My Personal Metaphysics


Satanism doesn’t have a generally agreed set of metaphysical ideas although there are some points that many of us may well see similarly. Satanism represents individuality and free thinking. Stepping over the threshold into Satanism means letting go of commonly held assumptions and working things out for yourself. We need to look at evidence with our eyes wide open and and unblinkered by cultural perspectives and superstitions. It is not always easy and of course there is a high possibility that we as individuals will come to conclusions which prove to be incorrect. That doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we start to think for ourselves.

My own metaphysical ideas are in a constant state of flux. What makes sense to me today may well not make sense to me in a year’s time. However it is sometimes useful to write things down as  summary or benchmark of what I think and believe at certain points of my life. In this summary I am concentrating on things I believe which have not changed much.

My starting point for how the world, and indeed the whole multiverse is and works is science. In short I agree very much with the picture of things that comes to us through the scientific method. I believe in evolution, the big bang, thermodynamics and particle physics. In general I think science has given us the best ever understanding of how and why things “are”. I also think it is possible that in the fullness of time science will be able to answer all the remaining questions we have about the nature of everything. It may take a very long time though; and we may not like all the answers.

Science is however limited both by what we know and what we don’t know. At the present time science cannot adequately explain all the phenomenon that become part of our knowledge and experience of life. I therefore think it is perfectly acceptable to use philosophy and reason to make best guesses about the things that cannot be explained scientifically or described or quantified mathematically (at the present time). In any case, conjecture is a a legitimate first step in the scientific method.

In the past our understanding of reality was shaped mainly by philosophy and religion. Frequently these things were trying to marry ideas of personal ethics and morality with ideas of how the world came to be. Very often the conclusion that such thinking came to was that “God” did it. God not only filled in all the holes in reason but also acted as an authority by which to control people’s behaviour and set in place hierarchies of power. God was a very useful construct and I think “his” creation by humanity was inevitable and clearly served a purpose. I don’t believe that type of God was ever a reality in a scientific sense, but I think it would be stupid to rule out all the convoluted but sometimes profound thinking that took place in attempts to understand God and humanity. As a result there exists in all religions some quite profound and thought provoking wisdom that can still inspire and still has a place in humanity’s search for meaning.

But let me be quite clear what I mean here. There is wisdom in all religions that is worth thought and study even today. *(There is also a lot of total rubbish which is not wise at all and which we must challenge!) But all that religious wisdom is “human wisdom”, there is no God. There never was.

And yet I am not an atheist… How can that be?

The problem I have with some forms of atheism is that it starts out from a perspective of challenging and denying the existence of God as defined by one or two religious perspectives and then extends that argument to assume that nobody’s idea of deity can be true. This does not make sense and is sloppy thinking. Many Satanists for example believe in our own divinity; thus from a Satanic perspective atheism would imply denying our own existence!

I am a witch and have been using magic and witchcraft in all it’s forms since my teens. From that perspective I cannot deny the existence of forces and entities which science can’t explain. They have been realities in my life for a long time.

Personally I believe thee are many entities and energies which exist but which science cannot yet explain. These things fall in the realm that we refer to as supernatural. I think supernatural is the wrong word since I don’t believe anything is outside of nature. The fact is however that we still don’t understand all of nature. In short, unexplained does not equal unreal.

So I believe that some forms of deity and other unexplainable phenomena do exist. I don’t have any reason to believe that any of these things created the world or the universe; but some of them might have been part of the fabric of the universe since it’s beginning. Others may be the result of human creation in the form of “Thoughtforms,” “Egregores” “Servitors” or “Jungian Archetypes” emanating form our own collective unconsciousness. Some deities may be hybrids; part of the universal structure onto which personality archetypes have been grafted. I also don’t rule out the possibility that none of the mentioned types of entity may exist outside the individual or collective imagination. Where I part company with atheists is that I don’t claim any certainty that Deities don’t exist while I do have subjective reasons to imagine that some of them might.

To me Satan would come into the category of hybrid that I have mentioned above. First he is a structural and elemental part of the universe which has existed as long as the universe has. Secondly he is an egregore or archetype that has become attached to the structure of the universe as The Horned God, a male deity of nature, humanity and creation. In his human form he represents us and our own potential to ascend and transcend our present limitations. Thus in my metaphysics Satan is both a symbol of opposition to unreasoned sublimation to convention and also an ancient deity/thoughtform/archetype whose presence I have felt, liked and respected, and whose energy I imbibe.

Of course in acknowledging that Satan can exist as a deity within this framework of belief, I also have to acknowledge that other deities could “exist” in a similar way to those who believe in them.

I also fully admit there are large gaps in my metaphysical logic and understanding. But metaphysics is always a work in progress.

There may come a time when we fully understand the workings of the human brain and psyche. There may come a time when we can account for and fully understand the nature of dark matter and dark energy which present science points to as the driving forces of our universe. But until then it is stupid to ignore the manifestations of things we don’t understand just because we can’t fully explain them.

Metaphysics has often been used as a way to underpin ethics and morality. I think this is understandable and may have been useful to those in power, but I think it is a false relationship. I think there is no connection between how the universe works and how we choose to behave towards each other. The most Satanism can say in relation to morality is that we are human animals and that starting from there we must think for ourselves about what is the best way to behave in relation to each other. I follow a Left Hand Path because I see it as a more honest starting point for ethical thinking. We start from ourselves, but we must face the reality that we live in families, communities and nations and we must factor these institutions into any thought about where our self interest really lies.

Satanism or whatever religion or philosophy we adhere to can give us  guideline and  a framework within which to work out our own moral values but the universe (or multiverse) itself is not a moral entity. It just is.


7 Comments on “My Personal Metaphysics”

  1. I could write a 10 paragraph response here, but the bottom line is i agree with everything you have written and explained here so well. Maybe tomorrow when my thoughts have jelled more i will just reblog this with those mirrored comments.

  2. Reblogged this on Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge and commented:
    OK any “white” witches who may be offended by an inverse pentagram and the name Satanism on this reblog. I have been following Cassie’s The Devil’s Advocate blog for awhile now and am impressed by her personal style of “Satanism”. She writes with intelligence and balance and I really liked this recent post and others. Visit her About page for a better view of her and the blog link above.
    I too think that most of the gods in my pantheon are Jungian type Egregores, and that and other subjects are covered here. Enjoy!

  3. Thanks for sharing – I’ve never come across a personal metaphysics from a satanic perspective before. This gave me cause to consider how this differs from my personal metaphysics as a pagan. I’d say my worldview is more animistic. I see matter as enspirited, and nature and the gods as manifestations of spirit that we perceive in different ways but that are just as real rather than as archetypes (although I’d agree that they’re entities that have existed and changed through the universe’s development). I’d agree that science is one way of understanding the world- and perfectly valid- but no more valid than any other narrative.

  4. I love reading your posts they are very thought provoking and helpful as I develop my own ideas about my existence. Thanks:)

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