Samhain/Halloween and Satanic Covens

At this time of year you will find hundreds of blog entries about Samhain or Halloween. I am not going to repeat the facts and details that are easy to find anywhere else on the net. This is a more personal reflection on what Samhain has meant to me over the years and how it continues to play a significant part in my spiritual life.

Since I first became a witch in my late teens, Samhain has always been my favourite festival of the pagan year. Tradition states that it is the time of year when the veil between the living and the dead is at it’s thinnest. It is a time of magic and deep mystery. I am sure that most of us who practice witchcraft and who study what is referred to as the occult feel something special at this time of the year. Maybe it is just the Autumn itself, the decay of last season’s leaves providing sustenance for life yet to come… The changing of the seasons… The coming of the cold and darker nights… Or maybe it really is a time when the spirits and the supernatural are more accessible and darker powers are rising. Personally I feel it in my blood and my bones as part of the natural cycle of the year, and it’s effects are as real and organic as the monthly cycle that makes me a fertile woman.

For most Satanists Samhain or Halloween is a special and sacred point in the year just as it is for Pagans. It is a natural time to utilise the particular characteristics of this season in ritual and celebration. It is a time to embrace the darker aspects of life and of our own psyche and to work with them. As such it is part of the balancing process which makes us whole. It also give rise to powerful magic and transformative psychic experiences. Many Satanic covens will hold rituals on this evening or as close to it as possible.

Last Samhain I had intended to formally join the coven I am now a member of. For various reasons it didn’t happen then, but took place a few months later. It was a transformative event when it happened though… A step I needed to take. There is nothing wrong with being a solitary practitioner as a Satanist, I think the majority of us actually take that path. However, being part of a community, learning from others more experienced than yourself and joining others in ritual where all barriers are broken down, can be a deeply enriching experience. For me it confirmed my stance and dedication to Satanism and gave me a new Satanic family who I know will support me in all things. (*Please see note at end of post). I also joined Aleister Nacht’s Satanic forum, an online community of Satanists who by extension are also like family now.

This year it is my girlfriend’s turn. She was following a Buddhist path when I met her but became increasingly interested in my beliefs. Some months ago she told me of her decision to become a Satanist. I wasn’t sure what to think at first. I rather liked the fact that she was a Buddhist and thought it was rather cool how our different beliefs complimented each other. But she was determined and it turned out had been reading about Satanism even more than I had. Moreover she convinced me that the Buddhist ideals she had been living with were not going to be abandoned, but would become part of her personal Satanic path, much as many of my Pagan values have remained with me. She made her own personal initiation ritual, and then we did one together. And this week she will fly over to take part in my coven’s Samhain ritual.  (She is not formally joining the coven as she lives too far away to attend regularly, but she will be honoured as a guest, as part of my family and of theirs). It will be the first time she has met my “Satanic family” and the first time she has taken part in a full on ritual with other Satanists. She is both excited and nervous, as am I. The first ritual with other Satanists is always a significant step on this path. We both know that by taking part in this ritual, she will indeed be changed and realigned in various deep ways.

My initial misgivings however have now evaporated entirely and I am looking forward to this event very much indeed. I am looking forward to the magic Satan will do in her, and to the things we can do together as a satanic couple.

And it comes at a time in my life where everything else seems to be upside down and in a state of flux. I’m just about to finalise the sale of my family home to pay for my mother’s care. Meanwhile my mother’s condition is deteriorating and I’m travelling nearly every week for work… So I am busy and there is a good deal of chaos and emotionally draining activity going on around me.

Yet in the midst of all this and during this acutely atmospheric time of year, I feel like Satan is strengthening the relationship which has become my rock.

Hail Satan!


*For anybody thinking of joining a Satanic Coven.

I was lucky. I found a coven comprised of people I grew to like and trust. But I had misgivings, and indeed I faltered a bit before actually joining and becoming involved with them. There is nothing wrong with that; in fact it was a good test both for them and for me.

There can be a degree of sexual activity in Satanic ritual as well as other things which may not be to everybody’s tastes or beliefs. Nobody should ever feel pressured to do anything they are uncomfortable with. Genuine covens (of any path) will NOT pressure people to do anything they do not agree with. Clearly however there is scope for charlatans and unscrupulous practitioners to use the premise of Satanism as an excuse to indulge in their own perversions and massage their own egos by manipulating others.

Thus while a good and genuine coven can help you on your path, a bad one can do real harm and damage. Satanism is about self empowerment and anything which does not feel like that is not really Satanism in my opinion.

If anybody reading this is thinking about joining a Satanic coven, find out as much information as you can about them, take your time and take care. Keep in mind that you can learn and progress quite well in Satanism without being a member of a coven and it is always worth waiting and being really sure about any person or people you intend to get involved with.

Don’t forget that for every “Hail Satan” there is also “Hail Thyself” and YOUR will and YOUR choices are paramount.


4 Comments on “Samhain/Halloween and Satanic Covens”

  1. He He He another “Satanic newbie” sucked into the fold. 🙂
    Have a blessed SS ritual, and may your mum be blessed and peaceful as she slowly slips away painlessly in mind and body.

  2. julio says:

    Blesings in satan´s name. Valuable reflections about this subject in this significant day for all satanists in the world.

  3. Kim says:

    How do i join d group pls

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