Dark Fluffies and The Point of the LHP

Anyone with any experience of paganism, witchcraft, the new age movement or any alternative spiritual path will probably be familiar with the term Fluffy Bunny. For anybody who is not familiar with the term, the emphasis should be on the word fluff; because there is nothing very cute about the people who are defined by this term. In general fluffy bunnies are seen as being dumb and annoying.

Basically a Fluffy is a person who is not very well read in the path they claim to be following despite often making highly exaggerated claims for their own knowledge and experience. They may have read one or two simple books on witchcraft ( or more likely a few short wiki articles) and then think they know everything; or at least enough to lecture other people about it. They tend to come from the love and light end of the non philosophical rainbow, believing that real, good witches only practice white magic, only ever heal, cannot and will not harm anybody or anything, and that wrapping somebody in a bubble of light will cure anything from a headache to cancer. They tend to be very sheltered and naive about life in general and their own nature. And in their zeal to wrap everybody and everything in light, they don’t really care or even understand how many people they hurt or insult. They themselves are never wrong of course.

Now, there are two basic types of fluffy bunny; permanent and temporary. We have probably all been temporary fluffies for a while. When we set out on our path and lack direction or sufficient knowledge; our naivety, excitement and enthusiasm get the better of us. We try to run before we can walk (or even know the difference between the two things) we do and say embarrassing things without really being aware of it. But we can be forgiven because it is only a stage which we will hopefully grow out of as we read more and find the guidance we need and start living out our path in the real world. I went through that stage myself and cringe when I think about it now, but I was lucky to find good people to guide me and wise enough to realise how much I still had to learn.

Some people however never grow out of that stage and become permanent fluffy bunnies. The less they learn, the more disconnected from reality they become; the more annoying and sure of themselves they become. They retreat into their Disneyland version of reality growing more and more fluff to insulate themselves from the hard bumps and gritty realities of the world. Little do they know that their wilful ignorance is only exceeded by their arrogance. They marginalise themselves and become the butt of jokes by those who take their paths and the realities of life more seriously.

Such people are annoying and I’m sure we have all met a few of them. However, while they are not entirely harmless; they are pretty easily squashed.

Those of us following a darker, Left and Path also have our share of fluffy bunnies amongst our ranks. Dark fluffies are equally annoying and potentially dangerous. They have much in common with the lighter fluffies; they know much less than they think. They tend not to be very well read and lack guidance (often because they don’t think they need any). They are not very grounded and, like their lighter counterparts, they tend to be naive about life and have a very blinkered view of the world.  However, while fluffies of the Right Hand Paths tend to be unbalanced in favour of love and light (which seldom does much serious harm) Dark Fluffies are full of hate and darkness and can easily end up being a danger to themselves and others. They live on a diet of extreme imagery and can easily become perverted and threatening to those around them. They tend to want to be seen as darker than dark and more evil than evil. Unchallenged, they can do a lot of harm.

I think that Dark Fluffies miss the point of what the Left Hand Path is all about in the first place (probably because they are too lazy or arrogant to read beyond a few basic texts in the first place. In fairness however there are many definitions of what the left hand path actually is.

The term was probably first used in a tantric context where “left-hand path” and “right-hand path” refer to differences in ritual practice, not in belief. Tantric Left Hand Pathers believe many of the same things that Tantric  Right Hand Pathers believe: that there is an Absolute that we should try to integrate ourselves with, and that our selfish passions and fears can be major obstacles to enlightenment. But while RHPers attempt to overcome their dark sides by conforming to socially conventional religious practices, LHPers attempt to exhaust their dark sides by immersing themselves in whatever they personally find to be taboo. Their object is to remain spiritually pure even when immersed in all that they find perverse and profane.

I am not as knowledgeable about Kabbalah as I would like to be b I believe that in this context, the LHP has been identified with magical rituals or operations that deal with the left pillar of the Tree of Life (or the “Pillar of Severity”), which includes the sephiroth called Binah (Understanding), Geburah (Power), and Hod (Majesty).

Then in a Satanic context, the LHP is usually defined as a self centred and self worshipping path in which we recognise our potential to be or become Gods ourselves. Atheistic Satanists see Satan as a symbol of opposition to theologies that denigrate our human potential while theistic Satanists generally regard Satan as a God or power of enlightenment and liberation from prevailing orthodoxies.  So while Tantrists usually define the LHP in terms of method (e.g., the practices one uses to reach enlightenment), Satanists  define it more in terms of ideology.

My own Left Hand Path draws on elements of all the above, but the point is that all of us who take our left hand path seriously are not so dumb as to believe it is sufficient to be nasty and hateful. We are all looking for progression, many of us also believe it is important to be balanced.

Fluffy Bunnies at both ends of the spectrum are intellectually stunted and unbalanced. They are annoying of course and potentially dangerous. Perhaps they are best served boiled…


Come on; you all know there were worse pictures could have used!


6 Comments on “Dark Fluffies and The Point of the LHP”

  1. Ravemore says:

    Excellent post Sister…

  2. satanicviews says:

    Like this term “fluffy bunnies.” Walking the road down the middle between two extremes is how I like to walk in the Left Hand Path.

  3. Yea i get tired of “Satanic” Tumblr sites especially that are full of violence, misogyny and gore, like that makes them more worthy of respect in the community somehow. They are soooo dark. Cassie, will you protect me? lol. You on the other hand seems well balanced on your path. But i also hear that white light fluffy bunnies feet, if cut off and attached to a key chain, are good luck!

  4. Promethean Light says:

    I know this is an old post but I just wanted to say thank you for this. I had heard of fluffy bunnies in Wiccan circles but not on the other side, makes a lot of sense. I believe I have heard of them referred to as Satanic dabblers. I admit I was one in high school (am 37 now) and not sure whether I am an atheistic or theistic Satanist. Probably more pantheistic. I never have found guidance, I had to create my own path by reading books and using trial and error. It is lonely and isolating but over the years has made me strong, self reliant, and courageous (at times foolish but I learn from my foolish mistakes). My biggest problem with the Church Of Satan is this idea of being “elite” which looking into it, sounds as nonsensical as Christians who believe they are chosen, in this aspect they aren’t chosen by “God” but mother nature, such bullshit. Show me what you have accomplished fimancially, politically, artistically, educationally, physically (bodyfat percentage and muscle mass, how attractive is your lady), etc and then I may agree with your assessment of some elite status. Otherwise it is just bullshit. I do however believe all of us drawn towards the darkness have a spiritual orientation towards the LHP from birth and trying to practice a RHP religion in our searching for our home will stifle growth, drive us insane, leave us miserable, and fill us with resentment towards well meaning sheep who ignorantly try to control us as we start recognizing and using our inborn power which is every human’s birthright. Thanks again for writing this.

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