Domestic Satanists



Finally Sophie and I are home together!

The last few weeks have been quite busy and stressful. I have been working in four countries, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and The Czech Republic. I was mainly teaching but had to do some PR work and teacher training as well. I haven’t had much time on line at all, but long enough to have a major fallout with the owner of a messageboard I used to be active in! Meanwhile back at the ranch, Sophie has been busy marking end of term exams and doing all the stuff that needs to be done before school finishes for the summer. As well as being a good Mum and keeping our flat looking lovely.

It was so nice getting home yesterday and being with Sophie and Tina again. We have had a delightfully relaxed and lovely weekend. We’ve planned our summer so as to have much more time as a family here in Zurich. There will still be some work, but most of it based here, so things should be a lot more relaxed for a couple of months.

I am (not) sorry if this all sounds too domestic and not Satanic enough but that is kind of the point of this blog. We don’t spend all of our time in debauched nakedness having orgies and invoking demons all over the place… We are real people. We have lives. We have jobs. We have relationships and children to care and provide for. And these things are as essential to us as to anybody else.

I distrust fundamentalists of any religion. I have also realised I rather dislike any religion which so shapes the lives of the believer that they are unable to have any semblance of a normal life. How can any religion be a positive thing if it is totally divorced from the realities and concerns of everyday life? For Sophie and I religion and philosophy should be aids to self empowerment, self knowledge and self improvement and that is why we are Satanists. But we don’t need to be doing specifically Satanic things all the time or acting as others might expect Satanists to act (generally other people’s expectations are totally wrong anyway).

We have a lot of real life to be doing at the moment. We have only had this apartment for a few months but it feels very much like home already. However, there are lots of little jobs that need to be done and decorating to be finished. We want to do as much of that as possible while Tina is at school so that during her holiday we can do as many fun things with her as possible; which will include a trip to the UK… Here in Zurich a lot of schools have shorter summer holidays than in other European countries, but they get a longer holiday in Autumn as well…

When Sophie and I met just over two years ago it really changed my world. One of the extra challenges which has turned out to be a total pleasure was the fact that Sophie is the mother of a (now 12 year old) daughter who is growing up fast. (We often joke that Tina is more grown up than we are)! Sophie and I were nervous at first about how Tina would react to me… Well we needn’t have worried… (Okay, I am not looking at this with rose tinted glasses, the teenage years are ahead and I am sure there will be some difficult moments).  Anyway having joint responsibility for a child has changed me and brought out my maternal instincts and helped me to grow in many ways…

So for these two brazen Satanists our life and priorities are more about what’s best for our daughter than reading Satanic books or performing Satanic rituals (which is not to say that those things don’t play an important part in our lives as well).

And to give a little bit of stability and security to our domestic life we have a bit of an announcement to make… We are kind of getting married! I’ll let Sophie explain more…

LOL! For the record, I asked and Cassie said yes! Did I go down all romantically on one knee? Not exactly, I had just gone down on her though!

Actually neither Cassie or I are fans of the concept of marriage in the traditional sense, but I wanted her to know how much she means to me and I wanted us to have all the legal rights and protections that go with having a registered partnership, and that is what we are going to do. Switzerland is a bit slow in recognising same sex marriages of the religious kind but we have been ahead of the curve in granting Registered Partnership status to same sex couples for quite a few years. It means that in terms of things like tax, insurance and social security we will have the same rights as any married couples, and most importantly from my point of view it means that if anything happens to me, Cassie will be treated as Tina’s next of kin. The details and the dates are not quite fixed yet, but we are hoping to arrange it sooner rather than later. Spiritually we already feel that our relationship has been blessed, but we will arrange a formal ritual with our coven as a kind of celebration of our union.

In some ways this all seems so normal and obvious, in other ways not so much. Cassie and I have both always been strong supporters of equal rights for people with different sexual preferences and identities, but strangely I don’t think we ever really thought these kind of rights would be an issue for us. We don’t really think of ourselves as a  lesbian couple even now, although I guess we are. We are both bisexual. We both still find some men attractive, although since we have been together it is fair to say our lesbian tendencies have been the dominant ones. Actually we have both slept with other men since knowing each other but those kind of experiences seem irrelevant to the things that bond us as a couple; and as a family.

So for we two Satanists, the next few months are mostly going to be about  painting, decorating, paid work, shopping, organising, travelling, meetings with lawyers, day trips, lunches by the lake, having fun with our daughter and trying to prevent her filling our home with any more spiders or even more dangerous animals!

Domestic yes, boring no!



5 Comments on “Domestic Satanists”

  1. ladyimbrium says:

    What? You’re normal humans? Shock!

    And congratulations!

  2. I know this comment may be late but congratulations on you two being home together and I wish you all the best.

    And I adore the new background for your site too.

  3. There is nothing boring about domestic life and blogging about it Sophie, and it is always interesting to peak into someone else’s life not in a voyeuristic way but in a way that we are all human no matter what our religious beliefs. I do not have any children, but consider raising a child to be the highest magickal act there is. You do what you can do to give them the proper education and mind set to handle life, and then one day they are old enough it is all out of your hands and they grow up to be what They want to be. Blessings on the three of you in your “earth walk” as the Native Americans say.

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