Celebrating Dark Times and Dark Energy



Since I started to write in this blog it often happens that when I start to write something hundreds of other ideas come to my mind and so I don’t know where to begin… So sometimes I don’t begin at all! It could have been the same this time but I will try to discipline my mind and condense my thoughts into two main themes, personal and metaphysical.

Let’s start with the personal things. For Satanists along with many Wiccans, Pagans and witches of all sorts, Halloween or Samhain is a celebration of a time of year when we feel the barriers between natural and supernatural, living and dead are thin. Personally I think these are just psychological constructs, ways of tuning ourselves with parts of our psyche and external forces that are less prominent at other times. Whatever the truth of the matter I certainly feel closer to the darker and demonic sides of reality at this time of year. It is something I find beautiful.

Last Halloween I took part in my first full Satanic ritual with Cassie’s coven in England. This came a few months after a private ritual with Cassie in which I was fully initiated into Satanism. Both those events changed me in ways it is hard to describe, or to be more exact they confirmed things In myself that had until then been hidden or dormant. Since that time I feel I have grown stronger in all ways and there has never been a single moment that I regretted becoming a Satanist. In fact now to deny my Satanism would be the same as denying my womanhood or my humanity; it is fundamental to who and what I am. And like Cassie, I am open about it and because of this blog and our various connections I guess I am a “known” Satanist in certain circles.

Because Cassie and I now live permanently in Switzerland we are no longer able to participate regularly with her English coven. This was really the only downside to Cassie and I moving in together. We still consider them family, and vice versa but we don’t see them often enough to really be active members. So this Halloween we started our own little group locally. It is small and we are calling it a group rather than a coven. Only about half our members actually call themselves Satanists, the others are dark pagans, a Lucifarian and an old friend of mine who is still at least partially Buddhist… Even so they are all open to Satan and philosophically Left Hand Path and they seem content for Cassie and myself to organise and lead things. Our first ritual together was quite simple and aimed at bringing the group closer and giving those who haven’t felt it before a taste of Satanic energy. All I can say is it went well. I am quite convinced that the group will now stay together and I think most of our members will have no hesitation in referring to themselves as Satanists by the end of the year.

Some readers may know that my daughter has also become a Satanist. She chose this Samhain to perform her own private ritual of dedication. Cassie and I gave her some guidance but she performed the ritual alone. She said the effect was powerful and I have asked her to write about it here. I don’t want to comment more about it until then except to say I am very proud of her.

And it is strange to think that even I have only truly considered myself a Satanist about 18 months. I hope this Satanic momentum keeps building.

But of course there may be some people reading this who are dismayed to hear of so many people embracing Satanism, the Occult, the demonic and the darker aspects of reality. And to hear a mother welcoming the fact that her own daughter has become a Satanist might be quite shocking to people who haven’t read this blog before or to people who are consciously or unconsciously steeped in western Christian tradition.

So that brings me to part two, metaphysics.

Excuse me if I don’t try to explain Satanism or debunk Christian propaganda about it in every post I write here. Regular readers will have gotten it already and new readers might want to look up some of our previous posts. I will say that Cassie is working on a post about the importance of love, kindness and compassion to Satanists which she will hopefully be able to do during her travels.

But yes, as Satanists (and that does include my daughter) we do work with things that are described as dark or occult and that does include demonic and satanic energy as well as Satan himself. Is this bad or terrifying? No it isn’t.

While I do believe in, revere and respect a force or entity called Satan, I do consider myself basically an atheist and a very scientifically minded person. (I have explained that apparent discrepancy in previous posts as well)! For me the so called darkness that we embrace and work with has striking parallels with modern psychological and scientific theories. For the psychological aspects I will just say look up “Jung” who pretty much nailed it. I am sure Cassie or I will come back to that in a future post. In terms of physics I think the notions of dark energy and dark matter are very relevant.

Dark energy and Dark Matter are not called “dark” because they are bad or evil, they are not called dark because they are actually dark in fact. They are called dark because they are mysterious and invisible to the eye but we can detect or calculate their effects. Our scientific understanding of the universe breaks down without them. Indeed it turns out that these dark forces may be what ultimately drives it. They cannot at present be seen or grasped but the greatest scientific minds are striving to understand them and work with them. They are certainly going to be important to our future.

To me these attributes are very similar to the kind of things we Satanists work with, in fact it wouldn’t surprise me if they turn out to be aspects of the same thing.

The darkness we speak of isn’t dark and forbidding in the way it is often portrayed, it is in fact a place of illumination; a realm of potential power, knowledge and understanding. Becoming a Satanist is like having the blinkers of cultural prejudice taken off and finding yourself in a library attached to a power station.

It is being all a human can be, and it is worth celebrating.



3 Comments on “Celebrating Dark Times and Dark Energy”

  1. Well written Sophie. I can see the rational Buddhist Taoist metaphysicians in both of yr writings. Up to now i defined this as Cassian Satanism but now it is more Cassian Sophian Satanism with you two thinking, working, writing and ritualizing together. So it is Cassisophia which reminds me of Cassiopeia the twins. And you are becoming twin spokes ladies for this brand of Satanism. AS.

  2. Jim Clements says:

    Sophie, how deluded are you and your little Satanist chums? For the record I doubt very much if any of you communicate with the head honcho ‘Lucifer the light bringer’ (sic) himself more like one of his repugnant little helpers from the ranks of the fallen angels.
    But anyway enjoy their allowed little playtime. Thankfully it will be short enough and Jesus will be sending their asses and you idiots with them back to hell.
    Shocking! No disgusting, encouraging you daughter to drink urine, eat faeces and copulate with the probably old, wrinkly and debased members of your coven to maximum blasphemous effect.
    I just don’t understand how Jesus just doesn’t despair of the human race with people such as yourself representing it x

    • Cassie Sophie Tina says:

      Well this is quite an old post and things have moved on. I hope you enjoyed your two minutes exposing your ignorance. If you had bothered to read anything at all in this blog you would know that your accusations are baseless. Indeed, they say more about the depravity of your own mind than anything else. Sophie.

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