Man as just another animal

Anton LaVey’s seventh Satanic Statement reads;- Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often worse than those that walk on all fours, who, because of his “divine spiritual and intellectual development” has become the most vicious animal of all!

Well maybe… Better or worse in what context Anton?

Like many of the Satanic Statements this is written in such a broad brush that it can seem over simplistic at first and open to all sorts of interpretations. On the other hand it might just be written in simple language that gets to the point like a laser beam and personal interpretation is in essence what Satanism is about.

Humans are animals. Satanism is firmly on the side of Science, Darwinism and Evolution. Recognising what we are is an important step in understanding ourselves and our potential. Moreover by removing the myth and superstition about our origin and our nature we are liberated from the shame that many religions have associated with our animalistic nature. We are creatures of flesh and bone and it is our nature to be driven by instincts to survive and to procreate. We are indeed naked apes, we are made of the same basic substance as other animals, genetically we are almost identical to Chimpanzees and our DNA is not much different from that of slugs or fish. Our ancestors crawled out of the mud and the organic soup along with everything else that lives and breathes. Some people seem to find these truths crude and debased. I find it awe inspiring and beautiful. That life evolved on earth is indeed a miracle; a miracle of science and nature.

So yes we are animals. I am an animal. I sleep, I eat. I breathe. I defecate. I fuck. When threatened I may run or I might attack. And one day I will die. In these things I am no different than any other animal; none of us are. I think this fact should give us a sense of place and humility. We are not so different or separate from the other animals we share our world with. Perhaps this means we should respect the other beasts of the Earth more. In respecting the dignity other creatures we are respecting our own true nature. For too long we have been guided by religions and philosophies which separated us from other animals and gave us a false sense of superiority over them. We have often treated them as lesser beasts, unworthy of the respect we would normally show each other. Indeed some religions and philosophies have sought  to separate us from nature altogether and in doing so we have often become a danger to the rest of nature; a cancer in the fabric of the world. I believe that in recognising our true nature as being part of nature we might establish a more harmonious relationship with other forms of life and secure a longer and healthier future for ourselves on this planet.

However not all animals are the same. Not all beasts have the same abilities. There is no doubt that whales and dolphins are intellectually superior to slugs and worms. Being part of nature does not mean we have to be unrealistic about the diversity of ways nature expresses itself. Sharks have evolved to be the top predators in the ocean and their needs and experiences are very different to that of the Lemurs in Madagascar or the Pigeons in the local park. All species are different and have evolved to survive in different ways and places.

The human animal is in physical terms quite fragile in comparison to our closest mammalian relatives.  However, our brain and our intellect have enabled us to become one of the most widespread, adaptable and successful species. Moreover according to all evidence that we have, humanity has developed intellectually far beyond any other species. We are clever naked apes. Through us, nature and DNA have mapped the human genome and explored the far reaches of our solar system. We have built pyramids and have mathematically calculated how the universe began. Lets not be shy about what the human animal can do and has achieved!

However sometimes our greatness is in danger of being out-shone by our stupidity. Like all other animals we are capable of killing. Like many animals we kill to sustain ourselves with food and we can also kill to protect ourselves from predators and enemies. Yet often our species has killed on a scale unimaginable to any other animal and we have killed for reasons that are unintelligible to any species. When we get blood lust we are the most terrifying beasts of all time. We are truly our own worst enemies.

And even when not setting out to do harm; our contempt for nature often leads us to do massive damage to our environment, our world and all the creatures we share it with.

So perhaps Anton was spot on.

Thankfully Satanism is not the only philosophy that recognises humanity’s true position as part of nature, although we might celebrate that fact more than many others do. In fact Satanism goes on to proclaim our divine nature as well and to champion our almost limitless potential. However before that potential can be achieved, indeed before it can be truly contemplated; we need to start with the reality of who and what we really are. We are animals, blood and bone, born in nature, evolved and evolving. There is dignity in this truth and understanding it may keep us grounded and sane. It may help us to be wise and to protect ourselves and our environment.


