Satanic Shoes, Satanic Statements


Like most women, Cassie and I like shoes. In fact, between us we probably have enough to start a small shoe shop! I won’t say how many we have but we probably have shoes for all occasions although there is always room for more… It occurred to us that choosing a new pair of shoes is a bit like choosing a religion or life philosophy. At first you look for a style that suits you. You kind of know what you are looking for although it may be difficult to explain it to other people. The style and design you finally choose must of course fit you and you may need to make a few adjustments before the shoes are really ready to wear. The shoes you go for may not suit other people but they have to look good on you and you have to feel comfortable wearing them. And the most important point is that once you start wearing a pair of shoes that you really like, a two way process happens. The shoes begin to adapt to the shape of your feet and your feet begin to adapt to the shape of your shoes. This is exactly how it has been with the allegorical Satanic shoes that Cassie and I have chosen to wear.

It is two years since Cassie started this blog and during that time there have been a lot of changes and a lot of growth in both our lives. Satanism has been one of the constant factors which has helped us to develop as individuals and as a couple. However, whenever the subject comes up there is still a lot of mis-understanding and confusion about what we mean by being Theistic Satanists. The question often is; “What do you actually believe?”

So to celebrate two years of this blog we have tried to sum up our beliefs in some fairly simple sentences. In no particular order these are our personal Satanic Statements.


We believe in the deity/entity/energy/life force known as Satan and ally ourselves fully and completely with it’s purpose and nature.

We believe Satan has been and still is known by other names in other times and cultures.

We believe Satan represents individualism, freedom and the maximalisation of human development and potential.

We believe it is beneficial to connect with Satan through meditation, thought and ritual.

We believe there are other universal energies known as Gods or Demons in various cultures and we are open to working with any that further Satanic principles while we ignore or oppose any which seek to limit or enslave human potential.

We are agnostic about the actual existence of the Abrahamic God, but as an agent or symbol of social control and human oppression we oppose it.

We believe in personal responsibility in all things which includes acceptance of positive and negative consequences for ones actions. Therefore we are prepared to take risks while being mindful of potential consequences.

We believe the main mission and imperative for our lives is to experience, learn, grow and develop as much as possible.

We are self centred and we believe this is the most honest and realistic position from which to view the rest of the world.

We are hedonistic and we believe it is good to savour all the pleasures life has to offer. Life can indeed be beautiful and to ignore opportunities for enjoyment is as bad as ignoring the needs of others when we are in a position to help.

We don’t believe there are any universal moral absolutes but we do have moral values based on a long term view of what is good for the self, the family, the local community and the wider world.

We have aspects which in isolation may be described as good or bad, light or dark but we believe that in reality we are most effective in life when these aspects work in harmony and make us whole and balanced. As such we believe that those aspects of ourselves which in isolation might be described negatively are just as vital and fundamental as those parts which are more commonly described positively. Thus we fully embrace the darkness as well as the light.

We study, practice and use magic and occult knowledge according to our own needs and values without restrictions imposed from outside.

We strongly resist and oppose all forms of mindless prejudice and bigotry.

We strongly reject and oppose unnecessary cruelty to people and animals.

we are totally opposed to any and all philosophies, systems, institutions and individuals that seek to or actually rob people of their personal integrity, choice or free will.

We take the long term view and believe it is wise to take care of the earth, the environment and all that ultimately sustains us and our children.

We believe it serves both the self and the wider community to be kind, helpful and respectful whenever possible but we reserve the right to be aggressive and vengeful if we decide a situation merits such a response.

We believe love is indeed a universal power which can aid self development and which can overcome all kinds of adversities. Love is not the monopoly of any one religion or philosophy.


And that in a nut-shell is our version of Satanism (or Cassophism as Blau Stern calls it). Hopefully it is clear how we have grown into it during the past two years and how it has grown into us.

Hail Satan! Hail ourselves!


9 Comments on “Satanic Shoes, Satanic Statements”

  1. Happy Second Anniversary for this blog πŸ™‚

  2. ajlea2k says:

    Happy anniversary πŸ™‚ I am curious about satanism and I appreciate you articulating what you believe. My wife (who smokes) and I (who doesn’t) also appreciate your Smokers Writes blog. There are so many resources online about satanism of varying quality – its nice to be able to count on your intelligent and informative posts. While I can’t quite get myself to say “Hail Satan” just yet, I am getting closer and closer…

    • Cassie & Sophie says:

      Thank you! We would be the first to say that Satanism isn’t for everybody and we have a lot of respect for people who follow other spiritual paths. A large part of Satanism is reaching a state of mind where you begin to question and challenge orthodox ideas and try and work out for yourself what is right and wrong. This can lead to rather immature rebelliousness in some cases, but it can also lead to a much more meaningful and fulfilling life which is what we are aiming for. There is quite a lot about Satanism on line but a lot of it is sensationalist or written by those who disapprove of it. Even some legitimate sources such as Anton LaVey need to be seen in context… We are glad if you find our insights helpful and we wish you luck in your spiritual journey, whatever twists and turns you decide to take! Cassie πŸ™‚

  3. ajlea2k says:

    And I who doesn’t? LOL – wow…

  4. You know ole Doc Santee had a thing for high heels. He was a shoe salesman at one time in his youth. He had literally thousands of the old wheels of slides for a projector of just his “nurses” / “librarians” calves and heels. I remember a book there that said that a woman in very high heels made her into an S shape and her legs looked like the legs of the cat. Now this is all very non pc and 1960s and all so i hope no one has a fit (pun intended) and i know women go thru all kinds of hoops to please men, heels being one of them, bu if they are a pleasurable fetish then why not?, or as i like to say – “don’t take them off…..”

  5. satanicviews says:

    Some great statements, which helps with building a solid Satanic foundation.

  6. Shivam Raja says:

    I want to adapt i adapt it plz share it to me..

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