Being A Young Satanist



As as suggested by Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge,  I asked my daughter to write something about what being a Satanist means to her. I haven’t corrected anything she wrote. Of course she expresses and prioritises something’s differently to me but I think she did a very good job of writing in English and she makes me very proud! She’ll be getting a special treat when we go out for brunch today at our favourite restaurant!  ~Sophie~



Hello, my name is Tina and my mother has asked me to write something about being a young Satanist. Really I think she mostly wants me to practice writing in English but I don’t mind because I like English.

So first I will say something about me. Actually I am Swiss. My first language is German but at home we also speak English. I can also speak French and Italian but not so good as English. I like languages. I also like animals and nature. I have a pet spider. Next year I will be 15 years old. The photo at the top is me but my mothers don’t allow me to ever put photos of me on the internet so I photoshopped it so much that nobody can recognise me. My mothers think it is okay.

My family is not usual. I have one father and two mothers. My father works for a music company which is cool because sometimes he takes me to concerts and I get to go backstage and meet famous people. This year I met Nick Cave and D.J. Otzie. But my mother and father split up a long time ago so I only see my father every few weeks. He and my mother are still friends though and sometimes we go out together. A few years ago my mother fell in love with a woman called Cassie. This year they got married and the three of us live together in Zurich. Cassie is funny and cool. Of course she is not really my mother in the normal way but I think about her like she is anyway. You might think it is strange having two mothers but mostly I like it. The only problem is they are both teachers. Can you imagine that??!!

Well I am supposed to be telling you about being a Satanist. Some people think Satanists are very bad, but they are wrong. Satanists can be good or bad it is up to them to decide. I think I am mostly good. My mothers are both Satanists too. Probably that is mostly why I am already a Satanist because I asked them lots of questions about it and it makes sense to me. If they were not Satanists it might have taken me a longer time to be one as well, but I still would be one eventually.

I don’t believe the bible stories are true. They are just stories. But in those stories my favourite person is Satan or The Devil. He is supposed to be the bad guy, but I don’t think he is. I think he is just trying to help people to start being free and not live like stupid animals in a garden where all they can do is worship the owner. How crazy is that? I would hate it if I was in that situation. So for me Satan is the hero of the story and I would be on his side.

Actually I am an atheist. I don’t believe in any God (especially not the one in the bible). But I do think there are other kinds of life in the universe and I think Satan is one of those very old and wise life forms. I don’t think any of the stories about him are actually true they are just ways that people try to explain things they don’t understand. I think Satan is a life made of energy and he can communicate with us with a kind of telepathy. Maybe not all people but some of us feel a kind of connection. That means the stories in the bible were also just ways to try and explain things that people couldn’t understand. And that is why the stories about Satan are a bit confusing and primitive. Some people didn’t understand the telepathy. (That’s what I think anyway).

So here are the things which Satanists believe. Firstly that Satan is a good example to follow. Not just the Satan the Bible speaks about but the Horned male God you see stories of in lots of old religions. But still you have to understand that stories are just stories to explain things they are not usually things which really happened. Secondly, you have to think for yourself and try to be a better person. Question everything! Thirdly, human beings are animals like all other animals not better or more worse. We shouldn’t be ashamed of being animals and we should treat animals fairly with respect. Fourth we don’t have to be kind to everyone and we can take revenge on people who are bad to us if we want to, but we should be kind to our family and friends and anyone else we want to be nice to. Fifth, we can do magic to make things happen how we want. Sixth, it’s okay to have fun as long as you don’t hurt yourself. Seventh, you can boast about the good things you do but you also have to take responsibility when you do things wrong. Last, we are against people and whole religions which try to stop people thinking for themselves, like Christianity for example. (This list is made up by me, it isn’t something official)!

Well actually there are a lot more things but those are the best ones and this is already the longest thing I wrote in English that wasn’t a homework assignment!

It would be nice if there were more Satanists my age even though my mother says its best not to decide things like this until you are older. Some of my mother and Cassie’s friends have children who believe mostly the same as me but at school there isn’t anybody and it’s not the kind of thing you should talk about too much because then people might think you are bad because they don’t really know what Satanism is about.

What I think is you don’t have to be a Satanist but you shouldn’t be afraid to admit it if you are one, which I am. On the other hand it’s best not to talk about it with most people. Most people would not know or even guess that I am a Satanist. That is fine because it is what is inside that counts. If you are thinking about being a Satanist you should find out all about it first. Mostly it just means you just have a different way of thinking about things than other people but also it gives you a kind of power which grows and grows. I don’t mean like Masters Of The Universe or any other super heroes, it is just something you can feel inside which helps you sometimes.