14 Comments on “Man as just another animal”

  1. Yes, and then we evolved to make god in our image, the good and the bad and the ugly. god said the earth is ours to exploit, and what to do and not do, and many religions used god as an excuse for killing others who did not believe in “our” god and that we were superior to all other life forms. If we believed in ourselves more than our gods we would have to act responsively and not like daddy’s privileged children. If we worried about our children’s future on this planet instead of our imaginative heaven perhaps we would see the Real big picture.

  2. agnophilo says:

    “I said in mine heart concerning the estate of the sons of men, that God might manifest them, and that they might see that they themselves are beasts. For that which befalleth the sons of men befalleth beasts; even one thing befalleth them: as the one dieth, so dieth the other; yea, they have all one breath; so that a man hath no preeminence above a beast: for all is vanity. All go unto one place; all are of the dust, and all turn to dust again. Who knoweth the spirit of man that goeth upward, and the spirit of the beast that goeth downward to the earth? Wherefore I perceive that there is nothing better, than that a man should rejoice in his own works; for that is his portion: for who shall bring him to see what shall be after him?”

    – Ecclesiastes 3:18-22

    • Nick says:

      We are made in the image God. God said we r made in the image of him and even if we are animals font u think we would have some kind of animal DNA in us. God has a bright future for this world and he has promised to deliver us from evil. And I truly believe that he will not break that promise, for God keeps all of his promises. God is a loving and he will never leave nor forsaken us. God has given us a purpose in life. And if God doesn’t exists what’s the purpose in life and why are even here in the first place everything had to come from something. You can at me with all of ur scientific theories but never change my mind on what I truly believe to be the truth. Is that for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that who so ever believes in him shall have eternal life

      • Ah the Xians as in the comment above have found yr blog and commented, like they do w mine, but i whack them down, then copy/paste their comment into a years worth of their posts including their About page, then i “like” all their post for the last year, LOL> Tomorrow will be “Good Friday” when YHShVH will be dead and in hell for a couple days, so watch out Xians. He He He…..

        Actually no one in the frigging blogosphere is going to believe this, but I, a practicing Witch and Buddhist amongst other religions, actually plane on Friday, Saturday and Sunday plan on visiting a couple Beautiful local churches, Episcopalian with a left leading GBLT friendly female Minister, a Presbyterian church which is being sold an they are literally Giving stuff away, and that one has a 30 foot tall manual foot driving bellows not electricity, and a local Catholic church dedicated to St Bernadette who had her visit of Our Lady of Lourdes, my patron Catholic Goddess on whose feast day i was born. To me the rituals are just their version of the dying and reborn God like we Witches have, though i doubt many witches would have the ___ to do this, maybe afraid they might burst into flames on entering, LOL. Actually i have little beef with the teachings of Jesus in the Sermon of the Mount and with Mary and the Rhine valley mystics. Its St Paul and the theology, power, money, murder etc that followed that makes my blood boil.

        Totally confused by me yet? Am i nuts or bipolar or so eclectic i follow no real path? NO. I just honour all the gods, goddesses, holy teachers, ancestors, Santos, Lwa, etc. I prefer my own over others, but not by that much that i would ever hate another religion’s god, well maybe YHVH saying “kill them all, rape their women, enslave their children” type of sky warrior god he is.

        Still confused. I may also on Good Friday visit my first strip club in Decades because it is nearby and called Babalon…..

      • Cassie & Sophie says:

        Hi Blau, this is Sophie. I like your Good Friday plans. I quite like visiting Churches and temples of all religions, mostly for the architecture but I also appreciate the atmosphere the believers create in such places. There are parts of the sermon on the mount that seem nice, but don’t you think it is encouraging the meek, unquestioning side of humanity a bit too much?
        Anyway I also like your strip club plan. Cassie and I are hoping to go to a fetish club if I can persuade my mum to babysit… I’ll probably just tell her we are going to a disco!

