Revamp Renewal and Rededication

Regular readers may detect a few subtle changes in this blog in the next few weeks. Some of the changes will be small and cosmetic but they reflect a change in my own personal life and a rededication to Satanic principles and philosophy. A bigger change however is that my partner Sophie will also be contributing to this blog. She says she won’t write as much or as often as me but I do know she has been working on a few things and I am eager to read them. At the moment we are working on a new Introduction/about us page which should be up in a few days hopefully.

Some readers may know that I have recently ended my personal, general blog. However I am not going to stop this blog but rather I will rededicate and re-focus more of my writing time to Satanism and Satanic principles. Sophie and I both feel this is the right move and it is a project we can work on together even when work keeps us apart.

There are some Satanists I respect deeply who argue that in many ways it is better for Satanists to go under the radar, to foster anonymity, to live the Satanic lifestyle quietly and privately. And I fully agree with that argument. However quite clearly, just from writing this blog We are not being entirely private or quiet about our beliefs. In fact we intend if anything to be more upfront and public about this aspect of our lives as time goes on. Sophie and I have agreed that while we shall be more circumspect about some aspects of our home life, Satanism is so central to both of us that it will be impossible and inconvenient to hide it altogether. I fully intend to write and publish books on the subject and we are both playing an active part in Satanic communities in Europe and Great Britain and internationally via the internet. While we are fully aware that there could be some negative repercussions, we have faith in Satan that the advantages will vastly outnumber the potential disadvantages. Thus in effect from now on we are both totally “out” and open as Satanists and are prepared to be known as such.

But why?

I guess like a lot of people my first steps into Satanism were small and tentative. Probably I wanted to be able to beat a hasty retreat if I felt it was wrong or I was getting out of my depth. However there eventually came a point where not calling myself a Satanist made no sense at all; it would have felt like a lie to myself. It was more an acceptance of my true self than any kind of conversion. Around that time I started this blog. The idea was to keep my Satanic thoughts and views separate from my other blog which recorded the rest of my opinions. I also saw it as a place to chart my progress in Satanism. It was all supposed to be slow and gradual… It wasn’t. The more I immersed myself in Satanism the more at home I felt. Far from wanting to retreat or run away I wanted to embrace and embue Satanism ever more deeply. And I have been doing that ever since. At the same time I have found my little voice on the web has piqued a few people’s interest. My relative normality is perhaps at odds with what a lot of people expect a Satanist to be; and I think that can be valuable and useful. There are plenty of horror stories about Satanists in the media, and most people who have any form of Christian upbringing will have been taught to view Satan and Satanists as pure evil to be avoided. If myself and a few others are prepared to stick our heads above the parapet a few popular myths and misconceptions might be challenged. I think that would be beneficial because while neither Satanism nor any other religion is right for all people there may be some who can be persuaded to explore satanic ideas more openly and with less prejudice. I think Satanism is a positive thing and I think it could deeply enrich some people’s lives as it has mine. Therefore I admit to feeling a kind of calling to be a small ambassador for Satanism and I can’t do that if I am hiding or in denial. Sophie is very supportive of this idea and I think you will see when she starts to write here that she is just as passionate and committed to Satanism as I am.

I hope this blog will continue to interest people and challenge assumptions. I hope it will give both Satanists and non satanists food for thought and reflection. I have never claimed to be an expert on anything or to speak for all Satanists but I do hope that we can at least be positive examples of how Satanism can be.



5 Comments on “Revamp Renewal and Rededication”

  1. You know the more that I learn about Satan and Satanism the hungrier I get. Thank You for providing spiritual Satanic food for Your readers.

  2. You ARE a great ambassador for Satanism because of your intelligence and rationality and writing skills.

  3. julio says:

    Thanks Cassie and Sophie for this important contribution for all satanists . Is the real work that masters in satanism like you and your girl friend can do for the progress and the knowledge

  4. satanicviews says:

    I look forward to being an avid reader of your new steps into Satanism.

  5. hocuspocus13 says:

    Reblogged this on hocuspocus13.

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