On being evil and selfish


Apparently Cassie and I are selfish and evil people. To be fair nobody has actually said that to my face (although they have done to Cassie) but probably a lot of people think that or would think it if they knew we were Satanists.
And I suppose they are right in some ways… We have a lifestyle and philosophy which is very self centred and is based on a God or a concept which many people believe to be the incarnation of evil.

So let’s start off with the question of evil. Let me see… Well for a start we are not Christians. I guess for some people that fact alone is enough to make us evil. But worse than that, we quite actively oppose many Christian values and teachings. We don’t believe in the Christian God and if he did exist we would certainly oppose him as a dreadful oppressor.

We both work hard but only when we want to or when we need to; we don’t think work itself is something nobel or virtuous and we would both be lazier if we could be. We would both lie or steal in some situations and we would kill to protect ourselves or our family. We would both take vengeance on anyone who hurt us or the people we care about.

We are not ashamed of our so called vices, in fact we indulge ourselves whenever we can. We like good food, we drink and smoke and may sometimes enjoy other things which are prohibited in some parts of the world.

I have had a child out of wedlock and Cassie and I have both had lots of sex with lots of people, men and women. Oh yes and we are two women who live together and believe me what we do sexually with each other makes Fifty Shades look like a Disney movie! More importantly we actively campaign for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people to have equal rights under the law in all things including marriage if they want it. I personally encourage my daughter to think all kinds of sexuality are normal.

We swear, we curse, we blaspheme. We wear a lot of black, we have tattoos, we listen to loud music and we sometimes dress provocatively.

Cassie practices witchcraft including what some might call black magic. I am learning magic and encouraging my daughter to do so too; not that she really needs much encouragement.

If all the above things are evil then I plead guilty. However even if all those things were evil (which I don’t believe) it only tells half the story, doesn’t it?

So yes, I might kill to protect myself but I might also sacrifice my life to save my child. I might lie if I had good reason to, but I might tell the truth at risk of loosing my job if I thought it was the right thing to do. I might almost faint with pleasure at some of the darker pleasures Cassie and I enjoy with each other but I might also melt into sentimental tears when I watch Bambi or hear a song from my childhood. I might swear and use bad language but I am also multi lingual and I encourage my daughter to be able to master as many a languages as she can. I may sometimes use substances which are illegal in some places but I have also devoted many hours of my life to helping young people get off drugs or avoid them altogether. I may be very liberal in sexual matters but I will do all I can to ensure my daughter and other young people do not feel pressured into having sex before they are ready; and when they are ready they will have the knowledge to protect themselves from disease or unwanted pregnancy. Do all these things sound evil?

In my opinion concepts of good and evil are entirely relative. What matters is the balance that makes us whole people. Cassie and I earn our living by teaching people. We get a kick out of giving them the ability to grow and learn more and to realise their potential. We think what we do is both important and helpful to the individual kids and to society as a whole. We have friends who are doctors and nurses and who probably save people’s lives on a daily basis. Are the helpful things we do for others negated by the fact that we are Satanists and live life according to our own rules and tastes?

I realise that some people will think it is enough to say we are evil as if that finishes the argument. And if the things I do and believe are seen as evil by some people then I guess by their standards I am evil. I just think their standards are stupid and insane.

I will admit however that my entire philosophy of life is self centred. Am I selfish? Yes, in some ways. I love Satanism for allowing me to be honest about this. However I probably still don’t mean what many people think I mean. Being self centred and selfish can be negative and unhelpful if that is where the story ends but I mean it in a more philosophical way. I mean that in all things I start from the perspective of what is good for me…

Some religions and philosophies (most in fact) set some abstract standard by which people can be measured or judged. Rules are made and codified… Thou Shalt Not Do This or That… The result is that most people of many religions and non religious philosophies spend a lot of time feeling like failures or sinners because they cannot live up to these arbitrary standards. The truth is this is a power game. Wherever people are made to feel inadequate there will be others who will use that fact to control them. “Oh you didn’t go to church on Sunday, you’d better make an extra donation next week…” “Oh dear, you are having homosexual thoughts well you’d better buy this book, pray everyday and go and see this person for therapy…” And in case you think these statements sound a bit biased against Christians, I have also heard Buddhist monks hint that the appropriate donation to the temple might help ensure a better reincarnation.
Repeatedly religions and philosophies encourage people not to trust their own instincts but to buy into some other morality they can never truly live up to. It is a trick. It is disempowering.

