Connecting with Satan

I find it healthy, helpful and invigorating for my mind, body and soul to connect with Satan (or Satanic energy) as often as possible. But what does that mean exactly and how does one achieve it?

Most Satanists would probably agree that connecting with Satan really means opening a channel to your own innermost being; your own soul and psyche. I myself think that is a large part of what happens but as a Theistic Satanist I am also convinced that I am also actually opening a direct channel to a real entity known as Satan.

Many spiritual people of various religions believe that they are able to connect with the deity that is central to their beliefs. Some may call it prayer, some may call it meditation, some may call it communion or have other ways to describe it, but experiencing a connection to your deity or the central concept of your spiritual path is common to many religious and philosophical belief systems and Satanism is no different.

As a former Christian (long time ago) and long term Pagan I have previously felt connected to other deities by using various techniques but each feeling of connection was different from all others. For me however the connection I feel with Satan is far more intense, dramatic and transformative that any other “communion” I have felt.

The first and probably most dramatic “communion” I felt with Satan was when I first became a Satanist. Since that time I have found this particular experience is common to many of my fellow Satanists. It is perhaps not at all surprising. At a psychological level really deciding to become a Satanist pushes all sorts of psychological buttons and opens doors to parts of your own psyche that are likely to remain closed otherwise. Few if any other belief systems come with so many misconceptions, negative connotations and emotional baggage as Satanism. Deciding to open that forbidden door and walk a path less traveled unleashes all sorts of highly charged spiritual and emotional energy. If you also believe as some of us do that you are opening yourself up to a primeval force or entity, it is hardly surprising that the result is dramatic. In my own case it felt like an enormous drug rush or semi permanent orgasm that lasted for almost a month. At times it was close to being painful and because of the physical obviousness of it, sometimes embarrassing. During this period my thought patterns, emotions and beliefs changed in subtle and not so subtle ways. (I should perhaps add that I was fully aware of this process taking place and could have stopped it at any point if I had chosen to). There were also noticeable physical changes; my breasts enlarged, my skin looked clearer and younger, my voice changed slightly and a long standing problem I had with my right knee virtually disappeared. At the same time I became very aware of the presence of a new force, of Satan, in my life. While the true nature of Satan is not what is commonly believed, it (he) is clearly not to everybody’s taste. It is very much to my taste though and therefore I welcome every opportunity to bask in that presence and develop that relationship. But how?

At the simplest level I like to talk to Satan. Some might call that prayer although many satanists don’t like that term. I’m a chatty person so in my inner dialogs I just tell him what is on my mind or sometimes ask questions as if I was speaking to a friend. The next step is to listen. I don’t hear voices but I do find that ideas relating to what’s on my mind just pop into my head and I also look for signs and opportunities in the way that life unfolds.
At a slightly deeper level I meditate, a skill I have become quite adept at since my Taoist days and all through my life as a pagan and a witch. Sometimes I focus on an image of Satan in my mind or in a picture taken off my computer and banish all other thoughts until I begin to feel Satan’s presence very strongly. Sometimes sexual stimulation can quicken or amplify the connection. This can be achieved alone or together with your lover. (I happen to be a very sexually responsive person, people with different personality types may find other forms of stimulation during meditation more helpful).

Meditation usually forms the basis of more complicated personal rituals or magical workings which I have come to feel are the cornerstone of developing a permanent connection and a relationship with Satan. Such rituals can be as simple or ornate as you want to make them. The key is always strength of will and clarity of mind, both of which are enhanced and become easier the more regularly you engage in such activities.

Last but not least the magic and drama of full on rituals with other Satanists probably produces the most intense feeling of connection with Satan or Satanic energy.

Some may argue that the result of all this is a kind of addiction to or dependence on Satan (or whatever other deity or entity a person allies them self to through such activities). However this is totally foreign to the whole concept of Satanism. What we actually feel is a growing sense of our own power and abilities. There are risks of course; developing an intimate personal relationship with any person can lead some people to become over dependent on the other and can leave one open to abuse. How many times have we told our friends; ” you should leave this person, they are not good for you”? It all depends on the two personalities involved. In the best relationships each person brings out the best in the other and both achieve greater success and happiness than they did apart. This is the nearest analogy that I can find for my own communion with Satan, although it is only an analogy… It would be hard to quantify what Satan gets from me. However as a self assured and headstrong Satanist, I’m prepared to think there may be something!
The bottom line is that any good and fulfilling relationship, physical or spiritual is worth investing time and energy in. Maintaining good channels of communication and connection is always essential.


31 Comments on “Connecting with Satan”

  1. Very good, giving a very personal view of your relationship with Satan. One minor typ? “pele with different personality types” what does pele mean? ttfn

  2. Rachel Izabella says:

    Do you have an opinion on who/what Lucifer is vis-a-vis Satan? I know that Quimbanda teaches they are one entity. If you are worthy, you get his Lucifer face, and if not, you get Satan in your face. Now I’m pretty sure you don’t share that opinion, and that’s precisely why I want to know a Satanist’s thoughts on the matter. Much love to you, Cassie!

