We are family


We recently came into some criticism from a fellow Satanist. Well that’s fine so long as it isn’t stupid or misplaced, which in our opinion some of it was. But even then it was sort of good because it made us think about a few things.

Firstly, in case it wasn’t clear to some people (although it is clearly stated in our “about” page) this is a blog about us, our family, our views and our beliefs. We are Satanists but we don’t and never have claimed to speak for, or on behalf of, ALL Satanists.

I think I can say that pretty much all Satanists are very individualistic and that one of the few things that most Satanists could agree on is that we all follow our own personal Satanic path. Therefore this blog isn’t trying to define how any other Satanist IS. However, we do of course have our INDIVIDUAL OPINIONS  of how Satanists and others should be. We make no excuse or apology for voicing our opinions.

With that said there are two themes I would like to write about briefly, they are family and evil.

My immediate family are the most important things in my life and my family is unique. Cassie and I are a lesbian couple which, even in modern but sleepy Switzerland, is far from being normal, and we have a daughter. All three of us are Satanists, so all in all I guess we are quite unusual. And yet, not really… While there are of course dysfunctional families, most families no matter how they are made up are strong units. Most mothers will do anything to help and protect their children. Most parents do all they can to provide for and look after their offspring. And most families are bound in love. Being Satanists does not change that, in fact I think it makes those bonds and those obligations stronger. By this stage I know a lot of other Satanic families and I’d say that if anything, Satanic parents are even more fiercely protective of their loved ones than others are. Which brings me to the next point.

I have come to see the wider Satanic community as an extension of my own family. In our closest circle we have the Satanic group we have started ourselves and the Satanic Coven Cassie was a member of, who have been incredibly supportive to us. The bonds you form through the things you share in these groups are extremely deep and intimate, and pretty much unbreakable.  Even so, that doesn’t mean we agree on everything. In fact I don’t think it would be false to say we disagree more than we agree; it’s just that the things we do agree on are profound.

And in the wider Satanic community, the people we only ever meet or hear from online, there is probably even more disagreement; which can get quite heated at times. And yet they still feel like brothers and sisters to us. Even if I am angry with them (which I often am) and if I disagree with them almost completely I’d still rather deal with them within the family than stand by and let others hurt them.

Perhaps the most common point of disagreement Cassie and I have with other members of our wider Satanic family has to do with the question of evil. Some of our fellow Satanists do consider themselves to be evil and even take some pride in identifying themselves with that label. We can understand why and in fact both of us at different times have come close adopting that label and all that goes with it ourselves. (Stories for another post maybe).  But that is not the path we chose. Part of the reason is explained in a post Cassie wrote recently “Don’t Let Christians Define Us” and other reasons have been covered many times in the history of this blog. In short, we don’t believe the propaganda that Satan is evil and we think it is a mistake to allow the central archetype of our religion to still be solely defined by his enemies. Moreover there are things we regard as evil and we don’t want to be associated with such things.

We think that beheading innocent charity workers is evil. We don’t want to be associated with that. We think abusing children is evil; we don’t want to be associated with that. We think trafficking people to be used as slaves is evil; we don’t want to be associated with that. We think rulers who live in luxury while 95% of their people live in abject poverty are evil and we don’t want to be associated with them. We think rape is evil, we think unjustified cruelty is evil and we think ruining the environment of the planet for our children and future generations is evil. We don’t want to be associated with any of those things.

Now I will plead guilty to blasphemy. I will admit to being a hedonist, to being self centred and vain. I drink, I smoke, I’ve done drugs, I’ve slept with lots of men and women and Cassie and I enjoy a sex life that is far darker and kinkier than anything you will find in 50 shades… In certain circumstances I lie, I cheat and steal and if it were necessary to protect my family I would kill… But I don’t think any of those things are evil; certainly not in comparison to the things I mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Cassie, Tina… My family and I,,,are NOT evil. We are however fiercely, proudly and totally Satanic.

But even if we are in a minority of three we will continue to publish our opinion that evil is not “cool” and that the future of Satanism largely depends on divorcing ourselves totally from that word; an association that was forced on us by the enemies of Satanism.


