How Humanist Am I ?


Quite a few people I like and respect describe themselves as Humanists so I decided to research Humanism a bit. If you do the same you will find that there are very many definitions of what Humanism is. Some stress the atheistic aspect, others stress dependence on scientific method while seeming to leave other beliefs open and some are very much against any form of supernatural belief. There seem to be many overlaps with various shades of Satanism although most of what I read seems to have a very right hand path and ultruistic dimension.  The most general definition I found on the British Humanism Association site was as follows;-

Roughly speaking, the word humanist has come to mean someone who:

trusts to the scientific method when it comes to understanding how the universe works and rejects the idea of the supernatural (and is therefore an atheist or agnostic)
makes their ethical decisions based on reason, empathy, and a concern for human beings and other sentient animals
believes that, in the absence of an afterlife and any discernible purpose to the universe, human beings can act to give their own lives meaning by seeking happiness in this life and helping others to do the same.

Well there some things I agree with there and some I don’t. But anyway I was curious so I went on to do the following quiz. I don’t agree with some of the limited options for each questions and you will find my comments in italics. My answers are in bold and my degree of humanism is revealed after the quiz.

Does God exist?
It depends what you mean by God, but I think so.
I am sure there is a God ruling over the universe.
I don’t know.
There is no evidence that any god exists, so I’ll assume that there isn’t one.

(Well the emphasis is on the question what do you mean by God. I don’t believe in a judgemental figure who sits on a cloud or even a cloven hooved evil mastermind, but I do believe in Satan as a personification of a NATURAL cosmic force that can be interacted with).

When I die…
My soul will go to another place where I will be rewarded if I was good and punished if I was bad.
That will be the end of me.
I will live on in people’s memories or because of the work I have done or through my children.
I will survive in some kind of afterlife.

(Although I am open to the possibility that this is the only life we get and thus think we should treat it as precious).

How did the Universe begin?
I don’t know.
It was set up as an experiment by extremely intelligent aliens from another universe, who drop in every now and then to see how we’re doing.
God created it.
The scientific explanations are the best ones available. No gods were involved.

(I don’t believe those two statements are mutually exclusive; what I think of as God may have been involved).

The theory that life on Earth evolved gradually over billions of years is…
Likely to be true, but I think God had a part in it too.
Probably true, because my Science teacher said it was true.
Just a theory. My religion tells the true story.
True. There is plenty of evidence from fossils, DNA and many other sources showing that this is how it happened.

When I look at a beautiful view I think that…
It must have been designed by God.
We ought to do everything possible to protect this for future generations. (This too).
It would be a nice place for a motorway.
This is what life is all about. I feel good.

How do you know what is right and wrong?

Accepting what my parents and teachers say.

Thinking hard about the probable consequences of actions and their effects on other people.

Reading a holy book or listening to a religious leader.
I don’t really think about it much. People should just do as they like.

(I don’t really like any of the options above. I picked the last one because it most closely reflects my Left Hand Path beliefs. A better answer would be “thinking hard about the possible consequences for myself and others.”)

It’s best to be honest because…
It’s usually against the law or the rules to be dishonest.
My religion tells me so.
I’m happier and feel better about myself if I’m honest.
People respect you more if you’re trustworthy.

(And sometimes it is best Not to be honest).

Other people matter and should be treated with respect because…
They are useful to me.
They are people with feelings like mine.
God created us all in his image.
We will all be happier if we treat each other well.

(Badly phrased question and options… In truth it is hard to say that ALL people matter to ALL of us and when they do matter the reasons are many, varied and complex).

Animals should be treated…
However we see fit. They don’t have souls and were created for us to use.
Kindly because they are sweet and fluffy and nicer than people.
With respect because they can suffer too. (Actually for many other reasons too, not least being that we are animals ourselves).
With respect because they are part of God’s creation.

The most important thing in life is…
To preserve the planet for future generations.
To increase the general happiness and welfare of humanity.
To have a good relationship with God.
To make lots of money.

(The first was the best of the available options but I would say the most important things in life are to experience, learn, grow and be happy).

We calculate you are 63% humanist.

Your answers are fairly neutral, perhaps a bit dependent on authority or other people or pure emotion. Humanists try to think, and to think for themselves. You may be an agnostic or a humanist or vaguely religious.

… Ah well. So far I am finding Humanism to be a bit vague and perhaps not as well thought out as a scientifically based philosophy should be… I accept I have some Humanist tendencies and maybe that is a good thing… Overall however I am a far more convinced and committed Satanist. Perhaps I should devise a test to see how Satanic people are?  😉



8 Comments on “How Humanist Am I ?”

  1. trellia says:

    I would love to see you do a “Satanic Test!” I got 77% on the Humanist quiz, but some of my questions were different to the ones you got. It then told me that I was Humanist without even knowing it and suggested I sign up to their society. I can’t help but be reminded of Scientology’s “Personality Quizzes” which end the same way….!

  2. I always saw humanism as a philosophy that stresses secular materialism and thinking only of the idea of the human species and its benefit. In my opinion, thinking so much about the human species blinds you to the human individual as well as the rest of nature. I think humanism on its own is pretty arrogant because of its belief that everything can be solved with scientific reason and bases its morality only on the species.

    • Cassie & Sophie says:

      It’s not really fair of me to criticise Humanism too much since I don’t really know much more about it than I have indicated above. On the whole though, I think you make some very valid points and I tend to agree.

      • I may also be interested in that Satanism test, and the possibility of hearing those who were Satanic without realizing it, though I usually have my doubts with these quizzes for the same reasons I doubt those personality quizzes found all over the Internet.

  3. satanicviews says:

    I think it is the best action to create the individual’s own definitions of anything, so that it reflects the unique situation and paradigm of the self rather than trying to fit into the definitions of others that don’t quite fit.

  4. Good article and test on Humanism. I had many of the same answers, considering myself ultimately an Agnostic but practically a spiritual traveler. There is Something/Someone larger than our egos, but yet the Large Spirit within us for sure, at least i think so (agnostic speaking lol)……

  5. I too would like to see the test to determine how Satanic we are. I am such a closet Satanist.

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