Hiatus Shorts.



As a as a family we are all still coming to terms with the loss of Cassie’s mother. But life goes on and we are all also busy. Cassie is working in Austria. Sophie and Tina are in Zurich working and studying hard. We have gotten out of the habit of posting here regularly because, frankly speaking, we have had a lot of other things on our minds. But we really do want to get back to this blog more regularly as soon as we can. In the meantime we thought we’d each post some very short pieces just to focus and get our brains working; and perhaps provoke some discussion.

Cassie–What is good?

People often write or speak about the nature of evil;- What is evil? Is evil a relative term? Are some things always evil? Etc, etc… But what is good? Is love always good? Is it good to be kind? Should you always try to be good to others and if so why? Does goodness mean something different to Satanists than others? I am not sure of the answers to these things but I feel that being good IS important, and perhaps especially for Satanists. It is something I will write a longer post about one day, but for now I just think it is an interesting question to ponder. What is good? Or perhaps can you be evil and still be/do good? Does it matter?

Sophie–In what ways are we still uncivilised and primitive?

Less than two hundred years ago most European nations bought and sold slaves. We captured people from Africa, treated them like animals and traded them like spices and cattle. Very few people even questioned it morally. Less than fifty years ago African Americans still didn’t have the same rights as white Americans. Less than thirty years ago black and white people were completely segregated in South Africa. Women were not allowed to vote or have any kind of equality with men until quite late into the twentieth century in many parts of the western world. A generation ago it wasn’t even legal for gay people to actually have sex in many parts of the world, let alone get married and have a normal life. In some parts of the world that still hasn’t changed…

I think that in Europe and America at least, racism and slavery are now seen by most intelligent people as being not just uncivilised but actually evil. Women’s rights and gay rights are also improving. A lot of people realise there are different types of sexuality and have friends from different parts of that spectrum.

But what are we missing? What things in our normal modern lives will people in the future look back on with disgust and wonder how we could be so primitive, evil and uncivilised? I suspect it will hVe a lot to do with our relationship with the natural world and the environment; but perhaps there are many more things that 21st century Sophie is too primitive to think of. Oh, that wasn’t so short!

Tina–What insults us Satanists?

So there has been a lot in the news about Muslims being insulted by cartoons of their prophet. And Christians often get insulted if you talk about Jesus or their religion in the wrong way. I guess that most people of most religions and no religions can get insulted by people mocking things that are important to them. Sometimes I get angry when people say ignorant things about Satan or Satanists and it is frustrating because usually I can’t answer back without telling people more about my beliefs than I want them to know. But is it wrong to feel angry and get insulted? I suppose people can’t be blamed for not knowing or understanding things. So it doesn’t matter if we are insulted, but how we react to those insults, that’s another story! Hopefully Satanists will never be like the extremists of some other religions!



2 Comments on “Hiatus Shorts.”

  1. Regarding what is good: the concept of “good” is wholly subjective to the person or society that a person is a member of. For instance, is killing people wrong? Many would say it is wrong, except in the case of defending your life but I didn’t see anybody shed a tear when Osama bin Laden or Adolph Hitler were reported dead.

    As far as Satanists being “good,” insofar as they are working inside legal parameters, that is entirely up to the individual to decide what is best for them personally, not necessarily what societal peer pressures would attempt to dictate is supposed to be “good.”

  2. satanicviews says:

    “Cassie–What is good?”
    One view of good and evil is based on a subjective judgment of a rule; you break the rule, you are evil; you keep to the rule, you are good.

    Another idea on good and bad, is teleology, the belief that all things have a purpose, or ultimate design; a blunt knife is a bad knife because the bluntness impairs its purpose of cutting things; a good knife is a sharp knife, because it cuts better, and thus meets its purpose.

    Another idea of what is good, is what is truthful.

    “Sophie–In what ways are we still uncivilised and primitive?”
    Some suggest slavery still exists, those working long hours for low pay. I believe the only difference between modern people and those two thousand years ago is technology, but humanity is still as stupid and cruel as they were in the past.

    “Tina–What insults us Satanists?”
    The only thing that annoys me is the common delusion that Satanism is about doing harm to people and animals.

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