My Daughter Is A Satanist


Written by Sophie

I think in many parts of the world if a fourteen year old girl suddenly told her mother that she was a Satanist it would cause a lot of anxiety and concern. To be honest it caused me a lot of concern too.

As a preface, I should say that my daughter knows that Cassie and I are Satanists. We certainly don’t force our views on her but we don’t deny them either. We have also warned her as subtly as possible that a lot of people misunderstand or don’t agree with Satanism and so it would be best not to talk about our beliefs with people she doesn’t know well. She has access to what we call our altar room where there are a collection of Satanic books and an altar with various pagan and satanic symbols and objects. She has met some of our pagan and satanic friends and gets on well with them. I would like to state clearly though that we are extremely careful not to expose her to any of the more adult aspects of our rituals or lifestyle. (I only say that because I know that some people are unable to separate real satanism from the various horror stories of so called satanic abuse that often arise in the media and on the net).

A few months ago she came home from school and spoke about the story of Adam and Eve. (They don’t have religion in her school but they do have ethics which is where this came up). She was perplexed because the thrust the teacher was making in the lesson was that the story was about the importance of obedience and apparently most of the class just accepted that whereas she didn’t. She didn’t say anything in class for fear of getting a bad mark, but told me she thought the serpent was the real hero of the story for trying to free Adam and Eve, and she was very frustrated that nobody else seemed to get that point. I told her that I agreed with her.

Several times after that she started to quiz Cassie and I about exactly what we believed and she always ended up by saying that she agreed with us. Finally one time she concluded by asking, “Well, does that mean I am a Satanist too then?”

Cassie and I were a bit unsure what to say.

In truth I didn’t really want Tina to become a Satanist at this stage of her life. I know from my own experience that teenage views can change rapidly and dramatically and often. I have nothing against my daughter being a Satanist, but I would rather she had more time to measure her views and perhaps come to Satanism as an adult having tried out other spiritual ideas and philosophies. Twelve years old seems really early to be making any form of commitment to any religion, let alone one as controversial as Satanism.

And yet, how should we answer her questions? She does seem to share much of our philosophy. Her spiritual and moral views are very much in line with our thoughts. And my daughter is not a silly child. She is intelligent, independent, she reads a lot and she likes to think things through… She is mature for her age, some might say precocious… In fact the essence of her persona is very satanic indeed. How could we have missed that?

“Well,” I said, “You do seem to think and believe a lot of things that Satanists think and believe, but Satanism also is a choice to live a certain kind of way and to be a certain kind of person. So it is up to you to decide if you are a Satanist. You don’t have to decide it now though. It might be better to think about it for a while… As long as you like really; there is no need to rush something important like that.

And that was that, conversation over. She seemed content.

Then a few days later while the three of us were eating dinner she dropped a bit of a bombshell. “I have been thinking about what you said the other day,” she said matter of factly, “And I have decided I am a Satanist. I mean that is my choice. I know you wanted me to think about it for longer but actually I have been thinking about it for a long time already which is mainly why I brought it up the other day…

Cassie and I were squirming a bit by now.

“And another thing…” My daughter went on, “I don’t believe Satan is an evil creature who lives in a pit of fire, but I do believe Satan is real and I like him and feel like he likes me and I want to do a little ritual to make that connection stronger and make sure he knows I am on his side.”

Well there was a lot of conversation after that. In fact a lot of conversations which went on over many days. Cassie and I were both very unsure at first how to react and proceed. What made the difference was Tina herself. She never got angry during those conversations, she listened carefully and respectfully to all that Cassie and I had to say. And she talked as maturely as myself and Cassie (sometimes more so). But she stuck to her opinion.

So last week, the day after the Grand Climax ritual which Cassie and I celebrated with some friends, we had a private and very simple little ritual just the three of us in which we asked Satan to bless and guide Tina from that time onwards.

So my daughter is a Satanist.

Tina, my little girl is growing up. I don’t know if it’s my imagination but she seems more self assured than ever. I have to accept that she is coming to a time in her life when she will make more and more decisions for herself. I guess all mothers are nervous at this stage. But this decision was a good one and right for her. I fully accept it and see it as a new stage in our mother/daughter relationship.