And that is all I can think of to say right now.

Have a nice day! Satanic Blessings from me, Tina!



17 Comments on “Being A Young Satanist”

  1. Tina – I am so proud you took the challenge from yr mum and wrote this fine article. Your English writing is Excellent by the way, so kudos to that.
    You seem a fine intelligent young lady who is being exposed to lots of ideas from both your schooling and your three parents.
    Its wise yr mum had you photoshop your identity, especially in this media where photo recognition is done by the big servers like FB. And btw nice photoshop piece whether you or someone else helped you do it.
    That’s cool yr dad takes you behind stage at concerts to meet musicians!
    Yea how can the animals captured in a zoo “love and worship” their captors? They just love the food they give them, and sometimes their arm too, LOL. Thank Lucifer some Nephilim rebelled and some of us followed them out of the supposed paradise of slavery in which humans would have Never evolved if not tempted and goaded to explore other lands and realms and ideas on this beautiful planet. YHVH is just a minor tribal war god and his power is fading, in my opinion. In fact all the evolved humans whose teaching got turned (against their will, or after they were dead) into the “religions of the book”. That is why for me besides being a Witch i am also a Buddhist as Gautama supposedly said on his death bed “don’t follow me; make your own path”. I guess ultimately i would call myself an agnostic that collects god/esses and sees them as both egregores of nature and parts of my mind and levels of my human, mammalian and reptilian brain. So for me with all the paths i practice i would still consider myself an Agnostic, because who the heck knows what is going on in this huge universe and in the billions of neurons in our brains??? Perhaps only the shamans, but then as i said their words get turned into religions because humans love to follow like a herd of animals follows their leader.
    I like your eight points about Satanism, concisely stated.
    And yea school is probably not the best place to get on a platform regarding either political or religious views, especially in today’s politically correct homogenous society. I assume things are better in Switzerland, but in the USA our freedoms are slowly being eaten away by laws “to project us” like sheep by big daddy government….
    I am gong to beblog this with yr permission and if you don’t want that then let me know and i will delete it. Blessings of the old Horned Gods like Cernunnos and Pashupati, and the newer Horned Gods like Satan, Shaitan, Lucifer and Baphometus be upon you and your family and friends. L / S

    • Cassie & Sophie says:

      Thank you! Yes you can reblog. It was nice the things you said and my mothers say you are a very nice man. Xx Tina

      • For some reason i cannot find yr comment which appeared in my email alerts which read – “Thank you! Yes you can reblog. It was nice the things you said and my mothers say you are a very nice man. Xx Tina” so i will just copy/paste it here and say thank you all for yr friendship across the pond and mountains and i wish we could all meet somewhere someday sometime.

  2. Loose Cannon says:

    The sky is the limit. It would be interesting to see what you accomplish. I have a feeling you will accomplish a lot.

  3. Reblogged this on Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge and commented:
    An excellent article by a young lady who is the daughter of Sophie and Cassie and her father, well written and worthy of a reblog. My long comments are below her article. Enjoy!

  4. kyuu1111 says:

    I wish I’ve had this education when I was younger :3

  5. Tell Tina that she did a fantastic job writing this, and I’m impressed that someone as young as 12. When I was that age, people still managed to push average joe Christianity on me and fear would take effect, though by 13 I cared less and by 14 I broke out but became agnostic. It would be about 5 years before I actually became a Satanist.

    • Cassie & Sophie says:

      Thank you. I am lucky that my mother and Cassie are Satanists. I think it is harder when your family or your parents believe different to you. I hope things are okay with you now. Xx Tina

      • They are. I am a Satanist right now, also a pagan (though I seem to have little time for ritual practice or space for books and tools), and I’m a huge fan of the Shin Megami Tensei series of games which has inspired me. I still struggle with Oriental faiths and deities which I admire, like Hinduism, Buddhism, and Shinto. I like to think I take a page or too from Taoism though.

  6. Reblogged this on Aleph's House of Chaos and commented:
    Honestly, this is something that deserves to be shared. I’m impressed by how someone so young can see the Satanic path the way she does.

  7. Reblogged this on The Daily Satanist and commented:
    Surpassed by far my expectations of how much can a 12 year old understand about life. If at you’re age you think like this, I’m glad to say that nothing can stop you now.

  8. satanicviews says:

    For a 12-year-old the ideas expressed are mature and well thought out. Yes, it is a good idea to keep Satanism to yourself and only share with those of like mind or are trustworthy. I would like there to be more Satanic resources for children and teenagers.

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