Anton LaVey

I am not a member of The Church of Satan and I don’t want to get into any dispute with those who consider themselves strongly LaVeyan Satanists; but just for the record I want to put down my thoughts about the guy who undoubtedly invented modern Satanism and gave it a huge shot of publicity.


Anton LaVey was not a God, nor a profit or even a very distinguished writer. He was not and is not the timeless voice or representative of Satanism. His Satanic Bible is not a great work of art or literature or even philosophy. It is not particularly well written and may not even be the best book on Satanism that is available.




I do think all Satanists owe Anton a nod of respect for several reasons. He certainly was a Satanist. He lived a life and wrote works which either by luck or judgement encapsulated much of what being a Satanist in the modern world means. Undoubtedly some of his writing was at least inspired if not plagiarised from other people. But he said it more simply and directly and reached people that others didn’t. His Satanic statements, rules and sins may not sound pretty or poetic and they may be couched in unhelpful anti-Christian rhetoric; but they do contain truth and wisdom for those with the eyes to see it. His flair for the dramatic and creating publicity brought Satanism out of the shadows and became the yoke on which many of us could later feed and grow and develop our own satanic style.


In short he made it possible for the likes of me to live relatively openly as Satanists, to take his raw ideas as catalysts for thought and personal development. And as long as his works and his examples are taken as catalysts rather than dogma, he will remain a leading figure in Satanism even if it develops in ways far beyond his original ideas and imagination.



4 Comments on “Anton LaVey”

  1. julio says:

    In short, is it a true imagen of Anton Lavey. I´m in agree with Cassie.

  2. Yea back in my day you had to have a copy of the Satanic Bible in one back pocket and the Necronomicon in the other. I did like his Satanic Rituals though, a little more polished, theory into practice. And then it became a “religion” when Aquino added his more formal Setian path.

  3. satanicviews says:

    Anton Lavey is to be thanked for producing a set of ideas that Satanists can use to build their individual paths. Much of what Lavey wrote about was ideas that were already known about, but he sytemised into a philosophy of Satanism. There is for instance an ancient body of thought called Yangism which seems to have similarities to some of the Laveyan ideas.

    Unfortunately Lavey undermined the individual nature of Satanism with the creation of his “church” and the claims of his version of Satanism being the only acceptable one for Satanists.

  4. I too respect Anton for opening a dialogue with the world concerning Satanism however, I have always felt his philosophy (and writings) were “ejaculatio praecox”. I believe he could have gone much deeper if he wanted; adding meaning and definition, but in the end, his carnival background prevailed.

    Little know to most, Anton LaVey was notoriously lazy and he chose the path of least resistance when at all possible. This is why neither magic nor mystery remains.


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