There have been a few minor changes in her and in the feeling in our home since then. Both Cassie and I felt some changes in ourselves when we became Satanists and we wondered how this step would affect Tina. We think Satan is pleased and is being gentle with her. She seems more self confident. She seems somehow older in terms of maturity (and she was already ahead of the pack). There are some things we can talk about more openly in the home which I think strengthens the bonds between the three of us and I like that a lot…

As for Tina herself. Well she did ask if she could get a little tattoo to mark the occasion! I said absolutely no way until she is sixteen. She accepted that without a fight but did say she would probably renegotiate in a few months! We did take her shopping to a New Age/ witchy shop in Zurich and she has bought some Satanic looking jewellery (I’m not sure the love and light shop keeper really approved)! And she has dyed and braided a few strands of hair which she said was a little sign she could wear openly without anyone else understanding what it meant. She was always better at subtlety than me!
To me these things are as much about becoming a teenager as becoming a Satanist, but that does not reduce the importance of what she has done or the commitment she has made. She may well change her mind sooner or later, which would be fine, but knowing her I think that is unlikely. My daughter is a Satanist. She is also a bright, kind, considerate, funny, nature loving, musical, wise and intelligent girl and I am extremely proud of her.

One thing I have become aware of since this development is the lack of appropriate material on the net and in print for young Satanists. This is a theme Cassie and I will come back to (and maybe try to do something about).


14 Comments on “My Daughter Is A Satanist”

  1. G. B. Marian says:

    12 does seem a bit young for a commitment of that magnitude, but it sounds like your daughter’s really thought about it pretty deeply. Kudos to you and Cassie for doing the responsible thing and encouraging her to make her own decision about it and take her time in doing so. In any event, I know that when I was a young teenage Typhonian, there were lots of times when I wished my parents were Typhonians too (or at least more sympathetic to it). But the fact that your daughter has two parents who are not only sympathetic to her beliefs but who also share them and are highly experienced in them is a major blessing. Sounds to me like the three of you make a strong family unit indeed, and I am very happy for all three of you.

    • Cassie & Sophie says:

      I guess Cassie and I were falling into the trap of assuming that our daughter’s teenage years would be more similar to our own and that experimentation with spiritual ideas would come later and would involve more rebellion against parents ideas. That could still happen of course, but for the time being growing up as a Satanist in a Satanic family will give her an experience that neither of us had. It will be interesting and hopefully happy and productive for all of us. Sophie

  2. Loose Cannon says:

    When it comes to information for young Satanists, there is a severe lack of good and sane information for older Satanists. I don’t see that as a bad thing (not anymore), because I see it as an adult individuals journey, not a group journey.

    But for the young? You’re her mother. Does she need anyone else?

    I wish I was like that at 12. She will go far.

    • Cassie & Sophie says:

      Cassie and I will do our best and hopefully we are reasonable role models. What worries us is not so much that there isn’t much appropriate material, more that there is a lot of inappropriate material that she is bound to come across; and that needs challenging and explanation. In any case as a proud Mum I certainly agree, she will go far!

  3. A number does not make a person “responsible enough” to decide what is right for them. I applaud your daughter and her courage to ask, consider, learn and choose what is right for her. Well done.

    BTW, you and Cassie share the attribute of being very skilled writers! I look forward to your future posts.


  4. satanicviews says:

    I think many Satanists with children would welcome your creation of Satanic material for children.

  5. Ita Shetani says:

    I applaud all three of you for the way everything was handled. Your daughter is very lucky in my eyes. A lot of kids, even me when I was younger, couldn’t go to our parents about anything, let alone a religious change. The fact that all of you can be open with each other is going to be helpful for her as she progresses.

    I agree that there are a lack of resources out their for teens who may be interested in Satanism. But I’ve been reading this blog for awhile and you and Cassie always show yourselves in a respectable manner. And I have no doubt that the way the two of you carry yourselves (having respect not only for your path but also for yourselves) was one of the things that helped her make her decision.

  6. It’s true in most cases that girls mature earlier than boys, so it’s not that surprising that an intelligent girl would come such decisions at 12. My 7-year-old daughter amazes me with her insight and reasoning ability already, so I can only imagine what she will be like in five years. It sounds like you and Cassie handled the situation the best way you could. You still have boundaries with Tina as you indicated when you mentioned her wanting a tattoo. This is an interesting, well-written post. Thanks for sharing!

  7. jillapa says:

    hi cassie & sophie ?

  8. I am to a Satanist while only 13 years old. I truly respect this post that there are other Satanist our in the world.

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