The Satanic Mother

Satanic Parenting by Sophie (1)

Mother Daughter Magic by artist Juli Cady Ryan


I think this may be the first of an occasional series of posts on this subject since I am both a Satanist and a mother.

To be honest I didn’t really think being a Satanist would make much difference to parenting. I always thought there were just two types of parents, good ones and bad ones. Good parents love their children, do everything to keep them as safe as possible and educate them to make the most of their lives. I still think that. But being a Satanist does raise some questions, at least in other people’s minds. A question which has been asked of me several times since I have been more open about being a Satanist is, “Are you bringing your daughter up to be a Satanist?”

The honest answer is mostly no, but a little bit yes.

The no part first. I firmly believe that no child should have any religion or life philosophy forced upon them. Finding a religion or life philosophy that you can live with can be an important thing and is certainly a very personal thing which I don’t believe anyone can even begin to explore until their teens at the earliest. I don’t think anybody should be asked to commit themselves to any particular life philosophy until they are an adult. Moreover for many of us who take spiritual affairs seriously it can take many years or even a lifetime to feel secure in any particular spiritual path or tradition. In my own case for most of my adult life I identified as a Buddhist. There is nothing about that period of my life that I regret. I learned a lot from living a Buddhist lifestyle and I still practice and believe many of the things I did as a Buddhist. If anybody had tried to force me to become a Satanist or any other religion before I discovered its merits for myself I would have resisted strongly. Moreover I wouldn’t be the person or the fully committed Satanist that I am now if I had not had those other experiences and influences. Being a Buddhist helped me to become a Satanist.

Cassie also says that if she had not spent many years exploring various traditions including Christianity and Taoism, and living as a Pagan she would probably not be such a firm Satanist now.

Other people come to Satanism earlier. The point is we are all different and I don’t think it is possible or wise to try and force anyone to believe something. Every individual has their own journey to make.

As a mother I want my daughter to be healthy and happy. I want to protect her and teach her how to protect herself. I want her to develop her interests and I want to provide all she needs to go on and live a happy and fulfilling life. As long as I can go some way to achieving those objectives I don’t mind what, if any, religion or spiritual direction she chooses. And I would not be at all surprised if she changes her mind on that theme many times anyway. Most of us do. However I won’t deny that I would be pleased if at some point she does decide to become a Satanist because form my perspective it is the best way to be.

So I will not indoctrinate my daughter. I will not force my beliefs on her. I will do my best to make it clear that I will love her whatever religions she chooses or rejects as her life goes on. However I will not hide or deny my beliefs from her, and like most parents I will try to instil in her the values which I hold to be good and true. Some of those values are Satanic or Left Hand Path in nature and others are more general. Primarily I want her to show all people respect and kindness until or unless they prove they are unworthy of such consideration. Then I want her to value education and to learn as much as she can about all the things that interest her or could be useful to her. And finally I want her to enjoy life as fully as she can. So this is the little “yes”. In so far as I believe Satanism can be the most rewarding and life enhancing philosophy that I know of, I would be delighted if she embraced it too at some point.

To those who read this blog regularly it must be clear that Cassie and I are very vocal and passionate Satanists. It must therefore also be clear that my daughter is aware of this too. We do not hide it from her. Because Satanism is so widely misunderstood we have encouraged Tina to be discrete about what she tells others about us. But we have left it largely up to her and as adults we will deal with any difficulties that arise.

To her, I don’t think our Satanism is anything particularly special. I’m sure like most girls her age she thinks all parents are a bit strange and embarrassing! She is however interested in witchcraft and Cassie is teaching her some very basic things concerning correspondences and things of that nature. From me she has already learned how to meditate. She loves wildlife and nature and is quite willing to learn about things she is interested in. Combining all these things together, Cassie and I are quite convinced she will be a powerful witch one day. Whether she will be a Satanic witch will be entirely up to her.

But she is not yet a teenager. In your teens it is common to rebel against your parents values or some of them… Perhaps my daughter will become a non drinking, non smoking, non swearing, born again Christian Conservative, casually racist, sexist, anti homosexual, devoted baby making wife and house-Frau!

In reality I very much doubt that will happen, at least not all of them! If they did, I admit I would be sad and worried for her, but she would still be my daughter and I would still love her!


3 Comments on “The Satanic Mother”

  1. I find this post important, considering I live with someone who is a young parent (my 24-year old sister) and her attitude and actions make me deeply doubt I can raise a kid, or kids, in the future, and this is mostly because I fear I cannot raise a child without coercing them or doing anything that would violate my deepest values just for the sake of parenting.

  2. julio says:

    I think that it¨s the correct way. Unfortunately we have been educate, since our childhooh, subdue to the paradigms, standars and practices that limit our freedom and impose us life¨forms that go against our natural tendences and wishes. Notwihstanding, satanics, like us, have know to exceed these barriers and embrace , late or early, the satanic ideology.

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