What Is Satan?


I think that we have several times tried to speak about “who” Satan is but perhaps a better question may be “what” is Satan?

We are Theistic Satanists which means we believe in and relate to an actual entity we call Satan. But what exactly is this Satan we relate to? Is it a God? If so, what is a God? Is it a person? Is it a thing? Is it all powerful? Questions like this make atheists suspicious and often dismissive. They tend to view all talk of Gods and Deities as superstitious irrelevancy or rubbish which misses the point that we are our own masters. Atheistic Satanists can be particularly strident on this theme. And that disturbs us to some degree because we respect atheistic arguments and even consider ourselves to be both humanist and atheists to a large extent. But we cannot deny we are also theists because we feel/believe/experience this thing called Satan as something powerful, real and actual. It is not however a God in the conventional sense of the word. It did not single handedly create the world (we believe strongly in the Big Bang and in evolution). It does not require worship. It does not demand the allegiance of all nor does it condemn or despise those who don’t recognise it. It simply is a thing which exists. It can be or become a part of us, but it can equally exist without us. It is not evil in the way some believe but it does not conform to the moral laws of any particular religion. It is a force of nature.

Sophie, Tina and myself probably agree with each other about what Satan is but we all express it slightly differently based on our own knowledge and experience. Perhaps between the three of us we can give some overlapping pictures that some may find enlightening.


For me the term “Force of Nature” sums it up. To me it is clear that the natural world (in which I actually include the whole universe or multiverse) is full of forces some of which we understand and some of which we don’t. We ourselves are a force of nature but we are only one type and there are many others. It is only in the last few hundred years of human existence that we have had a word for “gravity” (and it’s been a much shorter period of time in which we have had the beginning of a scientific explanation of what gravity actually is). Despite our lack of vocabulary and understanding however, gravity has always existed and has always had the same attributes or personality. I believe there are many such forces, some no doubt as yet undiscovered that play a part in our interaction with the universe. Satan is one of these. I believe Satan is an intelligent force that we can engage with. But even intelligence is hard to define. My computer probably makes more calculations every second than I could do in a year; does that make my computer more intelligent than me? My computer can’t paint pictures, can’t have original thoughts, can’t spin a spider’s web and can’t create new life. I can’t do many things a dolphin can do. A dolphin can’t do many things a slug can do. I don’t think we yet have a very clear understanding of what intelligence is and therefore I see no reason why some forces of nature could not also be forms of intelligence.

I was a pagan witch for a long time before I fully accepted Satanism. As such my views were polytheistic meaning I believed there were many gods or entities (forces of nature/nature spirits) and it was up to us which ones we felt closest to and connected with. As humans we tend to visualise these entities in terms we understand, often very humanised or symbolic. This is our short-hand, but it is probably not the whole truth. For me the attributes and nature of Satan can be seen distributed among many of the pagan male Gods and some of the female ones too. They are in my opinion aspects and perspectives of a single force of nature. I think Satan’s key attributes are creativity and enlightenment; it is a force which unlocks our own power and spurs us on to self discovery and self empowerment. Satan is feared by those who want to keep us neutered and dis-empowered. Once we open ourselves to this force of nature we begin to transform ourselves and take on those attributes in our own personalities. Things that were always potential or latent within us become actual and real. I think to some degree our intelligence merges with Satan’s and vice versa.



I agree completely with Cassie but my interpretation is a little different. I see Satan more as an aspect of ourselves that is eternal and connected with that thing which Cassie calls a force of nature or force of the universe. I think we all have it within us, but it only becomes active in some of us when we have both the desire and some idea of how to activate it. Many people fear it because it forces us to look truthfully at ourselves and the universe, to give up fairy tales about the way the world is and the way the world began and to take full responsibility for our own lives and our own evolution. But once you activate it you feel different and you become aware of the power of this thing. Only then (in my case at least) do you really see this thing inside and part of you of being a force of the whole of nature; connected to everything but also separate from it.

I was a Buddhist before I become a Satanist. Some of my Buddhist friends thought it was quite a strange step for me to take but the more I talk to them about it the more they can see a kind of logic in my thoughts. As a Buddhist reaching Nirvana or Enlightenment is the main goal of life. Also I would say most Buddhists seek to experience or at least glimpse moments of enlightenment in every aspect of normal life. I still feel this way. I was a bit frustrated as a Buddhist because although I agreed with the goals; the methods and lifestyle seemed to go against my inner nature (and that is something which most Buddhists and Taoists think is not a good idea anyway). To me the philosophy of Satanism and the Left Hand Path were the things that made my journey to Nirvana possible and once I realised that I also felt the reality of this thing called Satan. I wasn’t expecting to. I thought I would be a very atheistic Satanist, but once you have experienced Satan you can’t deny it. So I also think it is a force of nature but it is also an aspect of ourselves and I think that once you realise one part you soon discover the other.


Well I can’t really explain what Satan is better than my Mum or Cassie but I agree with what they say. I think! Satan is just something I feel around me in the air, like electricity. When I imagine Satan, I see a big strong man with legs like an animal and horns sticking out of his head. I usually imagine he is smiling. He is really strong and cool looking.But I know that isn’t what he really looks like; it is just a shape for something that doesn’t have a real shape. I think it is something in nature that only some of us can see or feel. There is a boy in my class who is colour blind, he can’t see red or green. I guess he sees those things as grey or something like that. I tried to explain to him what red and green looked like but I couldn’t. I said green was like grass but he can see grass and to him it looks grey! So there was nothing I could say to explain it more. I think Satan is like that. I can kind of feel him but I can’t explain what that feels like to anybody who is colour blind against Satan. Does that make sense?



5 Comments on “What Is Satan?”

  1. trellia says:

    Really great to read some first-hand beliefs of Satanists about what Satan actually is 😀

  2. G. B. Marian says:

    Damn! You ladies sure write some magnificent posts!

  3. tyler435 says:

    Pretty cool post :D.

  4. vegangoth819 says:

    Great post, I loved reading it. I’m a theistic satanist too but do believe that Satan is a God ( a pre-Christian etc. God) I can’t seem to come to a definite belief in whether he is the creator deity or not but I do believe in some sort Big Bang type I just happen to think that something had to kick that off. I’m clergy for Satan and chat to a lot of theistic satanists and I’m always astonished by the sheer diversity of belief 😀

  5. I don’t know how to describe who/what Satan is to me? Yes Cassie, a force of nature, maybe the Chaos before the Cosmos, but also a force which my mind has projected imagery on like in all religions this time of Lucifer above and the god of this world Baphomet below with myself as some non-worshipful but respectful agnostic Gnostic Magickian in the center. Yes Sophie, i think of Satan as a beautiful Maya perhaps without as a reflection of the Buddha mind, but within as the Maya of my desires and even illusions and fetishes. Yes Tina, your UPG shows how Satan is grey no matter how you try to explain red and green to him/her, yes an electrical field that shocks and warms us, yet also for me Satan is Fire and Ice as the Nordics say….. TY for yr definititions and reblogging. AS. L/S

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