A Satanic view on heroes, injustice and victims

We are reposting this here for reflection ahead of our views on this topic which will constitute our next post.


One of the delights of Satanism is that the individual has the mandate to make choices and actions that others disapprove of.  If I want to indulge in eating a chocolate cake, or turn down an invite to a boring social event, or ride on my bike illegally without lights, I do so, because as a Satanist, one of the things Satanists do is break the rules, another way of describing being evil.  If good and evil is a subjective judgement based upon rules that are broken: good if you keep the rule, evil if you break the rule; you might see the benefits of Satanism as following the evil path.

Today, I saved a bird that the cat brought in.  I chased the cat away, I opened a window so the bird could fly free.  Was I a hero? No, I did not want a noisy mess in the…

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