      • Cassie & Sophie says:

        Hi Nick, thank you for your comments although I don’t agree with them and I don’t think they make much sense. Is your faith strong enough to take a few challenges?
        Firstly just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean it isn’t true. If you do some research on DNA you will find that 90% of human DNA is identical to animal DNA. We are animals that is not a matter of faith, it is a fact.
        What evil has God delivered us from? Has he delivered us from the evil of poverty or sickness? Has he delivered us from the evil of war? Did he stop millions of men women and CHILDREN from being gassed to death during the Holocaust? Did he protect the children who were abused by Catholic priests? Is he helping the people of Syria or the Ukraine? Did he deliver the victims of the 9/11 attacks?
        I would have more respect for your faith if it sounded as if you have really thought things through, but it doesn’t. You seem like a sheep blindly following without thinking about anything.
        I am sorry if you don’t like the things that science can do but I doubt if you will complain about the fact that science makes it possible for you to read these words on a computer screen or to cure your headaches with an asperin. In fact science can say pretty much how the universe came out of nothing. Again, just because you can’t understand the theories doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

      • Hey Sophie – yea its all about the architecture and the stained glass and the atmosphere, though it is somewhat cloying. I don’t know how this has resurfaced this year. Maybe it is because i have been doing a lot of local historical research and those often lead back to the older churches where The Perry Historians have some presentations they can’t accommodate in their medium sized building, so they end up being held in old churches which are going out of business since the mega-churches with bands and big screen TVs etc are all the rage here in the States. Maybe it is the fact that i grew up in an old EUB church which became UM and i Loved my preacher Rev Sipe who was mostly blind but one of the best humans i have met in my life. Like i have said in some previous post i was head of the youth fellowship, taught vacation bible school and even preached in church. At one time i almost because a minister, and then in college i read “Siddhartha” by Herman Hesse and within a couple days xianity sloughed off me like the dead skin of a growing snake. Don’t worry, i am not converting back to xianity, LOL> And hey at least i am not crucifying a frog on a cross like Crowley used to do, gross, but i get the symbolic meaning, just like the anti-xian psycho-dramas of some of LaVey’s rituals. Very few witches in our coven ever reads my BSSS blog and i can assure you none of them read you two’s blog, so i feel comfortable “confessing” to this weird desire this Eostre of visiting these old churches. I won’t stay the whole service. In fact i may just show up early or late. I can’t wait to hear that old foot pumped organ, so rare, and it will Never be played again as that church, like most older town churches, is going out of the god business to become someone’s house or business.

  3. […] “related content” feature led me to this blog post, which is an enlightening read: Man as just another animal […]

  4. You go ladies re “Nick”, interestingly a name for the Devil in the past, LOL. I notice you let comments post immediately. I assume you know you can get an email to approve or disapprove them but i think in the past you allow open discussion and do not whack those type of comments down like i do. Our type of blogs attract those preachy trolls.
    Thanks for applying scientific Reason to counteract such “theological silliness”. Yea it all gets down to that Big Question – if their god is “all good” there where the hell did evil, disease, death, and the blackness in hearts of men and women like the Gestapo camps and serial killers come from? If god created Everything then “he” created Lucifer too which means deity is dualistic. G_d did not create Adolph H. His mother did. I prefer a deity which is a Union of opposites like Baphomet, not a psychologically sick YHVH vs Shin He Aleph Yod Teth Aleph Nun monsterous duality xianity has created which has been copied in other religions too. And that same duality is in most human’s minds now d/t us being raised under those religions.
    Regarding the strip clubs – i went to a few in the past, more for fun than stimulation, the “local talent” being better than the “professionals” traveling through. We have a Huge fetish club 10 miles away that people drive hundreds of miles to visit, but i cannot afford their member ship prices. Strip clubs, which as i said i have visited maybe a handful of times in my entire life, always creeped me out because of the guys there, and the criminal elements. And now that i have changed vehicles i will be less recognized parking there, and i dress like a rich goth metal rock star when i go to such places instead of the country boy look i carry around town.
    Enjoy Good Friday aka Jesus is Dead Day! That poor “just a spiritual man” Yeshua, tortured by the State and by the religious authorities of the time, then crucified, a horrid horrid death. Its too bad his good teachings got turned into the machine of the Inquisition it eventually became, rich, powerful, and nowadays trying to be politically correct after hundreds of years of abusing children and burning witches, so powerful with all their properties that are not taxed in the US.
    Sorry to rant and ramble on early this am, but here’s a fact in my life – i have met more “good people” who were xians than “good people” who were witches and magickians in my life, so why is that???? You two being the rare exception of course. Keep on blogging and i will do the same as blogging gives us the freedom of speech platform to portray our philosophies despite the comments from trolls like “Saint Nick”……