I trust myself first. I do what I think is right for me. I take pleasure in the things that make me happy without feeling guilty about it because of somebody else’s morals. I am indeed self centred. And self empowered. But that does not mean that I ONLY think about myself. That would be stupid. I probably think far more about my daughter and plan most of my life around her. But that is MY choice, MY priority. In all things I start from myself and work outwards. But being relatively intelligent I of course realise that the health and happiness of myself and my daughter also depends on how we get on with a vast network of other people. To only do things which are entirely self serving without thought or consideration of others would be stupid and self defeating.

Then there are relationships. Cassie and I are both self centred people. But that is not a problem at all, it is in fact a shared notion of reality that binds us closer together. We also both care a lot about the needs and welfare of other people and in our understanding this is not in opposition to the notion of being self centred.

Being self centred means relying on your own judgements and trusting your own instincts. Very importantly it also means taking full responsibility for your own actions. When we fuck up as everybody does sometimes we don’t blame some distant God; we don’t even blame Satan. But perhaps we don’t fuck up quite as often as some people do because we are not trying to live up to some abstract ideal in the first place.
Cassie and I generally try to be kind and helpful to others but we are self centred in the way I have described and we are Satanists whose morals and lifestyle are certainly far from Christian norms… We are content to be the way we are. Is that really evil? Is so, then we are.

By Sophie



10 Comments on “On being evil and selfish”

  1. Thanks for another great post. I haven’t read one by you before! I still have trouble letting go of shame for silly things like how I dress and act and satanism has helped me release those things and also helped me realize it’s ok to serve my best interest. In then it’s helped me set firm boundaries with others and free my mind!

    Keep the writings coming please!:)

  2. sexspirit1 says:

    The religious people mean well. They just don’t know what they are doing or why they are doing it.

    I think they see us as being ‘evil’ because we are loose cannons on what they think is their ship. And when we make it clear that it’s not their ship, that they are not in control, that we don’t answer to them, then the hate comes out.

    And I’ve found that this hate they feel can be used, simply by asking them to think about where that hate comes from. That’s what made me start questioning things.

  3. satanicviews says:

    Good and evil are subjective judgments against a set of rules. The Christian thinks I am evil because I broke their rule of rejecting their Jesus, however they accept a fellow Christian is good because they followed the rule of always going to church.

    I break rules so I must be evil.

    I put self first so I must be selfish.

    All part of being a Satanist.

  4. julio says:

    Muy buena colaboracion. Es la regla esencial del verdadero satanismo. Libertad responsable para dirigir nuestras vidas dentro del contexto en que nos corresponda vivir. Por fuera de toda norma etica o moral preconcebida de acuerdo a intereses de clases o de caracter individual.
    Espero seguir recibiendo tan correcta orientacion a traves de tus valiosos comentarios.

    • Cassie & Sophie says:

      Gracias por sus comentarios. La libertad personal, junto con la responsabilidad personal son la clave para el satanismo. Sophie; I hope my Spanish is correct.

  5. Qiniso Prince says:

    Thank you for sharing your lifestyle,reading these from South Africa.I AM A Satanist,Evil I’m not,never read anything Evil about satanism,but Empowering myself as a Human,I am grateful to live my life as the way life was meant to be lived,Thank.you again for your post Cassie,Mother and Tina Hail Father Satan Embrace Satanic,El Diablo

  6. Cassie & Sophie says:

    Reblogged this on Devil's Advocates and commented:

    Rather than making new posts which are repeating things we have said before we thought we would reblog a few posts which still seem relevant. We will still be making new posts too. This is the first of the reblogs and still seems to nail the theme from our point of view.

  7. mark Lingerfelt says:

    Thank you for sharing and letting us into a part of your life. Satanists (I’m one) that I know aren’t evil, just misunderstood and prejudged!

  8. Loose Cannon says:

    Reblogged this on old soul ramblings and commented:
    I rarely agree with anything I read 100%, but this article is an exception. I have seen this from both sides, christian and Satanist.

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