Worshipping An Evil God?

Exactly a year ago today I wrote a post called Black Devil Cigarettes. I don’t think it was one of the best things I have ever written in this blog but strangely it has had far more views than anything else I have written here. Perhaps a lot of smoking fetishists were attracted here by the title; if so they hopefully got something more than they were expecting…

In summary I compared my taste for a particular brand of cigarettes with my Satanic beliefs and lifestyle. I was trying to make the point that smoking a particular brand (or smoking at all) is always a choice and that it is an acquired taste which not everyone will agree with or approve of, but that it gets into your blood and becomes a part of who you are. Of course some people strongly disapprove of smoking. Some might even describe it as a nasty or evil habit…

As far as I’m aware most people do not think of me as evil. I don’t think of me as evil. Yet most people do actually grow up with the belief that the God I am aligned with actually is evil. QED, (in their opinion) I am worshipping an evil God; which is an evil act; making me evil.

Over the past few months I have met several people who ‘worship’ or honour Satan or Lucifer secretly. (One of them was a priest). Often various things had happened in their life which made them question the culturally prevalent view of who and what Satan is and they found liberation and/or solace in forming a connection or relationship with him. They do not go around sacrificing virgins or any of the things Christianity and Hollywood would have people believe Satanists do. They simply find a new sense of peace, understanding and reality within themselves and continue along their spiritual path as before but with Satan at the centre of it. The people around them don’t know that anything has changed except perhaps they seem more happy, positive and confident than they did before. They keep their beliefs and opinions secret to avoid the backlash they are likely to receive if people find out they “worship” Satan.

Most Satanists do not actually use the word worship in connection with Satan. The emphasis of most strands of Satanism is the personal development of the self, and the overt worship of the self can sound a bit too narcissistic even for us! Even theistic Satanists like myself shy away from the word a bit. Worship sounds a bit too much like other religions in which there is an unbridgeable gap between the God and ourselves. As theistic Satanists we see ourselves as at least potentially equal to the God we honour. However for the sake of simplicity I would say that in terms of giving respect to him, in learning from him, and in tapping into his energy and his nature through magic, ritual and meditation; I do indeed worship Satan. And I am semi open about it.

At the moment there is probably enough distance between my on-line persona and my everyday life that I could deny my beliefs if I really had to. But the people closest to me know I am a Satanist and follow my blogs and message board conversations. Here I am very open about my beliefs and views. I am resigned to the fact that my own Satanism is increasingly open and public. However I do fully understand why many compatriots on this path feel the need for secrecy. To be branded as evil can be very intimidating and limiting. Only a fool would not recognise that.

It is sad and frustrating because once the wool has been taken away from your eyes it is so clear and obvious that Satan is anything but evil.

I don’t worship an evil God. I worship a God and an idea that for too long has been maligned and subverted. I worship the principles of independence and personal responsibility. I worship the notion that we can better ourselves. I worship the truth that we are nobody’s slaves. I worship the intelligence and knowledge that we as a species have accumulated. I worship the prospect of maximising my potential and of all people having the possibility to do that. I worship an entity and an energy that is not afraid or jealous of our potential but takes delight in helping us to overcome our fears and limitations. I worship a God that wants us to be equal. I worship what in my heart I know to be good.

I hope I can play a part in pulling the wool off other people’s eyes.


6 Comments on “Worshipping An Evil God?”

  1. sexspirit1 says:

    I find it interesting that they accuse us of the exact same things the OT jews did, as well as muslims, and the NT christians did and continue to do. They are experts when it comes to human and animal sacrifice. But we’re the evil ones. That would be funny, if it wasn’t so sickening.

  2. I liked that post on the black devil cigarettes, lol.
    Regarding Satan being evil i think that perception is only in those three “religions of the Book”.
    Regarding “worshiping” Satan my attitude towards Shiva is in the Hindu mantra SIVOHAM which means “I am Shiva”.

  3. CatLane says:

    So, people who believe differently from you are blind? That smacks of fundamentalism to me.
    Believe as you will, will always respect that, but because my gnosis is different, in no way means I need you to enlighten me or entails that I am
    necessarily “blind”.

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