    • Cassie & Sophie says:

      Hi Lee, it’s Cassie here…
      We tried that tip you gave of Sophie using her gmail account. The problem is that because I have used her computer the wordpress software refuses to believe she is not me and just keeps directing her back to my account. The only way to get round that is to buy another computer which we probably will do soon but if we both use it I think we’ll end up with the same problem… For the time being signing posts individually seems okay.
      Yes we know we can set comments for approval. I did that when you mentioned it before but the only posts that seems to get held up for approval are yours! We don’t really mind the odd troll getting through. Sometimes they are fun and when they are not we can ban them altogether.
      I always have mixed feelings as a Satanist on Good Friday. I don’t know how much truth, if any, there is in the Good Friday story (I suspect very little) but while I oppose most Christian teachings and theology; I am not going to cheer about the possibility that a man was killed in a fairly horrific way. In some of our coven rituals I willingly do and say things which are a complete blasphemy against Christianity, The Religion; but I don’t have anything against ordinary people who happen to be Christian and nor do I think that torturing a man to death is ever anything to be celebrated.
      As for plans for our debauched weekend, hopefully tonight is the night. The club we go to is expensive, but Sophie knows some people there (including the person who owns it) so we usually only have to pay for our drinks and food. Oddly I don’t think I have ever been to a strip club (unless you include pole dancing bars). I think I might find strip clubs a bit boring after a while. I like fetish clubs for the people, the ambience and the music as well as the special rooms and equipment you can use. It also means Sophie and I get to dress up and wear things that we normally wouldn’t dream of wearing in public. 😉 We’ll be thinking of you in your metal goth gear!

  5. Quick late late late night response. The only solution is for Sophie to set up her own blog then u two can reblog each others works. there is only one way to set up comments for approval and it affects All comments. Want me to blow you two’s frigging mind? I went to the local catholic church of St Benedict who saw Our Lady of Lourdes whose feast day is my birthday Feb 11th. They were just closing. I met a tall older very nice man named John aka John and Jesus. He let me in and all was covered on Good Friday with purple, all statues, only the host visible. I had an Extremely cathartic experience with John there and i have never been a Catholic and hate the entire Catholic church except for maybe the present pope and all i can say is when i was 19 and was kicked out of my church for burning incense and doing Zen there all that pain and rejection left me with this meeting w John. Believe me, i have NO plans of converting, but the religious magickal symbolism, the atmosphere of silence, the reverence, the purple covering all images, my own 4 year history of illness, my love of the Goddess even if she is lily while Mary or Mary Mag. It all came together in a Very cathartic emotional crying moment w John the most compassionate. Fact is i have met about the same really good xians than witches in my 33 years in the biz. I meant to go decadent today but fagged out, maybe towards next new moon when i have some moolay. i am bored to death by pole dancers and cheeped out by the “men”. There is a really legit fetish place about 8 miles from here. people drive hundreds of miles here d/t the quality an anonymity. i think there is a “free tour” night tho i could never afford membership. Well as we tune up our good friday posts at least we r not crucifying a live frog on ab inverse cross like Uncle Al. gross. I will just continue to integrate, integrate, mesh, merge, baphometitize all the religious systems i know as i know them and as they work for me, and as a witch, buddhist, and luciferian i will be doing that at a catholic mass tomorrow eastern am at 11. There are only two people who understand this, JJ my student in Florida whose grandparents and parents never took him to church and he and they were never baptized. would he not make the perfect satanicke priest? LOL. As u read this saturnsday Jesus is dead and in Hell. Enjoy!!!

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