more mature than some people who are 18. I just don’t think age is the thing that makes a difference. And mostly I don’t want people to judge me by my age. If I say or do something clever then it is clever whether I’m 14 or 19. And also if I do something stupid, it is still stupid whatever age I am.

One of the reasons my Mum and I had a “discussion” recently is because I didn’t like the photo of me that was on this blog. It was all photoshopped and pixilated but I still thought I looked babyish in it. She said I could choose a new one and then she didn’t like the one I chose because she said it made me look too old and then she wanted to photoshop it so that I don’t get stalkers! In the end I kind of won the argument. One thing I said was that we were both witches and both Satanists and if somebody tried to stalk me they would get fucked in a bad way. Mum told me not to swear and then burst out laughing. Anyway mum still has “issues” with the photo I chose but she let me put it up. She says that it is up to me to decide how people see me and up to me to deal with the consequences (although she would help out with the stalker slaying part)!

Just like ages and the word “Teenager” I also don’t really like the word Satanist because everybody has their own idea of what it means and that idea is usually bad or wrong. Then imagine if you put the words Teenage and Satanist together just how many totally crazy and false stereotypes will come to people’s minds! But still I am a Satanist and I am young in comparison to some so I guess I can tolerate the phrase Young Satanist.

I have a few ideas of things I want to write about here maybe in the next few months when I have a little more time than usual, but first I want to write a little introduction to me and maybe answer some of the things me and my Mum think people would be curious about how it is to be a young Satanist.

Firstly I’m not evil. I don’t like things that are really evil and I don’t think Satan or Satanism are evil. At school I’m a good student in most lessons. I’m one of the best in my class in Biology, Science and English. I get good grades. I like study actually. Probably I do and think some bad things but I’m not going to tell you what they are on my Mum’s blog! I sometimes smoke cigarettes and I sometimes drink alcohol at parties. (Mostly I don’t really like alcohol though, and I think my friends are idiots when they have drunk too much). I like music. I like underground bands mostly and some metal. There are some kind of Satanic Heavy Metal bands I listen to. Mum and Cassie hate them!

I don’t wear black all the time… Okay, I do most of the time. That’s just because I like it.

I am learning magic and I can honestly call myself a witch even though I still have lots to learn.

I try to live my life by Satanic values, which are my values anyway. For me that means… Think for yourself and don’t follow the crowd unless there is a special reason to. Take responsibility for your own actions but do what makes you happy. Question everything and everyone. Be scientific. Learn the clever ways to get what you want, which sometimes includes magical ways too. Look after the environment and be respectful to animals. Be nice to people when they are nice to you, but you can also be bad to them if they are bad to you. Make up your own mind about what is right or wrong. Yes, that’s the main thing. Think for yourself.

I do some rituals when I am learning or doing magic. When I am older I do want to do full Satanic Rituals. I speak to Satan as if he was a friend. Sometimes I ask for advice but mostly I just say what is going on in my life. I’m not sure what Satan is, but I think it is mostly a deeper part of me; maybe a part of my spirit which is eternal and connected to everything else. Mum says that sounds quite Buddhist; which probably means she agrees.

In some ways I think this all makes me sound quite boring and normal and not at all what people expect a young satanist to be. But I think Satanism does give me a bit of an edge and it really has made me much more self confident than I used to be. Mostly I’m nice, but I don’t take shit from anybody! We will see if that survives Mum’s edit!

I could say much more but then this post would be too long. So, more later. Now I must go and do dark Satanic things like having a shower and watching TV.


2 Comments on “A Young Satanist”

  1. satanicviews says:

    I think the qualities you identify with Satanism is good. I personally advise caution about revealing too many personal details online in association with your Satanism, there are a lot of Christian crazies around, and personal details are difficult if not impossible to erase once published on the internet. I personally do not reveal many personal details about myself as it can cause problems with people who do not know I am a Satanist in the outside world.

    • Cassie & Sophie says:

      Thanks SatanicViews, that is wise advice. To put your mind at rest, we have taken a few precautions that may not seem obvious at first. 😉

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