The Satanic delusion of harming others

Well said!


Many new visitors to Satanism suffer a temporary delusion that being Satanic they must do harm to other people or property.  Some Satanists never grow out of this ignorant idea, often planted into their heads by Christianity and the media, that being Satanic is about killing people and destroying property.

At the heart of the Satanic ideal, regardless of theistic or atheistic viewpoint, is the idea of individualism, and manifesting the innate will of self for personal advancement.  The Satanist casts aside slavery, and advances to riches, power and other individualistic progressions.  There is nothing in the metaphorical Satanic small print of enslaving self to delusional notions of culling people or burning churches down, the churlish delusions of the immature, slave and lowly intelligent.

The confident Satanist is like an experienced martial artist, strong in their ability to defend their personal interests, but avoiding the need of the weak to…

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