Black Magic


I have been debating with some Satanist friends if it is possible to be a Satanist and not be a witch. I think it probably is. Most of the Satanists I associate with practice and use witchcraft to some degree at least, but I can see the possibility of adopting Satanic beliefs and values without using magic.

I couldn’t though.

I have been a witch since my late teens; possibly longer if you adhere to the belief that witches are born not made. My interest was kindled by books and I began to study and practice alone. There is undeniably something very thrilling and unforgettable about the moment you first do a spell that clearly works. Suddenly all doubts are gone and you realise you have opened a Pandora’s box that you will never want to close. Magic then becomes one of the tools you use on a daily basis to get things done although it never looses it’s mystery.

I then became an acolyte in a Wiccan coven and learned much more. I think that period also changed me into a person for whom magic would always be a fact of life;- a witch. I have the deepest respect for the High Priestess and Coven Maiden who taught me most of what I know and still use magically. I still feel very Wiccan in many ways… And yet I always had problems with the Law of Threefold Return and the Harm None rule that most Wiccans adhere to. I believe in karma to a degree but the threefold law of return always seemed a little to contrite, false and restrictive to me. As for “Harm None” even my High Priestess agreed that if taken to extremes that rule would mean that nobody would ever dare do anything magically.

I drifted away from my Wiccan coven, not because of any personal differences but simply because I was travelling a lot. Over the years I learned more magic through occult books and various people I came across. With Satanism came some new nuances and methods and I could now describe myself as a Satanic Witch.

This does not mean that I have ever had any desire to do wicked or evil things with my magical knowledge. I do admit though that I do sometimes use magic “selfishly” for personal gain. Some would call that “Black Magic”. I also concede that in certain situations I might indeed be willing to cause harm to somebody using magic; and that would be seen by many as black magic. Lastly the very methods and symbols I use as a Satanist and some of the energies I am willing to engage with would almost certainly be seen as dark or black magic by quite a lot of occult practitioners. So I suppose that by many definitions I do engage in “Black Magic”.

Personally I don’t really believe in the black and white dichotomy that some magicians speak of. I think that anybody who progresses in magic is sooner or later going to be operating in the huge grey area; just as anybody who lives a full life is often going to have to make compromises between ideals and practicality. Oddly I think my old High Priestess would probably agree with me… Wiccans are keen for historical and cultural reasons to be seen as primarily “White Witches” and their cultural acceptance depends to some degree on that perception. In truth I think they operate in the same murky grey areas that I do. I don’t actually see any way to avoid it.

I try not to harm people with magic or in any of the other things I do. I also try to be helpful and to do good where I can; both magically and in the more mundane aspects of life. But I won’t promise “never” to harm anybody. I won’t claim always to be altruistic or never to use my various skills for personal gain.  I don’t know if that really makes my magic black, I feel I am just being honest.


7 Comments on “Black Magic”

  1. ladyimbrium says:

    I think that magic is rarely black or white. I don’t really use the gray compromise either. There’s a riot of color out there and it all depends on exactly what is going on at the time. There are times, then, where black or white might be the best colors. Most of the time I think it’s more like creating a painting- colors and shapes and shading and even medium all come into play.

  2. Yes i think one can be a Satanist without being a witch, or even practicing any witchcraft or magick. There are many powerful influential wealthy individuals in this world who do not practice spells per se. I consider LaVey Satanism more a life philosophy than a magickal system, though he used magickal ritual as a way of inflaming his will as per his book The Satanic Rituals, and AC defined magick as the art of causing change in accordance with one’s true will. Magick and witchcraft can be performed using any deity from Celtic pagan gods to Kabbalistic angels to the Satanic hierarchy.
    In my opinion the three fold law is total BS, made up by some of Gardner’s followers who added some eastern karma Theosophy into the mix. Sometimes i even wonder about karma itself since if it is such a well oiled machine then who runs that machine?
    Almost everything we do is selfish to some degree. Its called survival. And it is almost impossible to go through this life without harming someone or something. Black magick to me would be in the realm of doing a spell to really harm someone for purely vindictive selfish reasons, and most people rely on weapons and lawyers to do that nowadays, both ways being pretty stupid and expensive. Satanism is often considered black magick just because its practitioners work with dark deities.

  3. I like the idea of grey magic. Things are always to complicated to be black or white.

  4. Pixie says:

    I agree that almost all magick is in that grey area. For instance, you could cast a spell with the best of intentions, but the outcome is going to “harm” somebody. Also, I think the idea that doing magick for personal gain is “Black Magic” is ridiculous: why else would we do magick? Especially silly because the most potent magick is that which we want most badly – and I think it’s perfectly normal to have that kind of emotional pull when it’s something in your life on the line.

  5. vegangoth819 says:

    I’m a devotional Satanist and don’t practice magick 😀

  6. I like the idea of the rede, but like you pointed out, it eventually becomes untenable. As for karma, the Wiccan way of describing it has always struck me as petty and shallow…a little like the god I was taught to believe in. I’ve used spells that people told me to “never ever use!” Once upon a time I swore I wouldn’t do “black” magic, but then I was faced with the question of what’s harmful if you are using a “harmful” spell to protect yourself or others? Is it causing harm to interfere with the will of someone who is causing harm? Things get relative and mushy in the real world, and I chose to embrace the dark side of myself and of my magic as a necessary and useful part. I’ve learned to respect it and not abuse it, and I’m glad that I’ve taken that journey.

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