    • Cassie says:

      I think I should write a longer post on this topic soon so watch this space! Meanwhile the short answer is that I see them as different aspects of the same thing both of which are generally positive in nature.

      • The Satan vs Lucifer names is a complex religious anthropological topic basically regarding the names of deities in various cultures and their attitude of “the rebel” and “the evil one”. One could also bring in such names as Shaitan and the Trickster gods of the Americas, even Mara in Buddhism, and of course Exu that your one commenter referred to in Quimbanda. You will have quite a bit of writing to do Cassie, lol. But we can all read anthropological books all we want. What it gets down to is what all those names mean to You. Are they different deities from different cultures or different faces/facets of the same deity?

    • I am new to Satanism so this may be bunk but it seems to me Lucifer is one of the wheels on a 4 wheel (4 Princes of darkness) vehicle(Hell) and Satan is the engine that makes hell work.

  3. LEjames says:

    I, too, was kind of wondering about the distinction between the appellations of Satan and Lucifer.

  4. julio cesar says:

    I haven`t had experiences like these. Although,some sensations experimented during my appealing`s rituals could be similar.
    In this respect, I think that the three methods proposed by Aleister Natch`s: Dedication to SATAN every day, Permanent read of SATANIC books and the STRONG SATANIC meditation, are the BEST way to reach a real contact with our father SATAN and his LUST DEMONS

  5. daniel oxurub says:

    i want to join

  6. daniel oxurub says:

    i want to join satanism


    I agree with much of what the original poster said. I dedicated to Satan at a young age and I have never regretted it for a second. I have a very close personal relationship with Satan and frequently “talk” with Him in exactly the manner that the OP discusses. Satan has become the most important thing in my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! This relationship fulfills me and completes me. And I would strongly recommend a commitment to Satan to anyone who is considering it. DO IT! You will not regret it!

  8. sammy says:

    i dont know how to connect with satan and i really wish to..

  9. gerryparran says:

    Your spiritual matriculation is similar to mine: Christian (Roman Catholic), Pagan, Satanist. Looking back over my life, I have seen how Satan has guided me and used my Roman Catholic and Pagan experiences to lead me to himself and to enrich my life through my relationship to him. My life in Satanism has been liberating, exhilarating, and enlightening as yours has been.

    By learning of your progression to Satanism and your current life in Satanism, I found encouragement and joy that my experience is not unlike what other of our sisters and brothers in Satan experience.

  10. credencedawg says:

    thanks for sharing this, I have Pagan and Thelemic roots (Christian as a child though) and I really relate to the personal nature of relationship with deities, and the effects they can have on you. Can I ask you, how much of your experiece (if any) of Pagan gods or goddesses has fed into the Satan you relate to? I came to the conclusion, years before becoming a Satanist, that the Horned God owed a great deal to The Devil, and he was as much Devil as Pan or Cernunnos in reality. Awesome blog you folks have 🙂

    • Cassie & Sophie says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I think I have stated elsewhere in this blog that I came to Satanism very much from a Pagan perspective. For years I felt that Satan was in fact the main influence and personality behind the various Horned God traditions I was familiar with. In particular I felt that the Wiccans I was associated with were sort of in denial. In private conversations they would admit that as you ascended through the three degrees of the Wiccan priesthood the character of the Horned God was pretty much indistinguishable from many people’s definition of Satan. I came to feel more and more that I couldn’t deny Satan the central place he held in my beliefs. That was when I started to investigate modern forms of Satanism seriously… And realised that I was one!

      • credencedawg says:

        Thanks, I did read one of your other posts on this, come to think of it. I had exactly the same sense of people being in denial about the Horned God 😉 It might be complex, but I almost felt they were losing him in their need to make him *other* than the Devil

  11. Anthony says:

    Very interesting article. What annoys me most about Christianity is the way Jesus people vilify Lucifer. Looking at the world anyone should be able to see most of the evil in it is generated by religions. Religions are responsible for countless untold evils. It wasn’t so long ago Christians were burning people alive for being heretics or not believing in some ordinary, everyday asshole named Jesus who became famous posthumously after man fabricated a cult.
    For me Lucifer offers the only salvation from man’s evil god

  12. Justice says:

    I want a satanist friendy so that he/she can initiaty me to be satanist

  13. Aturinda says:

    I want to join am uganda

  14. tecxic says:

    Should I trust a Satanist agent to assist me to become a satanist too.

  15. tellyousatanism says:


  16. Philip Ndungu says:

    Tell me more! How l wish to have the experience

  17. oliver hannon says:

    I wish to be iniated into a gay satanist coven

    • Satanic Muses says:

      You made a lot of similar comments on several of our posts today. Good luck in finding a gay Satanic coven. They do exist but you need to get out and find one. We can’t help you there.

  18. oliver hannon says:

    Hail my Lord SATAN who i want to love and serve

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