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Well I am home in Zurich for a couple of weeks. It is funny how quickly Zurich has come to feel like home…

One of the less cosmetic changes Sophie and I are going to make to this blog in the coming months is that we will from time to time write more personal entries about our lives and opinions than has been the norm. Most of the entries here have been, and will remain, little essays on Satanic themes. However, we think it may also be informative and interesting for people to get an insight into other aspects of our family life; it is another way to confront stereotypes. Besides I must admit I have missed that avenue of expression since finishing my personal and general blog, Cassie Being Cassie. In that bog I tried to separate out any references to Satanism, which became a bit tiresome. I think here it is clear from the outset that we are writing from a satanic point of view and it is not something we are shy about.

So, a short recap for those who don’t know us. Sophie and I met just under two years ago. We met in Zurich where I was teaching for a week. I work as a travelling English teacher and promotions person for a British based company that offers special English projects in European schools. Sophie is a teacher who specialises in children with special needs. Although we are both bisexual and have had relationships with women before, we weren’t expecting things to go the way they did. But it really was love at first sight and there  has never been any doubt in our minds since then that we want to live our lives together. Flash forward two years and here we are living together in a pretty suburb of Zurich, not far from the lake. Our family consists of Sophie, her daughter Tina, me and a red knee’d tarantula called Sam!

I still travel a lot for my job so the times we are together as a family are precious. At the moment I guess we are still settling in in many ways and having fun with the decorating of our new home. For me this is as much an adventure as anything else I have ever done. While I guess in some ways this is a kind of honeymoon phase for Sophie and I, there is something about it which feels permanent and eternal, as if it always was.

I don’t think there is anything obviously Satanic about our household. Anyone who can accept the fact that we are two women living together will find our home modern, normal and full of love. Okay, we have a pet spider but that is mainly because Tina is crazy about wildlife in general and we wanted to give her a fairly low maintenance pet that can live comfortably in a suburban flat. Apart from that there is no horror or gore in our home. We have a small room behind our bedroom which contains our spiritual and philosophical books which include Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and The Tao of Pooh, as well as The Satanic Witch and other more obvious satanic literature. We have decorated this room with various satanic symbols and artefacts and it is probably the only room in the apartment where our spiritual leaning is clear, but still much less goth or gore than many would expect. There is a bit of erotica though.

In many ways we are happily boring and normal!

Just in case we are sounding altogether too boring and not nearly dark enough, I do have one evil confession to make…

A few nights ago a couple of Mormons called round as they sometimes do. They wanted to invite us to a talk about why Jesus was important to us. Well being hospitable people what could we do? We invited them in. We said they were welcome to talk about their beliefs so long as they respected ours. They seemed quite eager at first and seemed delighted to meet Tina as well. Then they started their little talk. We only interrupted them once to offer them a Gin and Tonic, but they declined. We sipped ours while they continued to the end of their prepared speech. Okay, perhaps Sophie and I were little more affectionate with each other than we normally would be in the company of strangers. It was funny to watch them pretend not to notice as we held hands and rubbed up against each other while they were speaking. Tina raised her eyes and left the room at that point, she is much better behaved than us!

When they had finished their talk we invited them to give their opinion on some of our spiritual books. As we lead them through our bedroom to our inner sanctum where we store our books there might just have been a mid porn magazine and some dildos in sight on our dressing room table. Well, I’m sure they didn’t notice… But in the book room, decorated as it is with inverted pentagrams and crucifixes, black candles and other magical paraphernalia, I think they guessed what our religion was. They both turned quite pale. I was in the midst of asking if they had ever heard of Anton LaVey when by complete coincidence Tina appeared in the doorway  holding Sam the spider in her hand. At this point one of them started hyperventilating and I was quite concerned. I offered him a brandy but he didn’t seem keen.

They then left quite abruptly. They were muttering something rather hysterical in German. I couldn’t quite make it out, but I don’t think it was a blessing!

by Cassie


5 Comments on “Personal & Home Life”

  1. Loose Cannon says:

    There was a program in the US, back in the 60’s, called the Addams Family.
    So, your incident with the mormons reminded me of that show.

  2. satanicviews says:

    With regards to the Mormons: brilliant! 🙂

  3. LEjames says:

    Mormons in Zurich, interesting. I had always thought they were largely relegated to the country of America.

    Great reading…I could picture the whole thing.

  4. Julio Cesar says:

    Interesantes reflexiones de vuestra vida en comun dentro del contexto satanico. Internet se ha convertido en un importante medio a traves del cual los satanistas podemos intercambiar experiencias no solo de nuestras practicas satanistas sino tambien de nuestras vidas rutinarias. Dado que el individualismo es algo esencial en el satanismo y que a diferencia de muy pocos paises y ciudades ern nuestro medio no podemos disponer de sitios de congregacion para practicar nuestros rituales, este medio si permite conformar una congregacion virtual de intercambios tanto de conocimientos como de comportamientos dentro de nuestra filosofia de vida practica. Las felicito de todo corazon y les deseo toda suerte
    de felicidades en su vida diaria. Alabado y glorificado sea el poderoso nombre de nuestro señor SATANAS

    • Cassie & Sophie says:

      Gracias por sus comentarios y por favor disculpen a mi mal español. Estamos tratando de Mostrar satanismo en un contexto de vida real. Espero que la gente verá la belleza en la libertad y la independencia que ofrece nuestro Señor Satanás.

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