A Personal Note of Encouragement

An interesting perspective on the continuing journey into Satanism and the evolution we go through, from a Satanic writer I have come to respect.

Encyclopedia Satanica


When I converted to Satanism on Walpurgisnacht night, April 30th, 2011, I shaved my shoulder-length brunette hair off at the root and donated it. Thus began a two-year-long spiritual transformation that’s taken me from a starting point of strict empirical atheism to an end point of performing transcendental meditation to commune with a goat-god.

It’s a path that even within the Satanic community represents a minority. Most Satanists are former Christians, were raised in a Christian household, or attended Christian schools, which bred within them a ferocious animosity toward all things establishment. They adhere to a creed that supposes all assertions of the supernatural are a form of mental oppression, and freedom of mind may only be obtained through the scientific method.

To their credit, as an atheist going to high school below the Bible Belt, I can see where they’re coming from.

However, as I began exploring the implications…

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