9 Comments on “We are family”

  1. I never got cozy with the idea that I’m supposed to be some really bad or evil dude just because I associate with Satan, even in reality I see Satan, and the Satanic ideals, as heroic and morally right.

  2. Loose Cannon says:

    Christians define evil as anything outside of their control. And they try to control people from the womb to the grave, I know because I was in it for a long time.

    So by their definition, we are evil.

    When it comes to Satanists claiming to be evil, I think it all comes down to how they define that word. Do they engage in beheading people? Abuse kids? Or commit any of your other examples?

    One of the things I don’t like about the Satanic community is that there is no disagreement with respect. Too many misuse their freedom and become unpleasant idiots that are no different than fundie christians they claim to hate.

  3. Reblogged this on Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge and commented:
    Well spoken ladies. People want to put everything into a box, and like everything else there are “50 Shades of Satanism” and yours is the one i identify with most because i can still be a Witch, Pagan, Tibetan Buddhist, Thelemic Magickian, etc etc. I don’t feel like i have to give up anything or compromise or follow some rules and proudly say i am a CassianSophianTinean Satanist….

  4. Descent says:

    It does all come down to interpretation of the word itself. I can understand believing in the subjective nature of evil so that essentially anything that you perceive to be harmful to you can be considered evil, and part of me certainly wants to believe that all of those heinous things you mentioned are indeed Evil with a capital ‘E’, but ultimately I know that all I can truly claim to accept are the laws of physics as well as the principle of cause & effect. In my view, ‘evil’ is simply a word that can be useful at times, but I find myself wondering if there could be a definition that goes beyond simply ‘bad for me’ or ‘bad for society’ that would also be useful in it’s own right. In these definitions, the former is necessarily subjective and the latter is inevitably doomed by the universal lack of consensus on what society should look like, so the concept is often applied to our ideological enemies (who aren’t necessarily enemies at all but rather, due primarily to the circumstances of their lives, people who simply act as vessels for ideas incompatible with our own). ‘Evil’, in this sense, is either only subjectively useful (which itself is debatable since I generally don’t need to go so far as to have an almost superstitious response in having to name something some special kind of bad in order to convince myself to avoid or work against it), or it is divisive. If the quality of being divisive is necessarily in opposition to any greater good that most would conceive of, does that make the concept of ‘evil’ itself evil?

    Personally, I think the philosophical question of Good vs Evil, like many others, is essentially a moot point as it was always ill-formulated and is simply still being forced upon human minds despite modern information rendering such archaic ideas obsolete.

  5. Strider says:

    I find its hard being the only Satanist I know, but it makes me better at it, I’m very dedicated to Satan and sometimes feel really alone I checked out a few groups locally but there are none 😦

    • Descent says:

      I’m in the same boat. Waiting to hear back from Satanic International. Hopefully that’ll make things easier, considering the founder seems to be a resident of the west coast. You’re right though, that isolation can definitely help with, for lack of a better word, spiritual pursuits, especially in the context of a religion centered around self-knowledge.

      Good luck with finding your own Satanic community! And I’m sure I don’t need to tell you not to be too eager. 🙂

      • Strider says:

        Yes, I agree, please let me know if you hear back from them, I have meet a lot of people into Satanism but very few who are willing to practice in a group or coven so that makes it hard because I am very dedicated and want to take my work to another level. That’s why I am thinking about just starting my own group or coven with a couple other very dedicated people, I got some good ideas, yeah let me know if you hear back from them I would like to know what they say, have you tried meetup.com they usually have a lot of good groups on there.

  6. Greg says:

    love your blogs, keep doing what comes from your heart and do not let anyone tell you differently. I am curious about Satanism, I am a witch and proud of being who I am. Let me know the progress of your journey in Satanism.

  7. satanicviews says:

    Good/Evil I often say is a subjective judgement based upon a rule; break the rule you are evil, follow the rule, you are good. Subjective ethics, morality and rules are going to differ widely amongst Satanists resulting in a high degree of argument and disagreement. Nobody holds the monopoly on truth, each finds their own personal standards to live by.

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